this poll is for atlanta but anyone can answer.

I thaught this question from, The Daily Mail, could be a wonderful poll question.

fine people with nazis? I don’t think so

It took me a while to find the perfect diction to describe my reaction toward 45’s moronic press confrence on Tuesday. Yes I hate the KKK and Nazi’s. I shouldn’t have to say that.
First, let me say that he is a moron. The argument that some Nazi is a good person is moronic in itself. After all, it was the nazi’s that killed millions of people and plunged the world into the second world war. It was the nazi’s who turned mass murder into a factory like system. (As I write this I am feeling ill.)
Name me one person who has good moral values and a good moral spirit who can also standby while people around them chant racist statements while holding weapons that are ment to harm. If that describes you then you should explore yourself and your spirit. I liked how this Fox News person reacted.
“A visibly upset Kat Timpf of “Fox News Specialists” slammed Trump’s tirade about the weekend’s Charlottesville events as “one of the biggest messes I’ve ever seen. Timpf said she could not believe that they even had to comment on whether or not it was controversial to say “white supremacist Nazis” are all bad people.

“I’m wondering if it’s actually real life what I just watched,” Timpf said of Trump’s defensive press conference.

“It shouldn’t be some bold statement to say a gathering full of white supremacist Nazis doesn’t have good people in it. Those are all bad people. Period,” she added. “And the fact that it’s controversial ? I don’t know if I should just laugh so, I have too much eye makeup on to start crying right now. It’s disgusting.

Trump once asked Reince Priebus to kill a fly

Is this a good use of federal time? You be the judge. According to the Washington Post President Trump was holding a meeting in his west wing office when a fly was buzzing him. So, Reince Priebus was sent in to kill it.
Priebus’ loyalty had been in doubt by Trump ever since he urged the then-candidate to drop out of the presidential race when a 2005 video of Trump bragging about sexual harassment became public.
According to the Post, Priebus had been demeened by his colleagues before he was kicked out of his position on Friday.

(nyp) – New York’s most iconic logo almost didn’t exist – July 29, 2017

If you have gone to the big apple you have most likely seen the I Heart Ny logo. According to the New York Post it almost didn’t last a year.
Per the post: It was meant to lure out-of-state travelers to a place then beset with problems: a bankrupt government, high crime rates, a drug epidemic, a homelessness crisis, abandoned buildings, raging fires and a major blackout.
That was 40 years ago and now it is still there. Let us explore the history again per the post:
“Gov. Hugh Carey gave Commerce Commissioner John Dyson the go-ahead to try to change New York’s image. With his deputy, William Doyle, Dyson tapped advertising firm Wells Rich Greene (of Alka-Seltzer “I can’t believe I ate that whole thing” fame). Creative director Charlie Moss came up with a slogan, “I Love New York. Jingle writer Steve Karmen set it to music. On a shoestring budget, the team started to create ads touting Broadway shows and upstate’s natural beauty.
Visually, though, the campaign was lacking. Dyson and Doyle selected Glaser, a South Bronx native who had co-founded New York magazine nearly a decade earlier.

That summer, Glaser’s first attempt resulted in a lukewarm response from the team. So during a cab ride a few days later, he took a red crayon and scribbled down four characters on the back of an envelope: “I,” a heart, “N” and “Y. (It’s now on display at the Museum of Modern Art.)
So, what have we learned today? A cab ride can change a citie’s image in terms of marketing.

This guy had a lucky escape – swordfish stabbed him a millimetre from his jugular vein

A man has quite the story to tell – and it could have killed him.
Retired postman Alan Pope was in a boat preparing for a snorkelling trip in Indonesia when the swordfish leapt from the ocean and stabbed him in the neck.
The impact threw the 57-year-old to the floor of the boat and snapped the tip of the fish’s long bill leaving six inches in his neck and blood gushing from the wound.
They call it a swordfish because the bill is about the same size, shape and sharpness of a kitchen knife. Thankfully the blade missed his jugular vane by a millimeter.
His wife Sharon said: ‘I thought he’d been shot. I heard this thud and saw him on the floor of the boat with a hole in his neck, like a bullet circle. Then he started coughing and spitting up blood.

It was so close to his jugular and carotid arteries that it took 36 hours, and three hospitals, before doctors dared remove it because of the risks of the surgery.
The Popes, from Northampton, UK, were off the island of Lembongan when the incident occurred. ‘We hired a little wooden private charter boat to take us out; it was just me, my wife and the man in charge of the boat,’ said Mr Pope.

‘The water was quite choppy, but we got about half an hour out to sea when I felt this whack on the side of my head. It knocked me off my feet. I wasn’t sure what had happened, and then I felt this tickling in the back of my throat.

He had to endure a 30-minute boat ride to shore trying to stem the blood. He said: ‘The beak missed my jugular by a millimetre. The doctors said that if the surgery had gone wrong I could have bled out in three minutes. ___
He has quite the story and if that happened to me i’de go to church after the hospital.
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This is why when I get my cake on Tuesday I don’t want a canddle

Tuesday Aug. 1 is my birthday. Let me be clear, I have no use for a candle.
According to a new study, when you blow out the candle you increase the the amount of bacteria on a cake by 1,400 percent. We can thank Researchers at Clemson University for this fact.
They scarfed pizza down – because pizza is cakes bff – and then they took time blowing out candles on an iced hunk of Styrofoam and then measuring bacterial contamination, according to the study published in the Journal of Food Research. Not all blowers added bacteria to the cake.
“Some people blow on the cake and they don’t transfer any bacteria. Whereas you have one or two people who really for whatever reason … transfer a lot of bacteria,” Professor Paul Dawson told The Atlantic .
The blowing increased the amount of bacteria on the frosting by an average of 15 times – although one person’s saliva increased the infestation by 120 times, he said.

this boy had his eye welded shut thanks to a flesh-eating bug

A boy in the United Kingdum had his eye wellded shut thanks to a cut. 4-year-old Rhys Jones fell over and hit his head in his garden. His mother – Keisha Pritchard – took him to the hospital. He had a little cut on his face over his eye. The medical staff thought nothing of it and did what they always do for little cuts. hours later the wound became infected.
Rhys soon began vomiting and his eye swelled so much he could not open it.
Keisha took her son back to the hospital and was dealt the news that he had the flesh-eating bug necrotising fasciitis.
necrotising fasciitis is an extremely rare but serious bacterial infection that affects the tissue beneath the skin – releasing toxins that damage tissue.
“It was horrific. Rhys was petrified while I tried to stay calm and told him doctors will make it all better.
“At the hospital we were taken to a ward while they tested Rhys blood for infection.
“His temperature was rocketing and he was in so much pain it was terrible to see him in such a state.
“He was placed in isolation and everyone who visited wore contamination suits. It was so frightening.
“The doctors told her if the infection hadn’t been stopped that day it would have been too late. She is lucky and so is he.