@potus & @larrywilmore braught the jokes at the #WHCD

President Obama brought the house down with some of his jokes tonight at the last White House Correspondents’ Dinner of his presidency. He attacked everyone from Trump, to the GOP, to himself, cnn, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton.
The best momement of mr. President’s speach was his mic drop at the end. You could tell that he is ready to be done. With his speach coming to an end he ended with this line.
“With that, I have just two more words to say: Obama Out.” – – * drops mic like a boss *
Not to be out done host of the “nightly show” Larry Wilmore dropped the line of lines at the end of his speach. He dropped the n word at the end of his speach like a boss.
“When I was a kid, I lived in a country where people could not accept a black quarterback. Now think about that, a black man was thought by his mere color not good enough to lead a football team,” he said. “And now, to live in your time, Mr. President, when a black man can lead the entire free world.
Saying words could not do him justice, Wilmore simply concluded the last White House Correspondents’ Dinner of Obama’s presidency by saying, “Yo Barry, you did it my nigga!


comment: someone’s head should role for bombing a hospital

A hospital should be the last thing that should be attacked. In a time of war the hospital is the last refuge for those who are seaking help from that very war. According to the dictionary a Hospital is an institution providing medical and surgical treatment and nursing care for sick or injured people.
In 2015 the United States bombed a Hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, last October, killing 42 innocent people and wounding dozens. It really seems like the US Military are trying to cover this up. I agree with the New York Times Editorial Board:
“military officials have refused to identify the individuals responsible for the disaster and to explain what type of punishment each will face. The Pentagon also appears to have ruled out the possibility of holding them accountable in a court of law for one of the most egregious war zone blunders in recent history.. Those decisions are deeply troubling”.
First, how could this have happened? If you look at the report then you’ll find that we messed up and we had chance after chance to fix our mistake.
From the NYT: “According to the report, the gunship crew failed to locate the intended target and fired on the Doctors Without Borders hospital assuming that it was a building oc’cup’ied by Taliban fighters. Senior officers approved the strike despite having the coordinates of the hospital. Equipment and communication failures that night contributed to the catastrophe, and the airstrike did not stop immediately after Doctors Without Borders alerted the United States government of the error.” If you know that you are bombing a hospital then shouldn’t you stop?
Likewise if you are bombing a hospital and you know that you are breaking the law shouldn’t you go to jail?
Just because you are a member of the all powerful United States doesn’t mean that you are free from the laws of the International Courts.
So, why are they getting away with this? It is because they had a lack of intent. A lack of intent should only be used on small things. I did not entend to eat that last slice of pizza. I did not entend to lick peanut butter out of the jar. Those are small acts that don’t impact people’s lives. Bombing a hospital does impact many people’s lives.
‘The threshold that must be crossed for this deadly incident to amount to a grave breach of international humanitarian law is not whether it was intentional or not,’ Meinie Nicolai, the president of Doctors Without Borders, said in a statement. ‘With multinational coalitions fighting with different rules of engagement across a wide spectrum of wars today, whether in Afghanistan, Syria, or Yemen, armed groups cannot escape their responsibilities on the battlefield simply by ruling out the intent to attack a protected structure such as a hospital.
The united states payed a pissant amount of money to the families of those who were killed and to the families of those who were hurt!
“Earlier this year, the military offered $6,000 for each person killed and $3,000 to each of those injured. Those sums are an utterly inadequate recompense for the lives and livelihoods lost in one of the most monumental mistakes of the recent wars.” quotes via nytimes.com

Freewrite: pondering about why I am craving icecream

It is 8:49 pm on a Saturday as I write this post. Since it is 8:49 pm I shouldn’t be caring about icecream but I am! What the hell! It wasn’t that cold out today, nor was it all that hot neither. And yet I sit here at 8:50 pm pondering about icecream. Perhaps i’m board, or perhaps I don’t want to do the rest of my homework so I will be thinking about myself eating icecream. I am not sure if I will write about what I put on my ice cream unless you truely give a care. Meh I think I will.
no america this is not me being board!

how easy. 2 ingredients banana bread cookies

How easy are these!
They are so easy I should have looked for them yesterday when I was craving cookies.
Banana bread cookies sound complicated, but these have just two ingredients (yes, really) – bananas and rolled oats. The two are mashed together, shaped into balls and baked for 12 to 15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes that is it!
They also have one other cool thing: they are gluten-free and 40 calories each! How cool!

eagles can enjoy that cat live on camera

Where did mr. Fluffles go?
Oh I found him. He was snached by an eagle to give as dinner to her little chicks live on the eaglecam.
It should be noted that: It’s unclear if the cat was feral, a stray or someone’s pet.
This is disterbing to some viewers but it is natural for birds of pray to do this.
The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania confirmed on Facebook Wednesday that the animal in the footage was indeed a cat.
“After reviewing the footage, we believe that the cat was dead when brought to the nest,” the group wrote. “While many may cringe at this, the eagles bring squirrels, rabbits, fish (and other animals) into the nest to eat multiple times each day.
The Audubon Society noted that they recommend keeping cats indoors, not only for the cats’ own safety, but because cats can be a threat to small birds.
“The live stream provides an opportunity to view wildlife in its natural setting,” spokesman forThe Pennsylvania Game Commission Travis Lau said in a statement on April 1. “Sometimes, that may include scenes that are difficult to watch.

Yes police we do have a $2 bill – 8th grader gets busted because it might be a fake

An eighth grader who used a $2 bill to buy her lunch instead found herself in a police station.
Danesiah Neal only wanted to buy some chicken nuggets at Christa McAuliffe Middle School in Houston, but the school confiscated the $2 bill, told her it was fake and turned her into the authorities, according to ABC.
The police investigated and had to go to a bank which told them yes this was real.
No charges were filed against the middle schooler but her grandmother is outraged and says she had to go hungry that day because the school took her money. The police finally gave Joseph her bill back.
‘He brought me my $2 bill back,’ Joseph told ABC. ‘He didn’t apologize. He should have, and the school should have because they pulled Danesiah out of lunch, and she didn’t eat lunch that day because they took her money.

‘It was very outrageous for them to do it,’ Joseph said.

‘There was no need for police involvement. They’re charging kids like they’re adults now,’ she added. This stat from ABC will raise your eyebrows.
between the 2013-2014 school year there were 40 Houston students investigated for using allegedly counterfeit money at lunch and that those investigated are disproportionately black and Hispanic.
Many of those students qualify for free school lunch and some of them could spend two to ten years behind bars.

a black cat runs on the ice

The San Jose Sharks either did or did not have some bad luck on Friday.
If it isn’t, the Sharks won’t be making it to the next round of the National Hockey League Stanley Cup Playoffs.
On Friday, April 29, 2016, as the Sharks readied to host the Nashville Predators in Game 1 of the Western Conference second round, a black cat scurried onto the ice and wandered directly in front of the San Jose bench.
“The small cat emerged from a door near the red line, and scampered down the ice by the home team’s bench and out another door near the goal line,” NHL.COM reports. According to espn.com, the sharks won 5, Nashville 2
(Sharks lead series 1-0)