A Trip To Beijing from the worlds to the wall (a blind mans perspective)

For the last many months I have been sharing with you all the necessary preparations for my worlds trip. If you do not know what I am talking about I just returned from a trip to Beijing China where I lifted for this great nation The United States of America. This blog will share with you what I smelled, tasted, herd, and saw while I was over in China. September 4, 2013
Today was my first travel day, the best part? no need to get up at an ungodly hour. I woke up at 8:00 am and took a shower. The airport bus did not come until 10:00. The ride over to seatac was uneventful. It stayed that way until I went through TSA. I went through the mettle detector it beeped at me. I had to have a pat down. That just sucks but the dude told me what he was doing, I didn’t care because I had nothing to hide.
The next blogable moment is the first meal we had on the airplane, that is right you’ll I had real food on the airplane. The meal included cubes of beef, mash potatoes with chunks of potato in them, vegetables all in a wine sauce. The tray also had a salad, dinner role, and some fruit. I think I am winning! September 5, 2013
Today we are still traveling as I write this on the plain, The food today was great oj, a peroshky, and a brouny I still think I am winning!
I love Korean air because they help us from getting off the plain to getting to the next plane. I am glad we had help getting from gate to gate. The airport in sole is pact at 5:30 pm on a Tuesday. If you ever find yourself in the South Korea airport you will be in ahh. Calling it an airport is not accurate a mall-port would be a more apt description. You find yourself at a location with mall crowds and coach, louis Vitton stores (the real ones not the fake ones) I digress this airport person was very good at helping us. We got to our plane with 20 minutes to spare. The trip over to Beijing was nice. The real hell started after we landed. Once again we had aid from the gate through immigration through customs all the way to our pickup site. The intel we were given was the name and a phone number of the training complex. No information about what to look for like will there be a sign or a type of car.
We must have spent 1 to 2 hours looking for the address. We finally found it and our aid got us a taxi. The taxi driver did not want to take us because he would not make enough money. The location of this complex was about 15 minutes from the airport. Regardless of that fact we must have spent 35 minutes traveling around. He finally found it and the total price in dollars including tip was $10.00. Today I also found out that I am the only lifter from The United States Of America, I hope I do very well. September 6
Today was a day of hunting down locations. The data we were given for the lifting location was not clearly defined. We spent 90 percent of the day just finding the lifting spot. We found it but, we come to find out that they were going to use kilo plates. The plates that olympic lifters use to lift with. The equipment was horrible just plane horrible. Not fit for an international meet of this caliber. September 7
Today was my training day. It was a very good thing that we found the location of the meet so we could train. Normally a few days before a meet mother will have me train on just bench however, since we were using Olympic bars it would be a great idea to add in the squat and the deadlift. My training time was with the Russian team. When you are told that you are strong and your depth is great by the best coach in the sports history it has the same feeling as cloud nine. Mother thought she had to go to a technical meeting, that was not the case
happy happy joy joy. Those meetings are soooooooo dul! The rest of team Canada came and we chatted for a while but, we were all so tired we retired at 8:00 (yes I felt old shut up!)
September 8
Today was meetings meetings and yes more meetings. Okay only two but they felt like seven. I only went to one but it was hell! This meeting was to ratify the changes in the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Constitution. It was also to approove the changes for the inclusion of the new International Powerlifting Federation’s (IPF) weight classes for next year. It was hell because the language barrier between some of the nations made the meeting drag on and on and on and on. Mom had to go to a meeting that set the guidelines for the weight classes for this meet. She said it was hell because Ukraine kept changing the weight of there lifters. They are playing a chess game nothing more nothing less. Today I also found out that we will be lifting based on weight not age because not enough lifters made it to the meet. If I do well I might get a mettle but I am lifting against people who are 30-40-50. That new rule just plane sucks because I want a mettle! This style of lifting only helps the largest nations turkey, rusha, Ukraine nations that can get away with allot more than the usa can. September 9
Today was the start of the competition, it was the women and the light-weight men. The USA, Canada, nor Australia had a dog in the fight so to say. We watched until 11:30 then we had lunch. After that we returned and found out that the Junior class was ranked by weight and age. This was a good bit of news for me. September 10
Today was my day to lift. Today was the 75 and the 82.5 kg weight classes. The day started out early, 6:30 am was the start of gear check and weigh ins. Mom and I got there at 6:30 and took care of all that by 7:30. After that we had breakfast before the meet started at 9:00. Today for the meet I was not feeling quite myself, I had a chest cold. Even with that I still did a great job. I lifted squat 110 kg 242 lb, bench 82.5 kg 181 lb, deadlift 160 kg 352 lb. I got a total of 352 kg 707.4 lb. I got the gold mettle! It is a square mettle with the words “2013 International Blind Sports Powerlifting First Place.” I look sexxy with it around my neck. I am very happy. September 11
Today was the last day of the competition. It was the day for the giants! My friend Tim from Canada just took the benchpress by storm. He lifted a 212 kg (466.4 lb.) Peques from australia also got a record. Congrats guys. September 12
Today the event organizers let us to the wall. It was a steep climb. It was fun. After that we went to the silk market. The silk market is the place to find anything your heart wants. The ketch is you need to haggle for anything. It sucks. September 13
Today we went to the llama temple and the confucius temple. The confucius temple is confusing. I would not advise it. The llama temple is nice, lots of booda statues. We went back to the silk market. September 15
Most of the athletes have already left. Mom and I will stay another few days. September 16
Today I went to Tian’anmen square, The forbidden city, the hutongs and the Lama Temple. Tian’anmen square is the largest public square in the world. It is 176 acres. The word Tian’anmen in Chinese, stands for the gate, hence the reason why it is right in front of the forbidden city. Tian’anmen square was made in 1949 by chairman mao. Tian’anmen square is used for public parties. On October first is the national day (a week of national parties) After Tian’anmen square we walked through the gate to The forbidden city. The forbidden city was the home for 26 emperors. Why is it called The forbidden city? Because you nor I could not enter it because it was only for the royal family. Calling it a city is true it had many different houses for the emperors and there family. The city has a total of 9999 rooms, because heaven can have 10000. The buildings were red wood with paper windows and yellow roofs. Yellow in china stands for the empire. Only the emperor could use yellow you or I could not. The city stands at an area of 292 acres. Far larger than the square outside. The city was built in 1406. After that we had lunch. Holy crap! The chinese food in the states is not even close to the greatness of the Chinese food in China. We had a pork taco with greenbeens all made in the walk. It was very yummy. After a very good lunch we went to the wutongs (traditional china..) The wutongs were founded in 1296. This area shows us what we in the states would call
old school living. In the USA it looks like what life might have been like in the 1800s. In China, this kind of life is what all of china was like in 1960.
There are people that still live in these houses. They live there because it is tradition. After that we entered the Lama temple. The Lama Temple is the largest temple for the boodist religion, outside of Tibet. It is here to show respect for the religion because one of the princes lived there as a house. The Lama Temple has for rooms with many different boodest statues. Today was fun. September 17
Do to the weather we could not climb the great wall. So, we went to the Temple of Heaven, the purl market and the summer palace. The temple of heaven is a large park that was used for the emperor to talk to god. It is 1200 acres wide. The Chinese people come to the park to play shuttlecock and to dance and sing. It is perhaps the nicest smelling area in Beijing. It also is very green. The next area we went to was the Purl Market. The Purl Market is a for story building that cells purses, scarfs, shirts. The markets main attraction is the many purls that they cell. Mom got three jade and purl necklaces for about 90 us dollars. I think she got a great deal. The next place was the Summer Palace. The palace is the location where the emperors went during the very hot summer months. The palace is 1200 acres. It is much cooler than in the city. September 18
Today we went to the top of a dirty hill, to the bayhi park, and to the dirt market. I called it a dirty hill because it is just that: a hill made of dirt
the forbidden city has a mote all around it. The people had to put the dirt somewhere. Mom and I climbed this pile of dirt in order to see the forbidden city. It was very cool. After we were done climbing down the hill we headed across the street to bayhi park: Bayhi park has allot of nice trees. It was a great time, very clean. After that we went to the art district. The art district was quite dull for me it was that visual art. So not much to say on that. After lunch we went to the dirt market (a large area where one could buy anything for cheep.) I got a stone stamp for my coach Ron White, it has his name on it in chinese. September 19
Today we will leave the city and go to the wall, to the ming tumes and the sacred way. Going to the wall for the second time made the great wall even better. This section had not very many people on it. It was fun. When we were at the wall we were climbing mountens because that is what the wall covered. It took each worker a day to lay an inch. All the stones were caryed here before we had forklifts. After the wall we went to the Ming tumes. The Tumes are where 13 of the 16 Ming emperors were layed to rest. We got to go to the underground palace where the emperor was berried. It was a fake because during the cultural revolution (1965-1976) the real coffens were burned. They didn’t want to relive the emperors so they removed them from the history books. It is sad because we here in the west are not able to grasp why anyone would remove there history, regardless of how bad it was. I got to tuch the throne of the emperor. It was there for anyone to tuch. It was made of marble as was the hole tume. After that we went to the sacred way. When the emperor died they would carry the body from the forbidden city to the ming tumes a very long distance. All along the road there are animals that gard the emperor as he takes his jurny. September 20
Today is the travel day. We will not have two we will just have one. Since we are heading back to the usa we will replay friday again. Mom and I were on the plane from sole to Canada at 7:00 pm we were also in the car heading home at 7:00 pm. I am so glad I am home. Mom and I had a great time but we are ready to return to reality. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below and I will reply with the answers. You can always post to my twitterwww.twitter.com/tylershepard223 thanks for reading have a great day.


I got gold therefore The USA got gold @bjshea @999kisw rt

Since I was the only member of team USA I am very happy to report that I went 9-9 and on
lights 27-27 (first time I ever did that.) I got a personal record on the benchpress 181
lb and also got a gold mettle putting the usa on the mettle count with one. woot woot woot!
I came in sixth on the open category and sixth in the benchpress. Not bad considering when I
lifted at worlds in Turkey I came in 7 in the world. I am proud to be from Seattle and very proud to represent the United States of America!