k^2= baby bump

E news reports that Kim Kardashion reveels her baby bump. She is not smiling but she is showing her bump. Take a look at the pics below. http://eonli.ne/VykaC7


Bella Thorne shares new music with her fans @bellathorne @dis411

Let me start out by making it clear, Bella Thorne is sharing new music to her age group anyone born in the 90s already know’s of Destiny’s Child. However, I was looking threw her playlist, it had all the hits. But it had a song called “Booty Licious.” This song has the hook of an even older song, buy Stevie Nicks. The song is called “Edge Of 17.” It hit the main streem rock charts at no 4 in it’s releace year of 1981, and hit the hot100 at no 11. I would check this song out.

After you do that go and check out bella’s playlist she got all the hits.
http://bellathorneofficial.com/blog/post/bring-it-back-destiny-s-child thanks and have a good day.

rip patty andrews @ap @rollingstone

If you don’t know who Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters is, you might know some of the people she influenced over her 50+ musical life. Bet midler, The pointer Sisters, just to name a few. Patty was the last living member of the group. According to the Associated Press she passed away yesterday. My deepest condolences to her family. Read this story from rolling stone all about her life.

the monster has been tamed

I received an email from my adviser at the department of Services for the blind. THE email linked to an article that said Monster.com and all of it’s other products are now fully accessible for the blind.
This is truly a good step forward Monster is one of the largest job search sites on the web today. The fact that the hole thing is fully accessible makes looking for a job so much easier.