history fact for July 4, 2015

Today is Saturday, July 4, the 185th day of 2015. There are 180 days left in the year. This is Independence Day.

Today’s Highlight in History:

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted by delegates to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

Burger King is going to pay for the wedding of Burger-King (@burgerking)

Mr. Burger and Ms. King are going to get married.
The couple announced their engagement this spring with a photo next to the sign at a local Burger King restaurant.
It should be noted that The State Journal-Register reports that they have been known as Burger-King since they were in the fifth grade together, in New Berlin near Springfield Illinois.
“A Burger King spokesman says the company felt an overwhelming urge to help the happy couple celebrate their upcoming marriage,” the AP reports.
The Burger-King nuptials will be held July 17 in nearby Jacksonville. (hope they get real onion rings oh I mean rings.

a letter to those who want to shoot off fireworks

Dear firework shooters,
Can you not invade my enjoyment of tv because you feel that you are special enough to shoot off fireworks when it is so dry here in the state? You are not special you are a moron. You have high odds to cause a fire because it is so dry. You also have high odds to shoot off your fingers. So, heed my advice: Save the fireworks for those who have the knowledge to handle them.

popless bubble rap is a thing

Today I found out that the creators of bubblerap is making a popless version. Thanks for screwing up my fun Sealed Air Corp. Oh wait you will still let me have my rap and pop it too? Then what makes this stuff any different? Apparently, the packaging material called IBubble takes up about one-fiftieth of the space of traditional bubble wrap, making it cheaper to ship and easier to store. How does it work?
Customers use a pump – which at first will cost about $5,500 – to inflate iBubble before using it for shipping. Once inflated, iBubble won’t burst or make a satisfying popping noise. Sealed Air Corp. hopes to reduce the cost of the pump to $1,000 by 2017, The Wall Street Journal reported. Bubble rap is not gone.
Communications Director Ken Aurichio told Quartz traditional bubble wrap is here to stay. “You should not be worried,” he said. “Bubble wrap hasn’t gone anywhere.