@selenagomez has class this is y I love her

I’m watching the elin show and Selena Gomez has far more class then other celebs her age. Her mother rased her right, she has respect for the interviewer and has not ticked anyone off.
Her transformation from Disney Darling to ronchy college girl has been smooth. No one got mad and said that she should not take on that kind of role. Selena you will be here for years to come and I will be a fan of yours. I am running out of sweet things to say that do not repeat, I will just end with this: if you have not seen Selena being interviewed you must youtube it it is must see video. ps some one share this with your followers and if this lands on her twitter account that would be awesome!

my squat day for april 14 2013

Today was squat day and it was a good day. I did 180 lb for three using a hatfield bar. This bar is 60 lb instead of the traditional 45, it has a pad where my head should go. It is a great device but it is mean! I did 180 lb going olympic deep (my hip joint is below my knee about three inches.) After that I did legpress, with 305 lb breaking my own pr and breaking my mother’s pr as well.
Then I did leg ext for not sure how much. after that I did leg curl. i am getting tired just thinking about it.