Plans for today – April 26, 2017

Hi! It is Wednesday April 26, 2017 and below are my personal plans. 1. Go to writing class. Today we will discuss a short story we read.
2. Call Pearson Vue for the 14th time and see if I can get paperwork filled out. It has gotten to the point where I can call them without needing to look up the number. 3. in Education today I will be presenting a discussion about disability.

changing a title of a dayly post

Dear Readers:
I write this letter to you my wonderful readers.
Today I will change the title “thought for today” to “quote for today.” Why is this?
This is because I think I misspell the word thought in the title. Quote is easier. No question. Hope you are well,
Tyler Shepard. If you want to follow me on Twitter and enjoy the conversation: just click this link.

great news

Today I have some great news! The word came down a few hours ago but it took me until now to officially compose a blog post. Honestly, the word came down while I was doing homework. That word is that I made it into grad school.

This is the official letter minus the links.
Dear Tyler Shepard:

Congratulations on your offer for admission to the University of Washington Graduate School for Summer 2017.

The faculty, staff and students join me in welcoming you to the University of Washington Tacoma School of Education.

You will receive a formal offer letter, with further instructions, in the mail in approximately one month.

In the meantime, if you have questions or require further assistance, please contact our School of Education advisor, Megan Bentley-Moon, We are delighted that you are planning your graduate studies at UW Tacoma.