the eclipse update

None of these notes will be posted with me looking at it. Only what I sense looking north not east. at 9:22 am why is the sun so bright? Perhaps a last party until it goes dark? at 9:51 am it seems like it is getting darker.
at 10:07 am not seeing much change since the last time
at 10:11 am it got darker.
at 10:14 am it looks twilight
at 10:16 am gf messages me says it looks like a storm is roling in although it is not cloudy. at 10:20 am according to msnbc you can see plooto.
at 10:30 am it looks like it is getting brighter.
at 11:35 am Sun returns to normal

What is an eclipse?

An eclipse will occur on Monday if you live in the United States. However, I am blind and will not look at it. So, I will use this post to understand what I think it will look like and what it is. ___
The word is eclipse and according to the dictionary it means:
an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination.
a phase during which the distinctive markings of a bird (especially a male duck) are obscured by molting of the breeding plumage. ___

Monday will be the first one. What I think it will look like: the yellow sun will be blacked out by a shaddow, which will cover most of the sun excluding the part around the edge. It will darken the sky. Am I correct?

This is why when I get my cake on Tuesday I don’t want a canddle

Tuesday Aug. 1 is my birthday. Let me be clear, I have no use for a candle.
According to a new study, when you blow out the candle you increase the the amount of bacteria on a cake by 1,400 percent. We can thank Researchers at Clemson University for this fact.
They scarfed pizza down – because pizza is cakes bff – and then they took time blowing out candles on an iced hunk of Styrofoam and then measuring bacterial contamination, according to the study published in the Journal of Food Research. Not all blowers added bacteria to the cake.
“Some people blow on the cake and they don’t transfer any bacteria. Whereas you have one or two people who really for whatever reason … transfer a lot of bacteria,” Professor Paul Dawson told The Atlantic .
The blowing increased the amount of bacteria on the frosting by an average of 15 times – although one person’s saliva increased the infestation by 120 times, he said.

(upi) – Natural stride is best stride for runners, experts say. – July 27, 2017

I am not a runner. Give me a barbell and a epic set of 45 pound plates and I am content. However, if you are a runner I have some good news for you.
Comfert is best. What I mean is that your prefered running stride is the best one for you. Many people would say “nosh**tbro.
The study by Iain Hunter, a USA Track and Field consultant, and US. Olympian Jared Ward, who are also both professors at Brigham Young University, measured the energy use of 33 runners using five different strides during a 20-minute run. The researchers found that the stride length runners naturally choose is the best stride for them.
The study, published in the July edition of the International Journal of Exercise Science, measured the strides of the 19 experienced and 14 inexperienced runners on a treadmill using a computer-based metronome to measure their energy output. Researchers found that both experienced and inexperienced runners were the most efficient when using their natural, preferred stride. Apparently running is a bit more complex than it seems.
Or maybe not. I’ll stick to jogging around the city chasing after busses.