@realDonaldTrump tweeted about @SnoopDogg in 2017 while he was president

Does anyone love Twitter? If you say hey what’s the point Twitter is stupid, I would disagree. Twitter is perfect for someone to see into the mind of someone else in real time.
That is how our president uses Twitter. How else would you explain this story. Earlier today he had this to say about snoop dogg. Yes that Snoop Dogg;The rapper.

Where did this come from mr. President? Apparently Mr. Trump is unhappy that Snoop Dogg shared a music video of him shooting at an image of President Trump.
He apparently pondered about this for a while because this tweet came down two hours later.
Some users were not having it.

GNR booed after wrong city announced – the announcer should know where they are

Fans were not happy with the person who called out the city. Fans at a Guns N’ Roses concert in Australia showered the rockers with boos after their guitar technician shouted out the wrong city. Melbourne fans became upset and erupted with jeers inside the Melbourne Cricket Ground after welcoming Sydney in the intro. Oops!
The concert was part of the band’s ongoing Not In This Lifetime Tour. Guns N’ Roses last made headlines in December after they invited fans onstage to attack a Donald Trump pinata in Mexico.

a year after his death, Prince has 2 new albums coming

Warner Bros. has dug into the valt of Prince looking for more music. They apparently found some because they set a date.Per Reuters: “On June 9, it will release a remastered copy of “Purple Rain,” two albums of previously unreleased Prince music, and two complete concert films from the vault of the singer’s Paisley Park recording complex” (2017.) If you want to stream the music of Prince you now can.
Warner Records said in a statement that Prince’s music, including his signature album “Purple Rain,” was being released to coincide with Sunday’s Grammy Awards, where Prince is to be remembered in a special tribute. Per Reuters: Sunday’s announcement covers streaming for his music through 1996.

“When we make any of Prince’s music available to fans — from the hits to unreleased gems — we are committed to upholding Prince’s high creative standards,” Cameron Strang, chief executive of Warner Bros. Records, said in Sunday’s statement.

The streaming deal was reached with the agreement of Prince’s estate and covers platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.

Toast of the day. Jimi Hendrix gets a plant

Jimi Hendrix has a plant named after him.
The plant, found in Baja California, Mexico, has been christened Dudleya hendrixii , or “Hendrix’s liveforever. Liveforevers are a kind of succulent with enormous lifespans.
This one is a stalky plant less than a foot tall with pinkish-white flowers that dies in summer and re-sprouts in fall, according to the ap.
The name came up in a cool way. San Diego State University says a former graduate student, Mark Dodero, discovered the plant supposedly while listening to Hendrix’s song “Voodoo Child.
The university says Dodero and Stephen McCabe of the University of California, Santa Cruz, decided to name it for the late rock guitarist.

Guns N Roses lets fans smash a Pinata that looks like Trump

personas no les gusta Donald Trump
GNR fans were not happy with Donald Trump. I’ll give you three guesses where this was. To add more fun I will reveal it in Spanish. si usted dice los estados unidos que están equivocados.
El concierto no estaba en los estados unidos. el concierto fue en Ciudad de México. La gente en México no les gusta Trump Presidente porque los ha insultado.
“Let’s bring up some people and give them a Fucking stick,” lead singer Axl Rose said. “Express yourselves however you feel.

The fans did just that, unleashing fury on a stuffed likeness of the president-elect. They started by taking out his right leg and then moved on to ripping up the rest of his torso

New Jersey bikers help out Thee boss

If you are biking along a roadway and you see someone who needs help I would hope you would help. A group of men helped out a man who was having some bike issues. That man was the boss Bruce Springsteen.
“A group from the Freehold American Legion was riding after a Veterans Day event Friday when Dan Barkalow says he saw a stranded motorcyclist up ahead near Allaire State Park in Wall Township.

`Bikers gotta stick together,` Barkalow said. `I stopped to see if he needed help, and it was Bruce.

Barkalow says they tried to help get his bike running, but when they couldn’t, Springsteen – wearing a brown riding jacket and a red handkerchief – hopped on the back of Ryan Bailey’s bike and they headed to a local bar” (ap, 2016.) Barkalow says that he was nice and down to earth.
“We sat there and shot the breeze for a half hour, 45 minutes till his ride showed up,” Barkalow said. “Nice guy, real down to earth. Just talked about motorcycles and his old Freehold days.