Take this #easter quiz about peeps

Are you pro or anti peep? If you don’t know what a peep is, it is defined as: “Marshmallow candies in the shape of rabbits and baby chickens. Usually served around Easter” (urban dictionary, 2017.)

Happy National Burrito Day – want some free Burrito

We all love Burritos.
If you don’t know what a Burrito is then you should really go to these places and try one. For the uncool among us a Burrito is defined as “a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla rolled around a filling, typically of beans or ground or shredded beef.”
These places will give you a free one or their lesser family members. (Because the Burrito is in the food family of mexican treats.
1. Rubio’s: Get a $5 burrito at participating locations on Thursday (today) or Friday with this coupon (link posted in the article below) presented on your phone. ht teen vogue.
2. Chipotle: You’ll have to pay regular price for your burrito bowl (womp, womp) but on the bright side, play this tilde educational tilde food game until Friday and you could win a free order of chips and guac. Side dish of champions? ht teen vogue.
3. El Pollo Loco: We think you’d be pretty “crazy0ggget it?) to pass up this one: present this coupon (link below) and get one free burrito with the purchase of another of equal or lesser value. ht teen vogue.
4. Blue Coast Taco: Buy one burrito and get the other one free (both are for you, obvi). ht teen vogue.
5. Qdoba: The thing about this joint is that you don’t have to wait for one day of the year to score free food. Sign up and earn rewards that go towards certain menu items. ht teen vogue.
6. Twisters: Okay, so this one is really exciting. Take a photo of your favorite Twister’s burrito, post it to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and tag it #TwistersBurrito. Whoever gets the most likes wins a month of free breakfast burritos. ht teen vogue.

___ ht: http://www.teenvogue.com/story/where-to-get-free-burrito-deals

This is the ultimate healthy foods list you’ll ever need – if you have most of these things you are a health nut.

Information via the daily mail.
“The list was put together by healthy lifestyle website ‘ Healthy. Happy. Smart.

It breaks down foods by category, such as beans and pulses, dairy, and protein. By far the biggest category on the list is fruits and vegetables” (2017.)
If you can buy organic do it according to the website. They broke the list down but I am lazy. 1. Artichoke.
2. Avocado.
3. Organic carrots.
4. Blueberries.
5. Sweetcorn.
6. Dried fruit.
7. Fresh herbs.
8. Organic kiwi fruit.
9. Mango.
10. Nectarines.
11. Organic onions.
12. Papaya.
13. Organic peppers.
14. Organic strawberries.
15. Organic sweet potatoes.
16. Organic apples.
17. Organic broccoli.
18. Blackberries.
19. Organic celery.
20. Organic dates.
21. Aubergine.
22. Grapefruit.
23. Organic greens (curly kale.
24. Melon.
25. Organic mushrooms.
26. Peas.
27. Organic pears.
28. Squash (eg butternut squash.)
29. Organic tomatoes.
30. Asparagus.
31. Organic bananas.
32. Organic cauliflower.
33. Cherries.
34. Organic cucumber.
35. Organic grapes.
36. Organic garlic.
37. Organic lemons or limes.
38. Organic green beans.
39. Organic oranges.
40. Peaches.
41. Organic potatoes.
42. Organic raspberries.
43. Pineapple
44. Almond oil.
45. Flaxseed oil.
46. Sesame oil.
47. Walnut oil.
48. Organic peanut butter.
49. Almonds.
50. Chia seeds.
51. Macadamia nuts.
52. Pumpkin seeds.
53. Sunflower seeds.
54. Water chestnuts.
55. Avocado oil.
56. Olives.
57. Safflower oil.
58. Almond butter.
59. Sunflower seed butter.
60. Brazil nuts.
61. Linseed.
62. Unsalted peanuts.
63. Pine nuts.
64. Sesame seeds.
65. Coconut oil.
66. Olive oil.
67. Sunflower oil.
68. Cashew butter.
69. Tahini.
70. Cashews.
71. Hazelnuts.
72. Pecans.
73. Pistachios.
74. Walnuts.
75. Agave nectar.
76. maple syrup.
77. honey.
78. No added sugar ketchup.
79. Lime (for lime juice.
80. Coffee.
81. No added sugar mustard.
82. Vinegars Balsamic.
83. Tamari.
84. Coconut sugar.
85. Lemon (for lemon juice.
86. Green tea.
87. Organic whole milk.
88. Block of parmesan cheese.
89. Greek style yoghurt.
90. Cottage cheese.
91. Unsweetened soy milk.
92. Unsweetened almond milk.
93. Unsweetened rice milk.
94. Unsweetened coconut milk.
95. Organic whole chicken.
96. Free range eggs.
97. Wild caught salmon fillets.
98. Organic beef (organic rump steak.
99. Pork (pork loin steaks.
100. Venison (venison steaks.
101. Organic tofu.
102. Black beans.
103. Pinto beans.
104. Brown rice.
105. Basmati rice.
106. Barley.
107. Edamame beans.
108. Millet.
109. Oats.
110. Cannellini beans.
111. Adzuki beans.
112. Wild rice.
113. Jasmine rice.
114. Black eyed beans.
115. Lentils (red split lentils.
116. Whole wheat cous cous.
117. Red kidney beans.
118. Butter beans.
119. Red rice.
120. Quinoa.
121. Chickpeas.
122. Split peas.
123. Tempeh.
124. Multigrain and rye bloomer.
125. Quinoa pasta.
126. Wholemeal flour.
127. Buckwheat flour.
128. Multigrain tortillas.
129. Brown rice pasta.
130. Coconut flour.
131. Gram flour.
132. Corn tortilla.
133. Whole wheat pasta.
134. Almond flour.
135. Oat flour.

Can we talk about these sandwich bun substitutes which are genius?

Because buns are so 2000!

1. Lettuce.
2. Bagels.
http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2012/11/bagel-burgers-now-ava ilable-at-mcdonalds-france-bagel-stories.html
3. Bell Peppers.
http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/jalapeo-stuffed-burgers-with-roas ted-bell-pepper-ketchup
4. Avocados.

Chicken Noodle soup is good for the bank account. Man wins money after making a choice to buy soup

A man in New York has an odd story to tell that involves a lucky can of soup, a scrach ticket and a burger.
Neal Damato won the New York Lottery’s Set for Life instant game, worth at least $5 million when he made a split second choice to spend $20 at a scratch ticket vending machine.
I was not working that day and told my wife that I wanted to go out for a burger for lunch, Damato said. After that, we did a couple of errands and my wife told me she wanted to go to Kohl’s. I sat in the car like I always do, feeling really stuffed from the burger. I decided to head over to the Stop and Shop for a can of soup for dinner because that’s all I had room for.
I scratched the first ticket outside the store and stood there in disbelief thinking, ‘Something’s not right here1’ he told Newsday. I double- and triple-checked, and then went looking for my wife. He opted to receive a lump sum of $2,624,617 after required holding and hopes to add Tahiti to the itinerary for his 50th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii with his wife Carol. His wife said she would rather prioritize the prize money by spending it on their children. We both want to help our kids with their college bills and mortgages and pay off other bills the best we can, she said. Damato never ate the soup.
One thing is certain, he said. No one will ever open that can. I want them to bury me with that lucky can of chicken noodle.

want some ice cream with your coffee at @starbucks?

Starbucks is releasing a new idea that mixes coffee and ice cream.
Per CBS:”The Seattle chain said it will serve “affogato” varieties of hot or cold coffee over ice cream at 100 stores in Orange County, California, starting Wednesday, with pricier versions sold at 10 locations with its “reserve” bars. Spokeswoman Holly Hart Shafer said the treats were first introduced at the company’s Roastery store in Seattle, which is a pipeline for potential new menu items” (2017.)
Apparently “affogato” means “drowned” in Italian. So, I am guessing that it is drouned in the ice cream?
The one that will cost the most is 12 oz, has ice cream mixed with cold brew coffee, and costs $6.45.
Starbucks Corp. has successfully driven up sales over the years in part by introducing pricier new items. Would you get it?

Which of these foods would you eat in one bite or 2?

Two counts as more than one. You could eat something in 9 bites but for works sake two is the limit.

1. Slider?
1 bite
2 bites]
2. french fries
1 bite]
2 bites.
1 bite.
[question 4. fun size candies
1 bite.
2 bites.
1 bite.[/answer]
2 bites.
6. cupcake.
1 bite]
2 bites.
7. string cheese stick
1 bite.
2 bites.