officials: buy windo guards

We don’t ever want to cover a topic of children falling out of a windo. Apparently it happens allot.
“A 2011 study in the journal Pediatrics says nearly 5,200 children are treated in U.S. emergency rooms after falling out of windows each year. More than two-thirds of the injuries occur in children younger than 5 and head injuries are common because toddlers and preschoolers are top-heavy and frequently fall headfirst.” So, what can one do to protect their child?
Officials recommend parents purchase window guards that limit how far a window can open.

a new food idea

I came across a version of All Recipes that is truely user friendly the magazine. So, If I can find a food idea that is epic I will share it with the proper citations of course. If you have a blog post that is food related I will share that as well.

Galanty Miller has a new rule for opening a door! Learn it! (@galantymiller

Galanty Miller composed a blog post about the art of opening the door for others. It is a classy thing to do. If one doesn’t hold the door it is one of the three reasons how one goes to hell. It is between cheating on a test, really you cannot study, and taking the last beer and not replacing it.
It should be noted that I am blind and proud of it. I say this because people for some reason open a door and without checking to see if anyone is behind them they just let the door close. Now for most cited people this sucks sugar because now you need to open said door and exert effort. I have had it where my cane gets caught between a door and that sucks so much more.
Now, to the douchebag who for some reason has no inkling that others are in the world let me remind you that we are here, we hate having to avoid a door that is closing, and those of us who have no depth perception cannot tell how wide a door is.
I hold the door open for others because I hate having the person who is right behind me need to open said door, it is a nice thing I do because I am weird. Being nice is weird these days. But, the question is: “how long should I hold the door for others?” Well, Mr. Miller has thought of the rule and lays it out thusly:
“You know that someone is walking behind you. You want to be polite. You open the door and hold it open and turn around. And then you quickly realize the person behind you is actually kind of far away. Now you both have to suffer through the awkwardness of socio-forcing the person to speed up because, well, you made an effort to hold the door open and the least another person can do is make a few “walking” concessions in order to repay your hospitality. So I’m declaring a new rule. You’re welcome.
Fourteen feet.
I’ve measured it. Fourteen feet is the exact distance that separates a polite gesture from the hassles of having to change your walking-speed to accommodate the idiot making your life more inconvenient by holding the door open way too soon.
Is the other person thirteen feet away? You hold the door open. Fifteen feet away? You don’t.
It’ll probably take America a few months to get used to the new rule. So if you’re leaving a store and someone eight yards away is walking in and you instinctively start to hold the door open for them… no problem. Just let go of the door and keep walking. The other individual will understand and appreciate your lack of effort. No social awkwardness. Learn the new rule. Practice it.
Holding the door open is an important gesture. So it’s important that we get it right.” … Amen brother! A fantastic rule to be sure!
his website:

The 10 best beachs

Ok so, you want to go to a beach. The question is where are the best ones? I am not an expert but this guy is.
Here is the top 10 list of best beaches for summer 2015 as rated by Stephen Leatherman , a professor at Florida International University specializing in environment and coastal studies. Leatherman, also known as Dr. Beach, issues the list annually using criteria including safety, cleanliness and accessibility.

1. Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii

2. Barefoot Beach, Bonita Springs, Florida

3. St. George Island State Park, Florida Panhandle

4. Hamoa Beach, Maui, Hawaii

5. Cape Hatteras, Outer Banks of North Carolina

6. Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne, Florida

7. Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

8. Beachwalker Park, Kiawah Island, South Carolina

9. Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, Naples, Florida

10. East Beach, Santa Barbara, California