news: Kim Kardashian will be a mother twitter reacts

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you read the headline right Kim Kardashian will be a mom. This will be her first child. Congrats to the kardashian empire you will not leave us alone my twitter time line is exsploting with congrats to them. here just some. some are nice some are funny some are the media reporting
@SigaMike Kim K Is Pregnant Nobody Gives Af, You Got Girls Out There Getting Pregnant 24/7 I Don’t See Y’all Talking About Their Asses
@RyanSeacrest It’s true 🙂 @KimKardashian & @kanyewest are having a baby! congrats u guys some are speculating will there be an e speshal?
@kingsleyyy Kim Kardashian is pregnant? Can’t wait for the E! Special. Maybe this time they’ll actually shove a camera up the vagina. x is safe to say we will not here the last of the word kardashian.


Russell Wilson vs RGIII the war is on (#snf)

it’s official, the match of the century will occur next week, RG three vs Russell Wilson. The same Russell Wilson who just tied Peyton Manning’s rookie record for touchdown passes with 26.
This could be the game that defines who is the rooky of the year. Wilson and RGIII are both in contention. They are meeror players. The seahawks are on a role as of late.
they are the only team to be undefeated at home, 8-0. Seattle has won 7-8 including a five-game winning streak to end the year. Wilson finished the year with a franchise record 100.0 passer rating.

mean while rgiii led his team to the top of the nfc east for the first time since 1999, defeating the Dallas Cowboys 28-18 at home. The Redskins have won 7 straight after their bye week. They are the first NFL team to rally from 3-6 to make the playoffs since the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1996.
They also set a franchise record for fewest turnovers in a season with 14, fewer even than the 1982 team that played only nine regular-season games because of a players strike.
However, when it comes to playing Seattle in the playoffs the redskins are 2-0 and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. Based on those stats for both teams it will not be a blow out but a real close game. But I give the edge to Seattle. We shall see in 7 days, kickoff at 1:30 Seattle time. Seattle will be at Washington, the game will be on Fox. follow me on twitter

thank you LARRS

On Jan 1 2013 the Loss Angeles Radio Reading Servis (LARRS) will be describing the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Rose Parade from 8:00 to around 10:00.
The 124th Rose Parade presented by Honda, themed “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”… will feature spirited marching bands from throughout the nation, majestic floral floats, and high-stepping equestrian units. If you are in the LA area you can here the show on 67kHz of 88.5 FM. You could also enjoy it on your iphone and androyd as well. Just download the IBlinkRadio ap.
If you don’t have a smart phone you still could listen to the parade on go down to number 4 labeled LARRS, If that doesn’t work you could enjoy it on this url Enjoy your time at the parade however you choose to listen to it.

news: Zendaya releaces her first dance video @zendaya96 @dis411 @iheartzendaya

Shake It Up Star Zendaya Colmen has released her very first dance video. She is a very good dancer. As of this posting 25,701 views on Youtube. want to see it? Google Zendaya’s 1st Official Dance Video
If you like it she has some good news, “I might have another dance video to share with my Zswaggers!! but I can’t show u till this one goes viral!!”

What are the werst movies of all time video #TWIHEARTS

I’m glad I didn’t see Twilight. Bella and all of her sparcly blood-sucking friends are the werst movie of all time, this according to Riftrax. How bad are they? well, the fokes at Riftrax cannot even declare a bad part the hole franchise just plain sucks. Omg made a pun.
the quote they used was quite good “Mumble mumble mumble moon eyes. Mumble mumble mumble mumble lay in a field. Mumble mumble mumble perv on a baby. Mumble” Sorry twihearts the love triangle is the werst movie ever. I cannot disagree I enjoyed the books but with out a dvs track (google dvs) the movies are just plain horibal. Would rather watch diehard. So, the next time you make your man go with you, don’t, save us from this nightmair. Wate, it’s over? The last movie is out? Good 2013 will be twilight free!
now we can move on to another snowwhite movie or another hit thing. The video below declares the top 10 werst movies of all time.

Very Nice to meet you Olivia Holt (@olivia_holt)

This year I was introduced to Olivia Holt. She is a great actris. I met her figuratively in “Girls Vs Monster.” This movie is a great halloween horor. It was created by Disney so the horror is at a friendly level. But, their are some great parts in this movie. Olivia’s acting is the best part. But, what makes someone fall in love with an actor?
For me it is true talent, can they deliver their lines convincingly? Olivia in my opinion, can and does very well in this movie.
Thanks to “Girl vs Monster” I started looking into her other projects. She is on a show called “Kickin It.”
“Set at the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy, a strip mall martial arts studio and worst dojo in the under-performing nationwide Bobby Wasabi chain. Revolves around a ragtag crew of lovable misfits who welcome a hotshot skateboarder named Jack who will teach them about life, karate, and how to just plain kick it.”
Olivia is playing Kim in this great show. But, all are talented. Who is Olivia Holt? What is her back story? To find out I went to the Internet Movie Database and found. “Olivia Holt was born in Germantown, Tennessee to parents, Mark and Kim Holt. When she was only 3 years old, she started singing and acting on the stage. Besides acting and singing, she has been a competitive gymnastic for the past 5 years, and a competitive cheerleader for the past few years. At Christmas time, Holt moved with her family from DeSoto County to Los Angeles.
She starred in numerous community productions including “Annie” and “Through the Looking Glass” before landing a role in the indie film “Black & Blue.” She also appeared in multiple national TV commercials including Hasbro, Mattel and Bratz dolls.
In 2011, Olivia got her break out role as “Kim Crawford” a confident martial artist and the only girl in the dojo who can go toe-to-toe with the boys, in the Disney XD comedy series “Kickin’ It.” all in all, I have no doubt we will see much more of Olivia in 2013. on the net:
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the first review of christmas songs @zendaya96 @bellathorne @disneychannelpr

It has almost been three years since the world was first introduced to Zendaya Coleman and Bella Thorne.
Since then, Disney has kept them together and that this little blog shall not go against Disney’s wishes. I will keep their music reviews together.
the songs that I will be reviewing today are: “Shake Santa Shake and “Rockin Around The Christmas Tree. “Shake Santa Shake.”
singer Zendaya Coleman.
The song has a great beet and an even better voice. It seems like the song was tayler made for zendaya’s voice. I only herd about 1 minit of it on Shake It Up. I love it. Good job Ms Coleman you have a great voice this is a fact.
The next song I will be reviewing is a christmas classic “Rockin Around The Christmas Tree. It has done so many ways some just plain offal and others a little better. However, Bella Thorne’s version is in a class alone. Other versions have said the word rockin around the christmas Bella Thorne took the word to heart. It has a heavy guitar rift then any other version I have herd. It kinda sounds like a cross between heart ** and Halestorm **. Not bad company considering Heart ** is in the Rock N Role Hall Of Faim. contact information
Bella Thorne @bellathorne
Zendaya @zendaya96
me @tylershepard223