powerlifting – July 10, 2017

Today July 10, 2017 I started lifting again.
Sadly we didn’t follow the program because mom met a cheese grader and her thumb took most of the meeting. So, this is what we did instead.
1. squats. I worked on the front squat because this one was the most annoying one for me. Practice makes permanent. 2. Then we did some stepups on boxes and worked out our legs. 3. then we did some stepups with pushups on the wall.
4. After that we had bands which resisted us pulling them with our legs. Needless to say I am sore!


workout for March 28, 2017 – hold that bar bro!

I am keeping my promise.

This is what we did.
1. warmup: three rounds of five nieling sholder presses on each leg; five power cleans; five stif leg deadlift.
2. power: 2; 2; 2; 1; 1; 1; power cleans increasing weight every time. I got to 70 pounds a personal record.
3. cardeo: Holding a bar in deadlift position while your partner rows on the rowing machine. (Only stops rowing as soon as you drop said bar.); 30 jumpingjacks; 8 knees to elbo. three rounds of that. Then we are done.


Today we did the following and as I write this at 10:02 pm I know it will be a hard day tomorrow. 1. Squat 8, 6, 6, 4, 3, 3, 3. I hit 125 lb 56.8 kg once I hit the 3. 2. Then I did a reverse lundge at 55 lb (25 kg) 10, 8, 6, 6, 6 times. Then I did 15 lower body curls; 15 jumps; 15 kb swings; and 20 leg ups. Then I went home.


Today was a great workout.
This is what we did.
1. We did squats. A set of 10; a set of 8; a set of 6; a set of 5; a set of 5; a set of 5, ending at 88 pounds. 2. After that we did some work with the wrings.
We did 4 sets of the following. 4 pushups; 4 mounten climers; 1 minute plank.
3. After that we did the following in a latter format from 10-1. Kettlebell swings; sprint down the gym; pushups. If we did 10 swings then we did 10 pushups. It took 9 minutes 33 seconds to do those things in the ladder.

what a workout! – I almost died but I didn’t

A look at what I did.
1. We started out by doing 100 situps I only got to 80 before the time ran out.
2. After that we did as many reps as we could in 24 minutes of the following: 3 pendulum swings, 3 kettlebell swings, 3 slider knees to elbos. We added 1 rep every round. I got to 10 reps which means in 24 minutes I did 8 rounds. After that we ran a block 6 times going up and down a hill.