This man has far to much time on his hands

Today I am toasting Jared Buzzell of Minot Maine. You see Jared was driving down the road when he saw a car hit a por’cup’ine. After he saw the car hit the por’cup’ine Jared remembered what he heard as a child from his grandmother, that por’cup’ine’s have a rare stone in their bodies. So Jared proceeded to cut into the body of this por’cup’ine. What he found was that the por’cup’ine was with child.
(I) cut the sack open and out fell the por’cup’ine. (I) cut the umbilical cord, put it in a hat. We thought it was dead – then I started massaging it and all kinds of stuff starting coming out of its lungs so it started breathing, Buzzell told WMTW. Buzzell was in the area because he was on his way to search for wild mushrooms. He took the animal home and began nursing it back to health by feeding it baby formula, but does plan to give it up to an animal rescue shelter. What a strange dude. I would not touch the thing because with my luck I would get poked!


Wil Wheaton answers a little girl’s question with the best answer of all time. @wilw

A video from Wil Wheaton is getting a ton of views on Facebook today, for something he did at Denver Comiccon last year. It is also making the rounds on reddit. A young girl told the star trek star that she was being teased because she liked things that “nerds” liked.
She asked how Wil dealt with that criticism when he was a young boy. Below is his answer

via, a transcript:

When I was a boy I was called a nerd all the time-because I didn’t like sports, I loved to read, I liked math and science, I thought school was really cool-and it hurt a lot. Because it’s never ok when a person makes fun of you for something you didn’t choose. You know, we don’t choose to be nerds. We can’t help it that we like these things-and we shouldn’t apologize for liking these things.

I wish that I could tell you that there is really easy way to just not care, but the truth is it hurts. But here’s the thing that you might be able to understand-as a matter of fact I’m confident you will be able to understand this because you asked this question.

When a person makes fun of you, when a person is cruel to you, it has nothing to do with you. It’s not about what you said. It’s not about what you did. It’s not about what you love. It’s about them feeling bad about themselves. They feel sad.

They don’t get positive attention from their parents. They don’t feel as smart as you. They don’t understand the things that you understand. Maybe one of their parents is pushing them to be a cheerleader or a baseball player or an engineer or something they just don’t want to do. So they take that out on you because they can’t go and be mean to the person who’s actually hurting them.

So, when a person is cruel to you like that, I know that this is hard, but honestly the kind and best reaction is to pity them. And don’t let them make you feel bad because you love a thing.

Maybe find out what they love and talk about how they love it. I bet you find out that a person who loves tetherball, loves tetherball in exactly the same way that you love Dr. Who, but you just love different things.

And I will tell you this?-?it absolutely gets better as you get older.

I know it’s really hard in school when you’re surrounded by the same 400 people a day that pick on you and make you feel bad about yourself. But there’s 50,000 people here this weekend who went through the exact same thing-and we’re all doing really well.

So don’t you ever let a person make you feel bad because you love something they decided is only for nerds. You’re loving a thing that’s for you.

Wil I couldn’t have said it better myself, good job articulating that piece of sage advice to all who are getting bullied.
You can also see his blog post about the topic: along with the video, pictures, and the transcript. -and-having-empathy/

my first day of spring quarter

Gone are those carefree days where one could relax, with no worry what so ever. Spring break you were gone far to quickly.
Well, spring quarter is now upon me and I am ready to meet it with gusto. Today (March 31, 2014) was my first official day of spring quarter. I only had one class, children literature. We spent the day going over what is required for the class. I can declare that the class seems not necessarily easy, because it is a 200 level english class. I new that coming in and I never thought to myself that it would be easy. To ram this point home the teacher even gave us some homework for the first day. Okay it is not do until April 7 but, still it was homework. No I will not put it off until April 6; I will put it off until April 1.

8 things that every blind person thinks when they buy technology

When noone is their to pick up the check.

1. it is so costly
2. This laptop costs $5000 are you kidding me! 3. CRAP I Do Not Have Anyone Helping Me Out. 4. I could buy a car with this cash
5. why can’t this be $500 it’s a freeken phone! 6. there goes my life savings 7. could I get a free upgrade instead?
8. stupid social security doesn’t cover this.

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