The internet reacts to John Kelly’s statement about the Civel War and a lack of compromise

John Kelly angered the internet on Monday after saying that the civel war wouldn’t have happened if the North and South compromised.
If John F. Kelly’s goal was trying to do damage control after the indictments of three of President Trump’s associates earlier in the day, it failed epicly. Now, mr. Kelly is getting shretted online after saying that Robert E. Lee was “an honorable man who gave up his country to fight for his state,” said that “men and women of good faith on both sides made their stand where their conscience had them make their stand,” and argued that “the lack of ability to compromise caused the Civil War. below is how the internet reacted:

Black People: hey hi we are not your property Southerners: yes the fuck you are John Kelly: damn shame they couldn’t meet in the middle

– Eric Haywood (@EricHaywood) October 31, 2017 Dear John Kelly: The United States of America exists because President Lincoln did not compromise.

– Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) October 31, 2017 It’s irresponsible & dangerous, especially when white supremacists feel emboldened, to make fighting to maintain slavery sound courageous.

– Be A King (@BerniceKing) October 31, 2017 John Kelly to trump: “I see your Nazi sympathizing and raise you one longing for the days of slavery. #RacistPoker

– TrumpSwamp (@SwampyTrump) October 31, 2017 The Civil War was fought over slavery The Civil War was fought over slavery The Civil War was fought over slavery. This will be on the test.

– Paul Begala (@PaulBegala) October 31, 2017 According to #Kelly , had Lincoln said, “Ok. You can have slaves on Tuesdays and Saturday. There wouldn’t have been a Civil War. #absurd

– David Liberman (@ElDavisimo) October 31, 2017 You’ll never be able to spin the Civil War into a both sides were good argument.

– (((Jammy))) (@Carlisias) October 31, 2017 ? Please stop referring to John Kelly as one of the “adults.

– Ankit Panda (@nktpnd) October 31, 2017 There was compromise before the Civil War. It was called – get this – The Missouri Compromise. Didn’t work out so well.

– Nick Swan (@guitarswan) October 31, 2017 Thread: Apart from being racist, Kelly’s claim the Civil War happened because of “lack of compromise” erases the MANY compromises pre-War.

– Alexander McBooOOo? (@AlexanderMcCoy4) October 31, 2017 John Kelly wanting to compromise with slave-owners actually tells you all you need to know about John Kelly’s moral framework.

– Colin Diersing (@cdiersing) October 31, 2017 “Our new govt is founded upon … the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man” -Alexander Stephens, VP of the Confederacy

– Matt O’Brien (@ObsoleteDogma) October 31, 2017 Great to see General Kelly has turned into Colonel Klink

– scott linnen (@ScottLinnen) October 31, 2017 With the express intent of preserving slavery.

– Jim Sciutto (@jimsciutto) October 31, 2017 Dear god, a US general is unsure whose side he’s on in the Civil War. How does Gen Kelly feel about WWII?

– John SCAREavosis (@aravosis) October 31, 2017 If really wondering what Civil War was about, read the actual declarations of secession. They made it clear.

– stuart stevens (@stuartpstevens) October 31, 2017 “The lack of the ability to compromise caused the Civil War” should be followed immediately by a reading of this:

– Derek Willis (@derekwillis) October 31, 2017 If you were wondering (which you shouldn’t be) yes, Slavery started the civil war.

– Kevin and Benedict (@kevandbenedict) October 31, 2017 If there was ever any doubt, we now know John Kelly is fully on board with the white supremacist Trump agenda.

– Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) October 31, 2017 The only way you can argue the Civil War should have been averted through compromise is if you believe black lives literally didn’t matter.

– Angus Johnston (@studentactivism) October 31, 2017 We call for the resignation of John Kelly. We won’t tolerate the defense of slaveowners.

– Omar Vaid (@omarvaid) October 31, 2017 John Kelly: Formerly: General Currently: Whore

– Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) October 31, 2017 Anybody that says John Kelly is the moral consciousness of the White House is gravely mistaken. John Kelly is the swamp. Fin.

– Shree ?????? (@shreec) October 31, 2017
Wow. Gen. John Kelly just said “the lack of ability to compromise led to the Civil War. Compromise on what, exactly? Christina Wilkie (@christinawilkie) Oct. 31, 2017
Nope. No. We’re not doing this. Slavery. Slavery was what they wouldn’t compromise over. SLAVERY. Jason Kander (@JasonKander) Oct. 31, 2017 John Kelly: “The dinosaurs should’ve compromised with the comet. Victor LaValle (@victorlavalle) Oct. 31, 2017
John F. Kelly should open his textbooks or read the “failing New York Times” they show where the nation compromised before the war:
“The Missouri Compromise, in 1820, admitted Missouri to the union as a slave state; in exchange, it admitted Maine as a free state and barred slavery in most parts of the Louisiana Purchase territory north of a specified latitude. The Compromise of 1850 eliminated the slave trade from Washington, D.C., but also required citizens of free states to aid in the capture of fugitive slaves. The Kansas-Nebraska Act, which replaced the Missouri Compromise in 1854, let citizens of Kansas and Nebraska decide whether to allow slavery.

And, of course, there was the compromise that aided the very passage of the Constitution: the Three-Fifths Compromise, which counted slaves as three-fifths of a person for the purposes of congressional districting.


quote for today – October 31, 2017

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Thought for Today: “There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them. Andre Gide, French author and critic (1869-1951).

hollywood birthdays – October 31, 2017

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no I don’t want pepper spray on my Chuck E. Cheese pizza

24-year-old Katarian Marshall in Louisiana got into an argument with some others and chose to wip out her pepper spray. And then use it. Times-Picayune reports a deputy working a security detail was at the front of the Metairie Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant on Sunday when someone notified him about an argument that was getting out of hand. The deputy spotted ms. Marshall “indiscriminately spraying pepper spray.
Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Jason Rivarde says paramedics treated five adults and two children for exposure at the scene, reports the ap.
Police arrested Ms. Marshall and charged her with disturbing the peace by fighting. It’s unclear if she has a lawyer.

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