Shooter kills three in Colorado Springs, gets killed by police

A man who killed three people in Colorado Springs on Saturday in a series of shootings was killed by police.
Colorado Springs police responding to an emergency call tracked down the suspect and returned fire after being shot at, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement via Reuters.
The shootings and the suspect’s shootout with police in front of a Wendy’s restaurant unfolded about a mile from the U.S. Olympic Training Center in the central Colorado town.
Police didn’t release any details on the shooter or the ages or genders of the three victims.


Disability Awareness Month, a look at books

o Too late to die young: nearly true tales from a life by Harriet Johnson

o The church of 80% sincerity, by David Roche

o Thinking in pictures, expanded edition: My life with Autism by Temple Grandin

o One more theory about happiness: a memoir by Paul Guest

o Look me in the eye: my lie with Asperger’s by John Robison

o Blind: a memoire by Belo Cipriani

o Center cannot hold: my journey through madness by Elyn Saks

o Keeping my balance: a memoire of disability and determination by Stephanie Torreno

o Letters to Sam: a grandfather’s lesson on love, loss, and the gifts of life by Daniel Gottlieb

o No excuses: growing up deaf and achieving my super bowl drams by Derrick Coleman Jr

o Moving violations: war zones, wheelchairs, and declarations of independence by John Hockenberry o Touch the Top of the World by Erik Weihenmayer

hollywood birthdays for October 31, 2015

Today’s Birthdays: Actress Lee Grant is 90. Former astronaut Michael Collins is 85. Former CBS anchorman Dan Rather is 84. Folk singer Tom Paxton is 78. Actor Ron Rifkin is 77. Actress Sally Kirkland is 74. Actor David Ogden Stiers is 73. Actor Brian Doyle-Murray is 70. Actor Stephen Rea is 69. Olympic gold medal long-distance runner Frank Shorter is 68. Actress Deidre Hall is 68. Talk show host Jane Pauley is 65. Actor Brian Stokes Mitchell is 58. Movie director Peter Jackson is 54. Rock musician Larry Mullen is 54. Actor Dermot Mulroney is 52. Rock musician Mikkey Dee (Motorhead) is 52. Rock singer-musician Johnny Marr is 52. Actor Rob Schneider is 51. Country singer Darryl Worley is 51. Actor-comedian Mike O’Malley is 50. Rap musician Adrock is 49. Songwriter Adam Schlesinger (SHLES’-in-jer) is 48. Rap performer Vanilla Ice (aka Rob Van Winkle) is 47. Rock singer Linn Berggren (Ace of Base) is 45. Reality TV host Troy Hartman is 44. Gospel singer Smokie Norful is 42. Actress Piper Perabo (PEER’-uh-boh) is 39. Actor Brian Hallisay is 37. Actress Samaire (SAH’-mee-rah) Armstrong is 35. Folk-rock musician Tay Strathairn (Dawes) is 35. Actor Eddie Kaye Thomas is 35. Rock musician Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance) is 34. Actor Scott Clifton is 31. Actress Vanessa Marano is 23. Actress Holly Taylor (TV: “The Americans”) is 18. Actress-singer Willow Smith is 15.

study the history of native schools, several articles

Today may be halloween but I don’t have a costume. My costume is nothing but me studdying for a Critical Race Theory Tribal Critical Race Theory test on Monday. As well as keep writing a literary review of two poems. Oh and it is also raining outside which makes me not want to go out anyway. So, talk to you later. ___ Reach me on twitter

before bed on Saturday reset alarm clock

While you are recovering from tricker treating and your kids are recovering from eating 2000000 lb of candy in one sitting, it is very important to reset your alarm clock before you go to bed.
It’s time to fall back. Most people in the United States can enjoy an extra hour of sleep this weekend, thanks to the annual shift back to standard time. The change officially occurs at 2 a.m. local time Sunday.
Public safety officials say this is also a good time to put a new battery in the smoke alarm, no matter where you live. Daylight saving time returns at 2 a.m. local time March 13. Fyi: Residents of Hawaii, most of Arizona and some U.S. territories don’t have to change; daylight saving time is not observed in those places. information via the Associated Press.

hmmm the daily beast tought me how to spell JAGER BOMBS

This might be one of my most mentally stupid posts of forever. Granted I am sitting in my room, in the dark, listening to the rain beat the living crap out of my roof and perhaps beat the living crap out of my grass at 12:18 am. (hope the cat who pisses on my deck gets soaked) more on that in perhaps another post.
This post might not be my best because it is going from my brain to my fingers to you. Anyway, I was reading the headline: JAGER BOMBS How Machismo Is Keeping Bros Up at Night . on the daily beast. The thing that shocked me was that jager has a j in it. For some reason I thought it had a y in it. It cannot be spanish for in the spanish language j sounds like h. You would read it as hager rather than yager.
All I know is according to the Urban Dictionary a Jager Bomb is Jager in a shot glass dropped into half a can of Red Bull.
So, what in the hell is Jager? Again we go to the Urban Dictionary and find this: A delectable drink which will get you smashed off you’r ass.
HMMM that doesn’t help, unless you figure that you could get a hangover (a severe headache or other after effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol.) while being wired as well. So, what have I learned? 3 things
1. Jager has a j.
2. The Urban Dictionary should never be used for anything in academic papers.
3. Jager Bombs sound like a bad idea every hour of every day of every month of every year. Finally, the cat who pisses on my deck is a jerk and yes the rain is still beating my roof at 12:31 am.
Holy shit! I need sleep! How do people keep working at this hour! Good night people!
No I am not drunk.