Waiting for the bus

The rush of the twolane roadway passes
by in quick sperts of wooshing
fog inducing cars and trucks. Some are sweet while some are bitter.
The singing bus rumbles down the roadway.
Getting on
a haze of three blows mug you of all happyness.
gravelly voices are mixed with the bright breaks as a winner of a darwin award pays no mind to the long roling monster
who could eat him for lunch.
More haze enters
old haze, and daggering smells of body oder and the perfume
to hide a bad choice.
Chrismas lights dance upon the clear blue air in a tango
making other lesser lights cry out for love.

writing prompt: What If Something vanished

I fear that the school could be gone tomorrow. What if it is to be so? I had so many wonderful memories there. I recall the cottages with their full kitchens, bright lights, and more than 20 rooms all incased in a brick cocoon with hard white inner walls. I recall the gazebo with it’s Panoramic views of the campus I had my first kiss there.
The old 101 year old building which hosted our lunchroom and our history center. I can still feel the full grown poler bare fir painting the table with texture.
Besides the loss of all of this I would most hate to see the school building, Erwin, go. We would lose a link to our identity. Gone would be the science lab with the bunsen burners, the scowpal, and the science textbooks all in braille along the east wall. Gone would be the embossers which would bring us all kinds of braille to read. From books, to papers, to math graphs the states main resource for braille would be lost.
Where would we go? Oregon? They have no blind school. Perdy? Perhaps, but they couldn’t handle the volume. Our neighbor for braille would be either Alaska or California. I have no dislike of these states but they aren’t mine!
Thank you Washington State School for the Blind for the memories.

where do I write – a review of how I write these blogs and papers.

Where do I write most of the time? A wonderful question to be sure. As of now I am composing this post at a desk in school. But this isn’t how I write.
When I write my posts and papers I write on top of a handcrafted dresser that my mom built with a radio on in the background. I have my braillenote plugged into the radio; the charger trails along like a tail leading to the outlet. I have no chair, I sit on the floor with the braillenote kind of above me with my back against the wall. On my dresser I have chip bags and other shit on the floor. The window must be open staring south toward 6th ave in Tacoma Washington. I must have some kind of music on. I enjoy Nirvana Radio music for the zen writer. This is the same music I have on when I am reading things too.
Once I am done writing the first draft I must spell check it. I do this more for papers and less with blog posts. Honestly, I should care more about my blog posts.

A look at my plans for today

A bit late thought I had sent it but better late than never. Good morning! Below you will find a rough sketch of my day.
1. I attend my writing class. Today we will be talking about the rhythm in poetry, picking the right words to form a beat.
2. I will practice writing some poems. I am looking for ideas of forms to try my hand at. Please leave some ideas in the comments section.
3. After my poetry practice I have some reading to do, the reading will focus on education policy for teachers.

the werst part is your grammar – slow down pamtoun

Slow down my teacher says.
The running to get your point across does nothing for your own smartness. It makes you look stupid.

Slow down my teacher says while tweeting. 140 characters are handy, but treat them nicely. They are your friends show them respect.

They are your friends, show them respect. You show people respect with your words. “the werst part is your grammar”.

You show people respect with your words. “the werst part is your grammar”. Without saying it, someone insults you, harms your spirit but then builds you up.
Slow down my teacher says and learn from these words. Only a fool doesn’t learn from his mistakes. You are no such fool.

Slow down my teacher says and run spell check. Only a fool doesn’t run spell check in everything he writes. From tweets, to emails, to essays in class. Only a fool doesn’t run spell check in everything he writes.

Slow down my teacher says. The running to get your point across does nothing for your own smartness. Act smart, write smart, and statements “the werst part is your grammar” will not be an issue.

these are the 10 winners of the whiting awards – $50000 baby

On Wednesday the Whiting Awards – which were established in 1985 by the Whiting Foundation and are given to those with the promise of “superior literary work – were handed out in New York. Below is the list. 1. James Ijames.
2. Francisco CantĂș.
3. Clarence Coo
4. Clare Barron.
5. Simone White.
6. Phillip B. Williams.
7. Jen Beagin.
8. Kaitlyn Greenidge.
9. Tony Tulathimutte.
10. Lisa Halliday.