I will start something new tomorrow

Starting tomorrow I will start posting the history of what happened that day via the ap.


deadlift I have been banned

Today we did red bands with the bar. I was not feeling up for the lift today but once I did my lifting I felt great. Today I pulled a pr of 206 lb with 100 lb of band at the top, that made it 306. I tried for 325 but I could not get it. After that we moved over to rows and I did 34, 38, 40, 43 lb. I lift again on Sunday.
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bella thorne gets a new movie role @bellathorne

News just came down to my computer about an hour ago from dis411.net who herd it from thr.com that disney star Bella Thorne will be apart of the new movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
I ran it threw the Internet Movie DataBase http://www.imdb.com and this is what I found.
plot: Alexander wakes up with gum in his hair, and things just get worse as his day progresses.
the Director:Miguel Arteta
the writers: Lisa Cholodenko, and Rob Lieber.
cast Stars:Steve Carell, Jennifer Garner, Sidney Fullmer and now bella thorne. cannot wate until it drops sometime in 2014

great news ‘Sharknado’ fans you get swag!

[tags sharknado, swag, syfy, t-sherts, bags, The syfy hit ‘Sharknado’ will start releacing some new swag. Some of this swag will be An assortment of fashion tees, bags, posters, accessories, costumes and games will “extend the ‘Sharknado’ pop culture and social media phenomenon,”. Retailer Earthbound LLC will be a partner in the program. The first wave will be hitting stores in the next few weeks. Yes sharks are cool again

jordge zimmerman stopped by cops

[categoy weird news]

It only took about 5 minits yet the world is interested. Jordge Zimmerman yes that Jordge Zimmerman has left Florida and has entered texis with a gun. (since he was found not guilty he is free to cary around a gun.) Zimmerman was pulled over for speading. At least Zimmerman told the cop that he had a gun in his glove box. Zimmerman even asked the cop if he even knew who he was the cop said he didn’t lol. Both people were acting nice. Zimmerman even got a thanks and have a nice day from the cop. The dashbord video was gotten by the fokes at tmz.com

Jodie Sweetin to the roomermill: I am not in rehab I just work at one drop it! @jodietweetin

The former Fullhouse star is declairing to tmz and to the world that she is not in rehab. Jodie tells the website that she is a clinical logistics coordinator and she is just staying on the property while she deals with her divorce from husband #3 Morty Coyle.
Leave Jodie alone hope this clears up any roomers. “How Rood!” Stephanie Tanner