can we vote on candy corn?

this guy drank chilly oil so he could get more people

A man in China drank Chilly Oil then live streamed it because he was not receiving many people.
The man – who was not named – first drank a table spoon full of chilly oil. Then he posted a video of him doing it on to his social media accounts. The post was deleeted after 10 minutes. Undeterred, the man drank a cup of chilly oil.
“The 20-year-old from Neijiang, south west China’s Sichuan province was trying to bring attention to his roasted rabbit stand in the hope more people would visit it, reports the People’s Daily Online .

According to doctors, if the man had delayed getting medical attention any longer then he may have suffocated” (daily mail, 2016.)
After Drinking the oil: He was diagnosed with severe tonsillitis and an abscess in the throat because his tonsals became inflamed and thus not being able to eat. He remained in hospital for 21 days.

today was a great day

Today was a great first day of school. To start with my rock-n-roll class will be fun. This is what the classes description says (per the syllabus)”In-depth look at the musical, social, and political history of rock and roll from the pre-rock era of the 1940s through the fragmented rock styles of the 1990s and beyond. Recorded examples and video clips underscore the tremendous changes in American popular music and culture brought by rock and roll” (syllabus, 2016.) ___
While the first class discusses rock music, my next class explores the concept and the question of utopianism in literature.
Per the Syllabus: “Although dominant ideology in the U.S. preaches thoroughgoing skepticism toward utopian thinking and utopian experiments, American culture nonetheless persists in imagining worlds more just and equitable than our own. From founding conceptions of “a more perfect union” to Martin Luther King’s famous dream of racial equality in the U.S., from Thoreau’s Walden to the parks, plazas, and ports occupied by anticapitalist protesters beginning in late 2011, American literature and culture repeatedly practice what Lyman Tower Sargent calls the “social dreaming” of utopianism. Serving in part as an introduction to the field of utopian studies, Utopianism in American Literature reads selected key texts in U.S. literature from the revolutionary period to the late twentieth century with the aims of historicizing American utopianisms, articulating the role of utopian thinking in American history and culture, examining the relation between utopia and social movements, situating U.S. utopianism in a global context, and evaluating both the limitations and the efficacy of historical and contemporary utopianisms” (2016.) ___
My third class will explore how to teach. We will be heading to schools in the districts around the university of Washington. I will give you updates throughout the quarter.