Come la avispa. President of Costa Rica eats a wasp live on tv

The President of Costa Rica had an unscheduled meal while he was doing an interview.
President Luis Guillermo SolĂ­s Rivera was giving a press briefing about an asphalt plant in Paso Real, Puntarenas, when he is cut-off mid-sentence when the invading insect flew around his head and went into his mouth.
‘I ate it, I ate the wasp! , he said in front of a laughing entourage, camera crews and journalists.

Luckily, President Solis was able to see the funny side of his latest ‘meal’, as he is handed a bottle of water.

‘You don’t see that every day – they’re going to send it to CNN, pure protein! , he added.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ learns to never keep #Twitter on an unlocked phone

Another day, another wtf moment from this White House. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the deputy press secretary, learned a very important thing today. Never leave your phone unlocked and never let your three-year-old access it because they could stumble on to your twitter account.
Per the Daily Mail: “At 5.58am, one of Sanders’ verified Twitter accounts, @SHSanders45 she has two tweeted out an emoji-laden message that was a hodgepodge of trains, maps, traffic lights, castles, boats and a Moai, among other emojis. Also buried within the tweet was the mysterious jumble of letters: ‘lolaklkk.” Some users found this to be funny. So, they posted their own randum posts.
One person posted a tweet that mocked Sarah’s boss by stating’*a small group know* what Sarah’s tweet means. Twitter users were wondering what on earth was going on until she wrote this.
‘This is what happens when your 3 year old steals your phone. Thanks Huck! she tweeted out at 7.31am, referring to her older son.

In the same tweet, she added the hashtag, ‘#neverleaveyourphoneunlocked.
While this is all fun and entertaining it disterbs me that she would keep her official Twitter account on a phone that is not locked. What if her phone was stolen? Thankfully I am not the only one who sees the issues in this.
‘Are you kidding me? As the White House deputy press secretary your phone was just CASUALLY UNLOCKED? wrote twitter user @tanyaghahremani.

‘ “My kid did it” is not an acceptable excuse for a WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY. Maybe you should ask said kid how to set a passcode,’ wrote @VampWriterGRRL.

‘Did you just admit a 3 yr old could break into a phone and tweet from a verified account of someone who reps pres? asked @erikdbwestlund.

She isn’t very bright.

man wants to get the mowing done – tornado be dammed

Today I toast Theunis Wessels for moing the lawn while a tornado was showing up behind him. His wife took the photo.
The photo shows Wessels’ husband, Theunis, mowing the lawn with the tornado in the background. My beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hair, Wessels wrote. Wessels later explained the tornado was not as close as it appeared to be in the photo and was moving away from their home at the time. Theunis Wessels said he was keeping an eye on the twister to ensure it didn’t change directions while he was mowing.

can we talk about the guy who walked with a beer while others ran?

Yesterday in London three men went into a shopping area and started to stabb people. While many were running away one guy walked down the street holding a beer – like a boss!
Per the ap: “Television footage of crowds running away from the attack that killed seven includes a man in a red top walking slowly with a mostly full beer in his hand.
A picture of the man was posted on Twitter by Howard Mannella, who tweeted : “People fleeing #LondonBridge but the bloke on the right isn’t spilling a drop. God Bless the Brits!

woman hits her child because he didn’t give her a Mothers Day card

A woman is quite unhappy with her 6-year-old son because he didn’t give her a mother’s day card – instead gave one to his grandmother.
Per NPR: “A Spartanburg Police Department report says Shontrell Murphy is charged with cruelty to children for hitting her 6-year-old son on the head Thursday. Murphy’s mother, Tracey Joanne Murphy, told police she saw her daughter hitting her son; when she asked why, the younger Murphy responded “because she could,” reports WYFF . The boy’s sister told police Shontrell Murphy ripped the card to pieces and hit the boy “hard. He was treated and released from a local hospital. Police say Shontrell Murphy has been released from the Spartanburg County Detention Center. It wasn’t clear Sunday if she has an attorney.” You don’t hit your child at all.

This woman really loves her girl scout cookies

A woman in Kentucky was just charged for stealing Girl Scout Cookies.
A grand jury in Pike, Ky., indicted Leah Ann Vick, 26, on one count of felony theft after troopers said she picked up a huge load of Girl Scout cookies from a distributor on Feb. 1, but never delivered them to her troop, reports the UPI.
According to the article the order gets payed after they sell all the cookies. However, in the case of Vick’s troop, the cookies never showed up and the troop was stuck with the bill and no way to pay for it. She now cannot be found.
The bill that the group is stuck with is $15000.

This woman is so unhappy with her gop congress rep. – she be mad

A 35-year-old woman is unhappy with her congress rep.
Wendi Wright, from Union City, Tennessee, has been charged with felony reckless endangerment over an alleged incident that took place on Monday afternoon.
The 35-year-old is accused of following Republican Congressman David Kustoff in her car as he left a tour of the University of Tennessee at Martin’s teaching farm.
The Weakley County Sheriff’s Office said in a report that Wright continued behind the congressman, who was with an aide, until they were forced to pull off the road into a driveway.
The 35-year-old is accused of then getting out of her car, walking up to the congressman’s and pounding on the windows.
According to the report she was also accused of reaching into the car while screaming. She would have gotten away with it if she didn’t post about it on Facebook. You know they check Facebook right?
She was then taken into custody, before being released on a $1,000 bond.
Wright is scheduled to appear before the Weakley County General Sessions Court on May 15.
It should be noted: Kustoff is a vocal supporter of rolling back the Dodd-Frank Act – which was introduced after the Global Financial Crisis in an attempt to create further regulation and oversight for banks to ensure persistent issues affecting the financial industry were kept under control.
Supporters of the act say it protects the country against a similar crisis in future, while those against it – including Kustoff – say it over-regulates the industry.