how I watch #sb52 – youtube

A look at how I watch #sb52 and all other sports.


tonight on tv

8 pm is The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Amy try to use math to eliminate wedding planning stress; Koothrappali “breaks up” with Wolowitz after realizing he is hurting his confidence. duration 31 minutes.
8:31 pm is Young Sheldon, Meemaw causes a feud when she refuses to give George Sr. her brisket recipe; the kids try to resolve the feud. duration 30 minutes.
9 pm is NCIS, Gibbs and his team are called to investigate when a fellow NCIS agent is found murdered. Guest star: Tim Kelleher. duration One hour.
10 pm is S.W.A.T., Hond

just posted a new youtube video – question about an app

You can read the transcript below.
Hello Youtube. My name is Tyler and I have a question for you. Does anyone know if their is an app for the mac that tells you what your camra is looking at while recording video with audio output through voiceover? Eg, eyeball, full human face, nose. If you know of such a thing please let me know in the comments below.

starting today off – November 13, 2017

It is 7:46 am when I write this. Time to declare myself up.
Today is Monday, Nov. 13, the 317th day of 2017. There are 48 days left in the year.
Thank you sky, thank you air, thank you water, thank you friends! Good morning all. Today will be a wonderful day. I hope you have a wonderful day. Keep smiling and sending goodness into the world with every action in your day. What do you think? If you want to follow me on Twitter and get my blog posts in your timeline: just click this link.