literally @dovecameron just said something so deep – we must reflect on

Ok perhaps it is my philosophical brain going into overdrive after reading a philosophy textbook. Or perhaps it is the fact that when I read this tweet at 11:24 pm on Sunday May 14, 2017 it felt so deep and real to me. Yes I am sober. Dove Cameron was so deep with her tweet.

So true! Who likes the green mellon the rind is so green and so hard it feels weird. Have you ever just felt the green rind of a mellon? It is hard and firm. It is like mr. Buzzkill from Family Guy. No one wants to hang out with him because he is – a buzkill.
It recks all the great textures of the other fruit in the bowl. The orange has the roughish texture, while the grape is little and smooth.
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The winners at the RDMA are:

Not a full list.

1. Best mashup
winner: bad things (mgk and Camila Cabello.
2. The freshist best new artest.
Winner: Grace VanderWaal
3. favorite social media still
winner: Jake Paul
4. Stuck in our heads, best song to limp sink to with musicly Winner: Work rihanna
5. RDMA Icon Britney Speers
6. The Bestist Radio Disney Country favorite artest
The Winner is: Kelsea Ballerini
7. The Favorite Country song
The winner is: Kelsea Ballerini
8. RDMA Hero award
the winner is: nick jonas
9. the buz breakout artest of the year.
the winner is: Alessia Cara

DCOM for April 16, 2017

Tonight we have a movie for your Radio Rebel, Two worlds collide when a shy teenager develops an alter ego that becomes popular on the radio. Based on a novel by Danielle Joseph. duration One hour 40 minutes. The movie stars Debbie Ryan of Jessie and Sweet Life On Deck faim.

how to say Zendaya’s name like how @Zendaya would

We can all agree that the name Zendaya is unique. Much like she is. So, the star undertook something that is truely scary, she googled herself. (That is scary for a star I assume.) She did it because she’s the queen! After Googling herself she found out the most important question asked by fans is how to say her name. So, she grabbed a camra and told us how to say her name.
It is broken down the way the Associated Press would do it. Zen-day-a. That is her name. Zen-day-a that is it. enough said. Their you go.
Do you need anything else in your life? Na!

This weekend will be huge!

This weekend will be huge in terms of pop culture and a personal weekend for me. Let us look at what makes this weekend so freakishly huge!! ___ Friday:
On Friday March 10, 2017 my last major essay will be done. I have until 5:00 pm to complete it. Once this essay is done, then my well deserved break can officially start.
I am thankful that the deadline is 5:00 pm and that I do not need to study for any finals. Otherwise I would miss this major event on Disney.
at 8:00 pm is Tangled Before Ever After, Rapunzel must learn to embrace her long golden hair after mystical rocks cause her locks to magically grow back. Animated. duration One hour 5 minutes. All the stars return.
___ Saturday:
The highlight for Saturday starts at 7:30 pm is Henry Danger, Captain Man and Kid Danger learn that an astronaut has been taken hostage aboard the Space Station, and set off on a space rescue. duration 30 minutes. Part 1 of 2. Then at 8:00 pm is Nickelodeon’s 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards, Children choose favorites from across the worlds of film, television, music, pop culture, animation and more. duration One hour 30 minutes. ___ Sunday:
Sunday is a big day if you like the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament for Basketball.
At 6:00 pm et on ESPN is Bracketology, where the 64 teams find out where they stand in the brackets for the upcoming tournament duration 2 hours.

Tonight on @disneychannel – March 6, 2017 – starting at 5:00 pm

5:00 pm is Liv and Maddie, Maddie prepares for her game but is nervous about her knee; Liv films a sequel to a commercial she was in when she was 6 years old. duration 30 minutes.
5:30 pm is Liv and Maddie: Cali Style, Liv, Maddie and the rest of the Rooney clan start their new life in California; Ruby comes home from summer camp and gets excited to have sort-of siblings but ends up in the middle of a sister fight between Liv and Maddie. duration 30 minutes.
6:00 pm is Bunk’d, Tired of hearing Emma and Zuri fight, Lou sends the two out to the middle of the lake in a canoe to work out their problems. duration 30 minutes.
6:30 pm is Bizaardvark, A rich fan invites Paige and Frankie to his mansion and helps pay for their expensive video idea; the nice gesture takes an unexpected turn and the duo come face to face with social media star Eva Gutowski. duration 30 minutes.
7:00 pm is K.C. Undercover, Ernie and K.C. go undercover with a group called the Volunteens; Craig prepares for his new assignment to protect an ambassador. duration 30 minutes. Part 1 of 2.
7:30 pm is Good Luck Charlie, Gabe and his friend Leo open up a lemonade stand, but they start to argue and end up competing; PJ tries to reunite Bob’s high school band. duration 30 minutes.
8:00 pm is Stuck in the Middle, Harley’s winning invention scores the Diaz family a free trip to a waterpark. duration 30 minutes.
8:30 pm is Good Luck Charlie, Teddy uses a self-tanner — with disastrous results; Bob follows P.J. to New York; Amy gets involved in Gabe’s love life. duration 30 minutes.