Kim Richards cannot pay for stuff at target she was arrested

Kim Richards was arrested after shop lifting. She is a shed because of this quote:
Per The Seattle Pi: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum was arrested on Sunday afternoon on suspicion of shoplifting at a Target in Los Angeles, Entertainment Tonight reports. (Seattle Pi, 2015)
Why I feel this is insane is because Beverly Hills is where the richy rich live, she had enough money to buy whatever she wanted in that Target. Hell, I have enough money to buy stuff at Target. If I don’t have enough money then I will not buy it.
So, what hapened? Per The Seattle PI: She spent the night in jail and was released on Monday afternoon on $5,000 bail.
According to TMZ , a security guard caught Richards stealing more than $600 worth of items and performed a citizen’s arrest. (Seattle PI, 2015)

#raw review for August 3, 2015

8:04 pm tribute to roddy piper
8:06 pm raw starts
8:06 pm seth comes out
8:14 pm seth says title for title winner take all at summerslam 8:16 pm WWE Campionship open chalenge
8:16 pm break 1
8:21 pm we return
8:22 pm nevel vs seth for the wwe title
8:26 pm break 2
8:30 pm we return
8:37 pm seth still holds wwe championship
8:40 pm break 3
8:43 pm we return
8:43 pm new day the asention vs las matadoris and the lucha dragons 8:47 pm break 4
8:50 pm we are back
8:53 pm new day wins
8:53 pm break 5
8:56 pm we return to a deeva’s match the bella twins vs sharlit and becky 9:04 pm break 6
9:08 pm we return
sharlit and becky def. nicky and bre bella
9:15 pm break 7
9:19 pm we return
9:20 pm miz tv is on (puke)
9:29 pm owens attacks sazaro
9:31 pm break 8
9:35 pm we return with Mark Henry vs Rusev
9:40 pm rusev def. Mark Henry
9:43 pm swerved is being a promo
9:44 pm bray speaks
9:46 pm break 9.
9:50 pm we are back
9:51 pm zack rider vs the king of the wring
9:53 pm the king def. zack
9:54 pm break 10
9:58 pm replay of the wwe title highlights
9:59 pm heyman speaks
10:00 pm they are playing the replay of the brall from 2 weeks ago 10:02 pm lesnar comes out
10:10 pm break 11
10:15 pm page vs neyomy
10:24 pm neomy tapps out
10:26 pm they speak 2 stardust
10:28 pm break 12
10:32 pm we return tribute to hot rod
10:37 pm break 13
10:41 pm we return to a 6 man tag match main event
10:50 pm we return
10:54 pm break 15
10:57 pm we return
rains ambros orten def wiets and shemis

We hope you enjoyed episode 1158

Epic photos

These photos are the best photos in the world as reported on by National Geographic.
Per The Seattle PI: The contest, in its 27th year, is divided into four categories: Travel Portraits; Outdoor Scenes; Sense of Place; and Spontaneous Moments.
Images were evaluated through two rounds where both creativity and photographic quality were taken into consideration. (Seattle Pi, 2015)
Check out The 10 winning photos from National Geographic’s 2015 Traveler Photo Contest. on

Man pulls out his eye because he is perhaps insane

A jail inmate is perhaps not feeling quite himself today.
Because he pulled his right eye out.
Per Newser: Sheriff’s officials in Pinal County, just southeast of Phoenix, say Colin Corkhill, of Scottsdale, was booked into jail Wednesday on suspicion of attempted murder, auto theft, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest. (Newser, 2015)
The 26-year-old man was housed with other inmates but guards saw him punch himself in the face, after that he was taken out and put in his own cell.
Per Newser: Officials say detention officers making routine cell checks Thursday night saw blood on the window of Corkhill’s cell door and found that he had pulled his right eyeball out of its socket with his fingers. Doctors were unable to save the man’s eye. (Newser, 2015) No word on his current condition.

Man falls back asleep on train tracks after train hits him

He must be drunk right? A man in East Indiana tried to fall back asleep after a conductor had woken him to tell him that “hey you were hit by a train. Per the ap:
Richmond Police Lt. Donnie Benedict says a Norfolk Southern train crew reported 30-year-old Josh Napier of Richmond was asleep on the tracks when the train passed over him Saturday night. When the conductor awoke Napier, the man put his head back down on the tracks to continue sleeping.
He didn’t get the chance to do so, because an ambulance then came and wisked him away to a spot much better than hard tracks, a nice hospital bed. The amazing thing is he had non-life-threatening injuries.

bad news for Ravens safety Matt Elam he will miss the season

The season hasn’t even started yet nor has the preseason for that matter. But, Ravens safety Matt Elam will not see either of those. He has a season-ending biceps surgery.
Per ESPN: Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam will undergo season-ending surgery after a magnetic resonance imaging test revealed Monday that he suffered a complete tear of his biceps, a league source said.
Ravens safety Matt Elam had been having the best offseason of his career before suffering a torn biceps. (espn, 2015) He was injured when attempting to make a tackle on August 1, 2015.
“Here’s a guy that came back with a renewed attitude,” coach John Harbaugh said Sunday. “He had a better approach than he had the first two years. He just had grown up a little bit. He was very serious. He was in tremendous shape. And then he gets a fluke injury.

HitchBOT got mugged in philadelphia, these are the same people who booed santa

The werst city in america for just pure dooshery goes to Philadelphia. Yesterday (August 2, 2015) the hitchhiking robot was found on the side of the road almost beaton to death. He was designed to religh on others to help him get around. Per UPI:
Philadelphia resident Jesse Wellens, believed to be the last person to give hitchBOT a ride, said he left it on a bench about 6 a.m. Saturday to await its next ride. “I feel somewhat guilty,” Wellens told the Philadelphia Inquirer. Wellens said he would like to review security footage in the area in the hopes of identifying the person or people who dismembered the robot. (upi, 2015)
Per Newser: The Canadian researchers who created hitchBOT as a social experiment told the AP that someone in Philadelphia damaged the robot beyond repair yesterday, ending its first American tour after about two weeks. The kid-size robot set out to travel cross-country after successfully hitchhiking across Canada in 26 days last year and parts of Europe. (newser, 2015) The amazing thing is that it made it threw Boston and New York City. One day, it took in a Red Sox game.
This was it’s last tweet:
“My trip must come to an end for now, but my love for humans will never fade,” we love you too!