clerk has an easy way to fix her problem

Kim Davis has an idea to fix her problem.
The Kentucky county clerk, jailed for failing to follow a judge’s orders to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, wants her name removed from the marriage certificates, her attorney Matthew Staver told ABC News.
“She has a very strong conscience and she’s just asking for a simple remedy, and that is, remove her name from the certificate and all will be well,” Staver said. “That simple remedy has simply been ignored by the court and by the governor and that’s what should have been done.
“I think it’s reprehensible that she’s in jail for this when a simple fix could have been easily handled.
According to Kentucky law, all Marriage licenses must have an “authorization statement of the county clerk issuing the license,” in order it to be lawful. So, that is a bad idea!

nice job australian chicken company brand Steggles for making a sexist add – think before you post

When people make adds for companies isn’t their anyone who has a brain in their head who would declare that this is a bad idea? This one is one of those.
“Father’s Day. His day to sit back while you make him dinner. Just like the other 364 days of the year,” the advert says alongside a picture of a roast chicken dinner.
The advertisement was posted on social media this week in the lead up to Father’s Day but has since been taken down due to the fire-storm it created online Needless to say the internet was not happy.
‘I like my chicken like I like my 1920s. Sexist. Thanks Steggles! one user wrote.

‘Isn’t it just hilarious!! Where can I buy tickets to your standup show Steggles? After I make my bf dinner obviously,’ another said.

‘Steggles, more like… *huge pause* …staggers, because it’s staggering that in 2015 we still revert to outdated gender roles when marketi(ng). Some people loved the add finding it funny rather than insulting.
‘My god people, the Steggles ad was funny not sexist. Get some humour in your lives! one person wrote on Twitter.

Another took to Facebook to say: ‘You totally should not have pulled this fantastic Father’s Day ad. It’s hilarious.

Steggles should have just faked a YouTube vid of a pregnant French chicken searching for the father after a holiday tryst………

Men should sit back and be served every day of the year. My god. @StegglesAus you are revolting.

My god people, the steggles ad was funny not sexist. Get some humour in your lives!

Anyone want a job at Steggles? They may be hiring soon.

You should have just signed the documents now Kim Davis in Custody for Contempt of Court

Well, Kim Davis is it nice being in Custody for Contempt of Court? I would hope not. The Kentucky clerk has been refusing to produce and issue marriage licenses because her faith has instructed her that gay people shouldn’t get married, so, rather than discriminate against gay persons she has not given anyone any marriage licenses.
Per ABC News: Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, which is representing Davis, said in a statement, “Everyone is stunned at this development. Kim Davis is being treated as a criminal because she cannot violate her conscience. While she may be behind bars for now, Kim Davis is a free woman. Her conscience remains unshackled.
Also from ABC: “Davis was called to testify at today’s hearing and she reiterated that she believes issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples is against her religious beliefs, even though she has been ordered to do so as a result of an earlier Supreme Court ruling. “My conscience will not allow me,” she said several times during her testimony.
On the stand she was quiet, almost whispering, and teared up when talking about her religious beliefs.
“I did a lot of vile and wicked things in my past,” Davis said when asked about her life before becoming a Christian in 2011.”