RIP Leonard Nimoy a poem

Hollywood lost a master of his craft who could always make us laugh. I am sorry to say but Leonard Nimoy has passed away. From star treck to big bang to future romma his life was filled with the good kind of drama. He was 83 and just may be he is chillin with all the treckys in heaven.

RIP Leonard Nimoy Live long and prosper

Sadly today February 27, 2015 Mr. Spock has died. He was 83.
Nimoy died at home of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, his wife tells the New York Times.
He is perhaps best known for being mr. Spock as well as the Vulcan salute and “Live long and prosper” catchphrase.
Besides mr. Spock: he directed movies and TV shows, published books of photography, made records, gave spoken-word performances, and wrote poetry.
In his 40s, Nimoy returned to college after spending some time in the army, and received a mba in Spanish as well as an honoree doctorate.
He is survived by his second wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, as well as two children, a stepson, six grandchildren, and a great-grandchild, as well as the Vulcan salute – which is of his own creation – and that will be forever his legacy. This is how the AP started their article:
“Leonard Nimoy , the actor known and loved by generations of “Star Trek” fans as the pointy-eared, purely logical science officer Mr. Spock, has died.” His last tweet is also potent for this subject matter:
on feb, 22, he wrote: “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP.

when the mother is away: the child will shutter
When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

I am lost.
The fingers of bordum impair my life.
Your mother is in Hawaii and you are not.
For 10 days noone to talk to at home. You have the computer but that leads to more duldrum. Oh when will mother return?
She returns and the fog lifts.
I hope that little poem I wrote adiquitly expresses my thoughts on the last time I was alone.

white for green? turning your snow in to cash

Tired of all of the Snow covering the northeast?
Kyle Waring, is and he is making a nice profit out of the stuff in his yard. For $89.00 one can order six lbs of the stuff from his website and he will ship it to you.
If you live in warmer areas and you want to see snow he will ship 6 lbs to you which can make about 10-15 snowballs.
If that isn’t enough snow for you he has also started offering 10 lb packages for $119.00. He says he’ll keep selling until people stop ordering.


@starbucks can we put the @arianagrande on the menu?

A writer for buzzfeed wanted to order an Ariana Grande at Starbucks, because why not? Well, Starbucks came through. After placing her order –
according to the article – the coffee composer composed this awesome idea out of her head. This is how they did it per the article:
The Ariana Grande
Start with the base of a grande-sized “Cotton Candy Frappuccino” (which is a vanilla bean and raspberry Frappuccino from Starbucks’ secret menu). Add extra mocha syrup.
Add extra mocha chips.
Top with extra whipped cream.
Finish with a generous caramel drizzle.
I would order one, it should be on the menu.
The article has pictures along with the tasteful review.

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