We need to scrape the gunk out of our ears and listen to the women/men who tell us of sexual assault

What a nation we live in.
We live in a nation of laws, aka equal protections for all regardless of gender. No matter your gender or sexual orientation you have the same rights and power as anyone else. If you nodded your head at that statement you are one of those who need to scrape the gunk out of your ears and listen.
We don’t have equal protection for all person’s regardless of gender and sexual orientation. To say so is living in a pipe dream. How could I declare such a statement? Well, let me give you three names: did you know since 2015, the Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, the Fox News prime-time host Bill O’Reilly, and the comedian and actor Bill Cosby have suffered professional, financial or reputational setbacks after numerous women told stories of their sexual misconduct? Yes, yes you did. What do all three of these men have in common? Mr. Ailes ran Fox News as its chairman. That means he had power and influence.
Mr. O’Reilly was the biggest draw for the same network. That means he had power and influence. Mr. Cosby was “America’s dad” and a major celebrity. Which means he had power and influence. Seeing a pattern yet? Those are just the names since 2015.
I could go back further.
Let me send you back to 1991 26 years ago. Now we will hear from the New York Times answering the question what happened in 1991?
“That was when the lawyer and academician Anita Hill testified before an all-male and strikingly unsympathetic Senate committee that was holding hearings on the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the United States Supreme Court. Ms. Hill described having been sexually harassed by Justice Thomas when he was her superior at two federal agencies, the Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He denied the accusations, and ascended to the Court. Yet Ms. Hill struck a chord that still reverberates” (2017.) These stats should stun you.
“The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission Justice Thomas’s old workplace reports receiving more than 12,000 allegations of sex-based harassment each year , with women accounting for about 83 percent of the complainants. That figure is believed to be but the tip of the iceberg. In a study issued last year, the co-chairwomen of a commission task force said that roughly three of four people experiencing such harassment never tell anyone in authority about it. Typically, they said, what women do is “avoid the harasser, deny or downplay the gravity of the situation, or attempt to ignore, forget or endure the behavior” (NYT, 2017).
This cannot continue, Nor should it. Those of you who did the #metoo post prove that this is a crisis that isn’t going away nor should it be pushed under the table.
As said in the Washington Post by Kathleen Parker on Wednesday: “If true, as Gretchen Carlson says, that every woman has a story, then, statistically, sexual harassment in the workplace is a plague, a disaster and a psychological assault weapon. Given that women constitute half the world’s population – and that successful women mean successful families and societies – then any word or action that undermines their ability to conduct life without fear of sex-based exploitation or retribution should be considered an epidemic of opioid proportions” (2017.)
If you have a social media voice – use it! Don’t just let these offal people with power destroy you. Speak up! and speak out!


what I did today – October 11, 2017

Woke up at 6:20 am.

Took a nap at 1:25 pm
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had a cup of coffee at 4:08 pm
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what are the watercooler stories from across the web – October 9, 2017

Good morning!
A look at the trending stories from across the web.
From Business Insider:
1. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has promoted his sister, Kim Yo Jong, to a top leadership position . Kim Yo Jong, who is thought to be responsible for Kim Jong Un’s public image, was made an alternate member of the the politburo, the most powerful body of the ruling Working Party. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has said that only “one thing” will work against North Korea – but has refused to clarify if he was referring to nuclear action or not.

2. Trump is also set to announce a “broad strategy” for dealing with Iran’s actions in the Middle East this week . The plan is in response to a number of Iran’s actions including cyberattacks, testing of ballistic missiles and supporting extremist groups. It’s possible this is the news that Trump was referring to when he told reporters last week of the “calm before the storm”.

3. UK Prime Minister Theresa May will be meeting with major companies and banks on Monday to discuss what they would like out of Brexit talks . May will be meeting with Vodafone, GlaxoSmithKline, Morgan Stanley and HSBC. The meetings come a day after May hinted she could be considering firing foreign secretary Boris Johnson .

4. Meanwhile the EU and the UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn have been having meetings amid fears that May’s government may crumble . The Telegraph has reported Corbyn and shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer have held more than one meeting with EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.

5. Tensions between the US and Turkey continue to rise as both countries mutually suspend visa services . After a US consulate employee was arrested in Istanbul last week, all non-immigrant visa services at the US embassy and consulates in Turkey were suspended in order to minimise the number of visitors. Turkey’s embassy in Washington has responded by announcing the same measures.

6. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed to cap the number of refugees allowed into the country at 200,000 a year . Despite Merkel long protesting any sort of limit, she agreed to the deal, which also specifies that, even if the cap was reached, people would not be turned away at the border. Details of how this would work are yet to be revealed.

7. To celebrate Russian President Vladimir Putin’s birthday approximately a thousand opposition supporters turned out in protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg . Russia’s opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, is currently serving a 20-day sentence for breaking the law regarding public meetings, but hopes to run for election next year, likely against Putin.

8. Spain also saw more protests over the weekend, this time from pro-unity campaigners . Tens of thousands turned out on the streets of Barcelona, and 50 more cities across the country, on Saturday and Sunday, many carrying the flags of both Spain and Catalonia. Catalonia is responsible for 20% of the country’s economic output and more than 25% of its exports.

9. Advertising firm Dentsu has been fined in Japan for making employees work excessive overtime . The decision, which involved a fine of 500,000 yen ($AU5,710) for violating labour laws, came just days after a 31-year-old journalist died from working 159 hours of overtime in one month .

10. The US is set to be divided on Monday over the celebration around “Columbus Day” . The day has a controversial history and, unlike predecessors, Trump’s proclamation about Christopher Columbus’ arrival did not mention Native Americans. Many parts of the US now celebrate Indigenous People’s Day on October 9. ___
1. Facebook’s chief security officer hit back at people criticising the company over fake news and ads. Alex Stamos says critics are often referring to “stereotypes” and strawmen.

2. Tesla is delaying its reveal of its electric semi-truck. Elon Musk says the company is focusing on struggling Model 3 production instead.

3. Hackers broke into Amazon’s cloud to mine bitcoin. Attackers used the Amazon Web Services accounts of companies Aviva and Gemalto.

4. Microsoft’s biggest fans are getting worried that the company doesn’t care about them any more. There is a perception that it is shifting its focus away from consumers.

5. Samsung’s next Galaxy Note phone may have a key feature Apple reportedly had to drop from the iPhone X. It might have a fingerprint scanner embedded under the screen.

6. Facebook is going to manually vet political adverts before they go live. The social network is in the firing line over its ad platform.

7. Google is going to use balloons to provide cell service for Puerto Rico, Reuters reports. Project Loon uses high-altitude balloons to provide internet coverage.

8. AOL is closing down AIM after 20 years. The instant messaging service is finally being shuttered.

9. Professional translators aren’t worried about Google’s language-translating headphones. Pixel Buds can translate 40 different languages on the fly.

10. More and more Android phone makers want to copy Apple and use facial recognition tech. That’s according to a new research note from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, as reported by MacRumors. Per the AP:

The president says his hardline immigration priorities must be enacted in exchange for extending protection from deportation to hundreds of thousands of young immigrants, many brought to the country illegally.


More than 300 fans fleeing gunfire during the mass shooting at an outdoor country music concert sought refuge at McCarran International Airport, exposing a security vulnerability.


Sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein spanned three decades, but it took only three days to topple the high-profile film producer from the company he co-created.


Now a tropical depression, the storm is dumping heavy rains and bringing gusty winds to inland states.


Richard Thaler, 72, of the University of Chicago is honored for his contributions to behavioral economics.


Los Angeles recently became the biggest city yet to stop honoring Christopher Columbus, and some Italian-Americans are calling the move culturally insensitive.


Feelings run from anger to praise in Scotland where losses keep piling up for the U.S. president’s two golf clubs, AP learns.


The war-torn country “should serve as an example” for other nations in the progress it is making in eradicating the debilitating parasite Guinea worm, the former U.S. president tells AP.


A family in Tampa, Florida, pleas for their missing daughter, sister, mother in a decades-old cold case, finally getting an answer from police.


The Yankees’ slugger prevented a home run in right field to save Masahiro Tanaka’s seven-inning gem, Greg Bird homered and New York edged Cleveland 1-0 in Game 3 to extend their AL Division Series. Per my life:
1. I have a meeting today. A meeting over Zoom will hopefully occur today. I hope to show something I found that raises questions.
2. Also, I plan on reading more of a book that I am looking for image descriptions.

nick tv

6 pm is The Loud House, Clyde is desperate to learn how to act normal around Lori, so he enlists Leni’s help; worried that their parents are hurting their health from not being active, the children encourage them to exercise. duration 30 minutes.
6:30 pm is Henry Danger, Henry has a shape-shifting android fill in at a family dinner so that he can watch an MMA fight with Charlotte and Ray. duration 30 minutes.
7 pm is Henry Danger, Captain Man and Kid Danger find themselves in the middle of a debate about Swellview’s favorite snack. duration 30 minutes.
7:30 pm is I Am Frankie, Dayton frantically tries to warn Frankie that WARPA is closing in on her; Sigourney decides that a move is the only way to keep her family safe. duration 30 minutes.

hollywood birthdays – October 3, 2017

Today’s Birthdays: Composer Steve Reich is 81. Rock and roll star Chubby Checker is 76. Actor Alan Rachins is 75. Former Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., is 74. Magician Roy Horn is 73. Singer Lindsey Buckingham is 68. Jazz musician Ronnie Laws is 67. Blues singer Keb’ Mo’ is 66. Former astronaut Kathryn Sullivan is 66. Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield is 66. Baseball Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley is 63. Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton is 63. Actor Hart Bochner is 61. Actor Peter Frechette is 61. World Golf Hall of Famer Fred Couples is 58. Actor-comedian Greg Proops is 58. Actor Jack Wagner is 58. Actor/musician Marcus Giamatti is 56. Rock musician Tommy Lee is 55. Actor Clive Owen is 53. Actress Janel Moloney is 48. Singer Gwen Stefani (steh-FAH’-nee) (No Doubt) is 48. Pop singer Kevin Richardson is 46. Rock singer G. Love is 45. Actress Keiko Agena (KAY’-koh ah-GAYN’-ah) is 44. Actress Neve Campbell is 44. Actress Lena Headey (HEE’-dee) is 44. Singer India.Arie (ah-REE’) is 42. Rapper Talib Kweli (tuh-LIB’ kwah-LEE’) is 42. Actress Alanna Ubach is 42. Actor Seann (cq) William Scott is 41. Actress Shannyn Sossamon is 39. Rock musician Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers) is 38. Actor Seth Gabel is 36. Rock musician Mark King (Hinder) is 35. Actor Erik Von Detten is 35. Singer-musician Cherrill Green (Edens Edge) is 34. Actress Tessa Thompson is 34. Actress Meagan Holder is 33. Actress-singer Ashlee Simpson is 33. Rapper A$AP Rocky is 29. Actress Alicia Vikander (ah-LIH’-see-ah vih-KAN’-duhr) is 29. Actor Noah Schnapp (TV: “Stranger Things”) is 13.

RIP. Tom Petty – words I never thaught I’de be writing

As I write this I am listening to the music of Tom Petty. I would declare him the voice of a generation and a wonderful spirit. His music perhaps crossed generations of fans – me being 26 and in love with it.
Sadly, the “Staple of Rock Radio With the Heartbreakers” as the New York Times put it has died at the age of 66.
If you don’t know the music of Mr. Petty then I would advise you to crack open your favorite music url and search for him. Someone, somewhere, sometime made a Tom Petty playlist on Spotafy. The New York Times described his music thusly:
“Recording with the Heartbreakers, the band he formed in the mid-1970s, and on his own, Mr. Petty wrote pithy, hardheaded songs that gave a contemporary clarity to 1960s roots. His voice was grainy and unpretty, with a Florida drawl that he proudly displayed.

Mr. Petty’s songs were staples of FM rock radio through decades, and with hits like “Refugee,” “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” “Free Fallin'” and “Into the Great Wide Open,” Mr. Petty sold millions of albums and headlined arenas and festivals well into 2017. He played the Super Bowl halftime show in 2008 and entered the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. But his songs stayed down-to-earth, with sturdy guitar riffs carrying lyrics that spoke for underdogs and ornery outcasts. In his 1989 hit, “I Won’t Back Down,” he sang, “You can stand me up at the gates of hell / But I won’t back down.
I saw him during the Superbowl halftime show and fell in love. He was one of my favorite halftime artests.
Perhaps that was because”Onstage, the Heartbreakers sometimes expanded songs toward psychedelia-tinged jams” (NYT, 2017. Mr. Petty had those artests who impacted his musical style.
Mr. Petty’s songwriting was shaped by the music he heard growing up: the ringing folk-rock guitars of the Byrds, the crunch of the Rolling Stones, the caustic insights of Bob Dylan, the melodic turns of the Beatles, the steadfast backbeat of Southern soul and the twang of country-rock. … But across styles, Mr. Petty kept his songwriting tight-lipped, succinct and evocative. Tom Petty was 66.
Mr. Petty is indeed a rock classicist.