NSFW: Singer calls out sexual assault during festival

warning corse and extreme language.

If you attempt sexual assault when Sam Carter, lead singer of British band Architects, sees you he’ll do what is right and shame you and then post the shaming on the internet.
The frontman and his band were performing at the Lowlands Festival in Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands on Friday night when he spotted a male fan grope a female fan while she was crowd-surfing during a song. I am glad he chose to speak out to not do so gives those who do it power.
“I saw a girl, a woman, crowdsurfing over here and I’m not gonna fucking point the piece of shit out that did it, but I saw you fucking grab at her boob,” the singer said.

“I saw it. It is fucking disgusting and there is no fucking place for that shit.

He told the crowd: “It is not your fucking body. It is not your fucking body and you do not fucking grab at someone. Not at my fucking show. The crowd cheered for his passionate defense of the unidentified woman.

Despacito es el número un la canción con el streaming

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Great news friends. The song “Despacito” received a wonderful title.
The undeniably catchy Spanish-language hit by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee is officially the most-streamed song of all-time when you include the times that its English-Spanish remix featuring Justin Bieber has been streamed, Universal Music Latin Entertainment announced, per the New York Daily News . If you ask me this shows the power of the spanish language.
“Despacito” did the reverse of what the word means.
“Perhaps most impressively, it only took six months for “Despacito” – which simply translates to “slowly” – to set the record. The original version was released on Jan. 13, while the remix with Bieber came out on April 17″ (new york daily news, 2017.)
per the ny post: “Despacito” was streamed 4.6 billion times as of Tuesday, Vivendi-owned Universal Music declared, noting it cobbled together stats from Spotify, Apple, Amazon and others.
The song features Justin Bieber, whose own song, “Sorry,” held the overall streaming record until “Despacito” knocked it into second place, with 4.38 billion streams.

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not true: Rapper Lil Wayne claims he has a month left

Some websites are declaring that Rapper Lil Wayne has a month to live. According to the ap:”
THE FACTS: The story from huntingforusa.com claims Lil’ Wayne held a news conference in Atlanta to announce that he has stage 4 skin cancer brought on by his numerous tattoos. Wayne never held such a news conference and it appears the hoax has been circulating online for more than a year. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation , doctors have never found an increased prevalence of skin cancer in people with tattoos.

Happy birthday to queen @arianagrande

Hey guys 24 years ago a wonderful spirit was brought into this world. I am speaking of Ariana Grande.
I loved her on Victorious, Sam and Cat, scream queens, and anything else she did. Ms. Grande is a true spirit of light.
She returned to Manchester after a horific attack that shocked the world. Yes some may declare any celeb would do that but their is something about her and how she and her fans handled this dark time that stands out for me. For the life of me I cannot think of why this is. Perhaps because she is a wonderful spirit anyway?
I hope you have a wonderful birthday Ms. Grande. We all love you.

Beyonce gives birth to twins – reports news sites

Some great news for all Beyonce fans. TheU.S. singer gave birth to twins on Thursday. Reuters may have covered it today but other sites covered it on Thursday.
“E! News, citing multiple unidentified sources, reported the birth and that Jay Z and Blue Ivy were seen at a Los Angeles area hospital on Thursday.

Us Weekly, also citing multiple unidentified sources, reported that the couple welcomed twins earlier this week.

“Bey and Jay are thrilled and have started sharing the news with their family and closest friends,” one unidentified source told PEOPLE” (reuters, 2017.)
We don’t know the sex of the twins. Nor do we know when they were born. What we do know is that we are happy.
Per Reuters: “The “Lemonade” singer, one of the most powerful women in the music business, announced the pregnancy on her Instagram account in February along with an image of her posed in lingerie and caressing a noticeable baby bump.

The announcement got more than 8 million “likes” in the first 24 hours to become the “most-liked” Instagram ever.

The R&B singer performed live at the Grammy awards in Los Angeles two weeks later, proudly displaying her swelling belly in a motherhood-themed show. She has since posted numerous pictures of her bare baby bump on her social media accounts.”

(mashable) – Prophets of Rage pay tribute to Chris Cornell, with help from Serj Tankian – June 4, 2017

Prophets of Rage show respect and honor Chris Cornell with a little help from Serj Tankian.
On Saturday, June 3, 2017, Prophets of Rage show respect to Chris Cornell, by playing “Like A Stone” in Germany. The video is from the Rock Im Park festival in Nuremberg, Germany.
The supergroup matched the Soundgarden lead singer up with three former members of Rage Against the Machine: Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, and Brad Wilk.
That same trio continues to play together in Prophets, a supergroup they formed with DJ Lord and Chuck D (of Public Enemy) and B-Real (of Cypress Hill) in 2016. Both MCs ceded the stage to Tankian during a performance. You can watch it below. mashable.com/2017/06/04/prophets-of-rage-like-a-stone-serj-tankia n-chris-cornell/