Driver is filmed doing her make-up – because a bathroom on wheels is what we need

I feel inspired to sing. “You’re so vain you probably think this song is about you don’t you don’t you.”
Well, this isn’t a song – it is a post – with a friendly reminder to not be as dimwited as this woman in england. Steve Woodmore posted a video of a woman not caring that she is operating a vehicle.
“The blonde woman appears to be staring at herself in her mirror instead of keeping her eyes on the road and at one point appears to have her head in her handbag while crawling forward” reports the daily mail. They continue.
“The female motorist was driving a white Ford and was filmed applying her make-up during the morning rush hour” and had no knowledge that her mirror was in.
Mr Woodmore, 57, describes why he posted the video. He said: ‘We were queuing at these lights and I looked in my mirror and I panicked thinking the woman behind wasn’t going to stop.

‘I’m surprised she didn’t hit me, she got so close. I had to move forward a bit to make some room.

‘That’s why I decided to watch the footage back when I got home and I was totally shocked by what I saw – she wasn’t paying any attention to the road at all.

‘She kept looking down at her handbag and there was one point she had picked up her bag and was looking in it while she was moving forward.

‘Then she was looking in her mirror to do her make-up or put on spot cream or whatever she’s doing. She was up to all sorts.
He added: ‘Wherever her mind was, it was not on driving. She was so distracted she didn’t even realise that her wing mirror was completely folded in the whole time.

‘The road those traffic lights are on run past three schools and there are always kids crossing the road.

‘She was so busy looking in the wrong mirrors and doing her makeup she could have hit a child and she would not have even known about it. Watching the video, I was horrified.
No I will not post the video because why give her any love. You can look it up yourself. The daily mail headline cited is
Hawken, Abe. (2017) Vain driver is caught on camera doing her make-up behind the wheel oblivious of the potential danger. Daily Mail

Why would you do this? guy built a ramp and jumped over his house

A man built a ramp and jumped over his house in a truck and yes we have the video. I am reading this from the Daily Mail and this is how they describe it: “The motorist was filmed approaching the ramp in his off-road buggy.

He goes for it and is seen flying through the air in his vehicle.

Obviously carefully planned, the truck flies over a large one-storey house and successfully clears it.

A giant inflatable is positioned at the end of the trajectory and cushions the truck’s landing” (2017.) We have no idea where the jump took place but it was posted online.

What an explosive find

WWII bomb goes off after people dig it out of the river.

Ahh the art of metal detecting. Most of the time you find some cool gold bar or perhaps a nickel. Not many people find a bomb from WWII.
Martyn Jones, 24, Karl McDonald, 30, were blown away when they pulled a 36 Mills grenade from the Mersey river in Warrington, while searching for coins and artefacts, reports the daily mail. Apparently it got cought in their magnet.
Karl, said: ‘We must have been there for thirty or forty minutes, we’d already pulled out a knife and then I pulled it up.

‘The bottom of it was stuck to the magnet. A couple were there watching us and asked us what we’d got, and, joking, I said it was a grenade.

‘It was the shape of it, and it was around the size of a baseball. Straight away it rang alarm bells. I showed it to Martyn and asked him what he thought it was, and he said a grenade.

‘At that point I was about seventy per cent sure it was a grenade.

‘It was a good walk back to the car but I didn’t want to leave it, and we didn’t have our phones with us because the magnets can damage electrical appliances.

‘So I just carried it with my hand and in the bucket. I phoned the police and said ‘we’ve found what looks like a grenade’.

‘The car park was a very public area. We took it to the far corner of the car park and I backed the car up so if it had gone off it would have just hit the car.

‘When the officer arrived there was no hesitation, he called up for the bomb disposal squad. The bomb was then taken to a field and exploded in a safe area.
Experts said it either came from WWII or from IRA militants, who carried out two bomb attacks in Warrington in 1993.
Karl added: ‘We just felt excitement really. It’s not your average day out. I was a little bit shocked that I had carried it so far.
‘Before they detonated they told us it would be a little puff but it was actually quite a big explosion. It was buried in the ground, but it was the actual grenade going off because it was live.
‘They told us then that it could either be an IRA grenade from when they were in Warrington or from around World War II.
The pair have been magnet fishing for a couple of months, and had only tried their hand at the hobby a couple of times before making the explosive discovery.
And Martyn and Karl say they were allowed to keep the grenade shrapnel as a souvenir of their banging day out.

@realDonaldTrump tweeted about @SnoopDogg in 2017 while he was president

Does anyone love Twitter? If you say hey what’s the point Twitter is stupid, I would disagree. Twitter is perfect for someone to see into the mind of someone else in real time.
That is how our president uses Twitter. How else would you explain this story. Earlier today he had this to say about snoop dogg. Yes that Snoop Dogg;The rapper.

Where did this come from mr. President? Apparently Mr. Trump is unhappy that Snoop Dogg shared a music video of him shooting at an image of President Trump.
He apparently pondered about this for a while because this tweet came down two hours later.
Some users were not having it.

word wednesday: watch

I was skimming Business Insider and I kept seeing the word watch everywhere. I know what a watch is but how does the dictionary define it? Below I have compiled the most important definition: Google, let us see. ___ Google:
a small timepiece worn typically on a strap on one’s wrist.

If you have a word or concept that you are unsure of for word wednesday, you can tweet that word or concept to me with the hashtag #wordwednesday. I will see them all and pick one a week to feature.

size: don’t count this guy out when you look at him

A dwarf got into a fist fight and won.
One man learned the hard way that when it comes to fights, size doesn’t matter.
We don’t know what led up to the fight but we do know this happened in a parking lot.
Per the Daily Mail: “As the fight begins, the dwarf expertly ducks and avoids the man’s swings before landing a few punches of his own. He then goes right for the man’s face, catching him off guard and causing him to fall on the ground.

As the man lays by a car, the dwarf continues to punch him over and over again.

The man is able to get one punch in, but the dwarf then grabs him and expertly throws his competitor off.

They face off again, the dwarf smoothly ducking another swing and landing one last punch before the video cuts out” (2017.)

punk kicks a cat in the face breaking it’s jaw then walks away

A man somewhere proves that he is beyond help. This classless piece of garbage thought it would be a good idea to kick a cat in the face and break its jaw. The scariest part is that he walked away after he did this. If you look up the video (don’t) you will see this.
One of the men, wearing a bright orange tracksuit and shoes, stands over the animal before lashing out with his foot. The poor cat, named Millie, is sent flying backwards before the two casually walk away.

Millie’s owner phoned the RSPCA after she came home with injuries and a search through the CCTV revealed the unprovoked attack. She is currently being treated for a suspected broken jaw.

RSPCA inspector Sarah Burrows, who is investigating, said: ‘The video clearly shows two men walking towards Millie and then one man kicking the cat very hard, resulting in her being thrown a few feet across the ground, before walking away.

‘It is an unprovoked attack which has sadly left Millie with a suspected broken jaw. Millie, I hope you get better soon.