28 February, 2014 14:05

[tittle Friday February 28, 2014 was a day of history and subway. @subway]

today was a great day the sun was out and the subway sandwich was hot. I got the spicy italian. How was your day?


hollywood birthdays for February 28, 2014

Today is Friday, Feb. 28, the 59th day of 2014. There are 306 days left in the year. if today is your birthday enjoy yourself
Today’s Birthdays: Architect Frank Gehry is 85. Actor Gavin MacLeod is 83. Actor Don Francks is 82. Singer Sam the Sham is 77. Actor-director-dancer Tommy Tune is 75. Hall of Fame auto racer Mario Andretti is 74. Actor Frank Bonner is 72. Actress Kelly Bishop is 70. Actress Stephanie Beacham is 67. Writer-director Mike Figgis is 66. Actress Mercedes Ruehl is 66. Actress Bernadette Peters is 66. Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu is 66. Actress Ilene Graff is 65. Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman is 61. Comedian Gilbert Gottfried is 59. Basketball Hall-of-Famer Adrian Dantley is 59. Actor John Turturro is 57. Rock singer Cindy Wilson is 57. Actress Rae Dawn Chong is 53. Actress Maxine Bahns is 45. Actor Robert Sean Leonard is 45. Rock singer Pat Monahan is 45. Author Daniel Handler (AKA “Lemony Snicket”) is 44. Actress Tasha Smith is 43. Actor Rory Cochrane is 42. Actress Ali Larter is 38. Country singer Jason Aldean is 37. Actor Geoffrey Arend is 36. Actress Michelle Horn is 27. Actress Quinn Shephard (TV: “Hostages”) is 19. Actor Bobb’e J. Thompson is 18.

Thought for Today: “In science, all facts, no matter how trivial or banal, enjoy democratic equality. Mary McCarthy, American author and critic (1912-1989).

Thursday February 27, 2014 was a day of an essay, yoga and a quiz

Today in my History class we had another inclass essay and another quiz. Thankfully this time we had only one chapter to ponder about. I think I did great on the essay (will update with quiz results) I have not quite done the quiz as of the time of this posting.
Another thing I did today was yoga, it felt good to be back on the matt twisting, folding, cracking, snapping, and just proving that I am about as flexibal as a barbell.

hollywood birthdays for February 27, 2014

Today is Thursday, Feb. 27, the 58th day of 2014. There are 307 days left in the year. if today is your birthday enjoy yourself
Today’s Birthdays: Actress Joanne Woodward is 84. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader is 80. Opera singer Mirella Freni is 79. Actress Barbara Babcock is 77. Actor Howard Hesseman is 74. Actress Debra Monk is 65. Rock singer-musician Neal Schon (Journey) is 60. Rock musician Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) is 57. Actor Timothy Spall is 57. Rock musician Paul Humphreys (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark) is 54. Country singer Johnny Van Zant (Van Zant) is 54. Rock musician Leon Mobley (Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals) is 53. Basketball Hall-of-Famer James Worthy is 53. Actor Adam Baldwin is 52. Actor Grant Show is 52. Rock musician Mike Cross (Sponge) is 49. Actor Noah Emmerich is 49. Actor Donal Logue (DOH’-nuhl LOHG) is 48. Rhythm-and-blues singer Chilli (TLC) is 43. Rock musician Jeremy Dean (Nine Days) is 42. Rhythm-and-blues singer Roderick Clark is 41. Country-rock musician Shonna Tucker (Drive-By Truckers) is 36. Actor Brandon Beemer is 34. Chelsea Clinton is 34. Rhythm-and-blues singer Bobby Valentino is 34. Singer Josh Groban is 33. Rock musician Jared Champion (Cage the Elephant) is 31. Actress Kate Mara is 31.
Thought for Today: “There is no inevitability in history except as men make it. Felix Frankfurter, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1882-1965).

Wednesday February 26, 2014 was a day of one class and research

As some of you know I am in college. Normally on Wednesday’s I have two classes, history and a communication. As reported on Monday my communications class has been canceled for the week.
So, during the time that would have been used for my communications class was instead used to do research on the hundred years war. I have my noted bibliography along with my thesis statement do on Friday (February 28, 2014.) What did you do today? Let me know on twitter

Gluten-Free you are becoming popular

Many people have what is known asceliac disease where their bodies cannot process gluten. The University of Chicago’s Celiac Disease Center estimates that one in ten Americans, or about 3 million adults and children, has celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation in the small intestine and leads to malnutrition.
I have tried food that is gluten-free, and I can declare that it is just as good as the food that has the gluten. It shocks me what you can find that has gluten in it.
Going sans gluten means more than giving up wheat-based bread, cereal, pasta, and beer. It’s also found in less obvious products, such as soy sauce, salad dressing, even toothpaste. It sounds like that I am not alone in choosing gluten-free choices.
According to consumer research firm Nielsen, the proportion of households reporting that they buy gluten-free products has jumped to 11 percent, from 5 percent in 2010. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Elisabeth Hasselbeck have touted its benefits. Health-conscious consumers are sold. A March 2013 survey by market research firm the NPAID Group found that 29 percent of Americans were cutting back or avoiding gluten all together. That number appears likely to rise.
However, going gluten-free will not save you some presidents. Americans will spend an estimated $7 billion this year on foods labeled gluten-free, according to consumer research firm Mintel. information via the reuters article was used in this report

hollywood birthdays for February 26, 2014

Today is Wednesday, Feb. 26, the 57th day of 2014. There are 308 days left in the year. If today is your birthday enjoy yourself
Today’s Birthdays: Singer Fats Domino is 86. Country-rock musician Paul Cotton (Poco) is 71. Actor-director Bill Duke is 71. Singer Mitch Ryder is 69. Rock musician Jonathan Cain (Journey) is 64. Singer Michael Bolton is 61. The prime minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is 60. Actor Greg Germann is 56. Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., is 56. Bandleader John McDaniel is 53. Actress Jennifer Grant is 48. Rock musician Tim Commerford (Audioslave) is 46. Singer Erykah Badu (EHR’-ih-kah bah-DOO’) is 43. Rhythm-and-blues singer Rico Wade (Society of Soul) is 42. Olympic gold medal swimmer Jenny Thompson is 41. Rhythm-and-blues singer Kyle Norman (Jagged Edge) is 39. Actor Greg Rikaart is 37. Rock musician Chris Culos (O.A.R.) is 35. Rhythm-and-blues singer Corinne Bailey Rae is 35. Country singer Rodney Hayden is 34. Pop singer Nate Ruess (roos) (fun.) is 32. Tennis player Li Na is 32. Actor Alex Heartman (TV: “Power Rangers Samurai”) is 24. Actress Taylor Dooley is 21.

Thought for Today: “One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas. Victor Hugo (1802-1885).