Word of the day – volume

Today’s word is Volume:
and it means:
a book forming part of a work or series; the amount of space that a substance or object occupies, or that is enclosed within a container, especially when great; quantity or power of sound; degree of loudness.

The seventh Harry Potter book takes is my favorite volume and it takes up much volume and people express their happyness with volume when someone reads it.


I was listening to the artest krs1 when I was told to throw out the poem with the bath water.

Tacoma cannot be bounded. bro. Tacoma is the city where you can’t get put into a coma. My city has always been weird!
Even when I was young the city was fun. I was never to cool for school. I had people who cared about me. They wanted me to be the best. After I returned from 5 years in another city
Tacoma still welcomed me. Thankfully it was still weird.
Chicken in the front yard.
Pig on a leash
what the hell!
I will never stop defending this city. Because I know when times are tough they got me.

[title this is what happens when I am advised to write a poem about Tacoma Washington.

The bee is the perfect symble for – #OneLoveManchester

Tonight Manchester shows why the bee is the city’s emblem.
A worker bee helps the hive and thusly helps the community. The people of Manchester helped out the community and the victims. They did not hide, they came out and stood together both last week and tonight.
Bees love their family and love community. So do you Manchester. From the city of Tacoma 90 miles south of Seattle I stand with manchester.