this woman really wanted her @mcdonalds

Earlier in the month we had the woman who really wanted her mcnuggits and she squeesed through the drive through window to get them. Now another woman wants her mcdonalds fix. From the ap: “A surveillance video shows her worming her way inside, helping herself to a soft drink and making off with a box of items. The video, posted on the Twitter feed of Howard County Police in Columbia, Maryland, shows the break-in early on Nov. 5, when the restaurant was closed.”
The ap describes the video writing: “the woman reaches through the window for a soda ‘cup’ and tries unsuccessfully to fill it from the dispenser. She then manages to squeeze herself into the restaurant through the small window and gets a soft drink. The woman puts a box of unidentified items through the window and leaves. [tweet


Is it racism that @tacobell doesn’t have fries on the menu – according to this girl it is

Taco Bell is being racist because they wont serve fries at their restaurant according to the white girl in the video.
Per the daily mail: A video shows the moment an emotional girl has a breakdown and blames racism when she is told she cannot order French fries at Taco Bell.

The white girl approaches the counter and tries to order a medium French fries, but the employee tells her they don’t serve them.

She responds by saying at Burger King they sell fries, and the server explains that it isn’t Burger King. ‘This is Taco Bell, see? the server says, pointing to the menu.

The girl then says: ‘How many French fry orders do you have? and the server responds: ‘We don’t have French fries.

The employee tries to show the girl the menu, but then she turns to the person filming and says: ‘This is racism at its f*****g finest. Some people try to tell her that it isn’t racism. but she’s not having it.
She responds with: ‘No I’m not, literally I work with people who are a challenge every day.

A person asks her: ‘Would you go to Burger King and order tilapia or a taco? Look at the menu!

People tell her that the restaurant doesn’t have French fries, and she says ‘but at f*****g Burger King’ before she is cut off.

The employee then tries to help the girl by walking her through the menu, but the girl says ‘I don’t have problems in my life’ and then leaves the restaurant. No you have the issues chica.
Stop using racism as a cruch for your stupidity.

Why is she swetting blood? We dont know say doctors

A woman from Italy has confused the medical community – with her ability to swet blood.
Doctors were initially at a loss when it came to the 21-year-old Italian patient who spontaneously bleeds despite not having any lesions, CBC News reported . She has had this happen to her for three years now.
“I can say with clarity that I’ve never seen a case like this ever,” Dr. Michelle Sholzberg, co-director of the Hemophilia Comprehensive Care program at St. Michael’s Hospital, told CBC News. “And I can say that I’ve seen some of the worst bleeding disorders, and I’ve never seen them sweat blood. The study said there has been no clear trigger for the woman’s bleeding.

This guy turned himself in after an fb post with a box of donuts

A man in Michigan turned himself in after his Facebook post got about 1000 likes.
Michael Martin Zaydel, 21, turned himself in to the Redford Township Police Department for several outstanding misdemeanor warrants late Monday, 10 days after making the social media pledge comwh included promises to clean up public school property and bring cops a dozen doughnuts.
“He walked in on his own, and not only did he bring the donuts [sic], he brought one bagel, reports the New York Post! This is what the fb post said.
We would again like to express our gratitude for the support of all who followed this, shared it, and left us positive feedback,” the department wrote on its Facebook page.

Woman says she was told she commited a sin for posting a pic of A bottle of Extra Vergen Olive Oil

We all should really watch what we post. Some people think that posting a picture of a bottle of Extra Vergen Olive Oil is sinful because it has the word vergen on it and that can lead to the thoughts of some men.
The woman, whose Twitter profile features the flags of Jordan, Palestine and New Zealand , posted the picture on Snapchat and immediately received a reply from one of her followers.
She took a screen shot of the response and posted it to Twitter with the caption, ‘I sent a picture of extra virgin olive oil.. the akhis [brothers muslim word] really wildin’ out’. The man wasn’t done. The man, who was later identified by the woman, said: ‘You shouldn’t send pictures like that because it contains words like ‘virgin’ and that makes a man think of actions that you may have committed.
He later tried to backtrack, stating his message was only a ‘naseehah’, which is an Arabic word for advice.
“Dear sister. I was simply giving you sincere advice privately,” he wrote on Twitter. “There is no need to expose these things.”
Those who saw the post were shocked!

A man in switzerland had a Jack Daniel’s flag neighbor thaught it was a IS flag

A man in Switzerland received a note from his neighbor that was not so neighborly. The note assumed the werst in the man’s character without reading the object in question. The unidentified man flew a flag outside his house. His neighbor sent him a note that asked if he was a supporter of Isis. The man replied, he was not a supporter of the terror group, only a supporter of Jack Daniel’s the Whisky company. So why did he do this?
Per the UPI: The 29-year-old Zurich resident said he put the flag, which bears the white-on-black logo of the Tennessee whiskey maker, on a pole at his house along with a tri-color Italian flag because he found it amusing. The note said: Should we be afraid of you. Are you an IS-sympathizer?

this guy had a drunk woman try to nock nachos out of his hand

A guy in Houston was just minding his own business holding a beer and a box of nachos when a woman tried to have the nachos fall out of his hand.
“Surveillance footage shows a man carrying a beer and a styrofoam container of nachos in Bayou City Wings in Houston.

As he takes a sip of the beer a woman walks up to him and tries to knock the nachos out of his hand.

After she makes several attempts, he gets frustrated and throws the container in her face” (daily mail, 2017.)
The description continues: “The force of the cheesy chips appears to throw her backwards” “She tries to catch herself on a chair but instead falls on the ground.

The man steps over her and walks away with his beer, which he didn’t spill a drop of.

It is unclear who the people in the video are or why the altercation started” (daily mail, 2017.)

The internet calls him the beer ninja.
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