this poll is for atlanta but anyone can answer.

I thaught this question from, The Daily Mail, could be a wonderful poll question.

Falkons have a mostly-useless Chick-fil-A in there new $1.6billion stadium

A $1.6billion stadium, an NFL team which plays on Sundays, and a company that doesn’t work on Sundays. Yes Atlanta has a Chick-fil-A in their new stadium.
While this sounds fantastic and glorious no one will be able to enjoy it while they watch a majority of NFL football games. Yes the Chick-fil-A will follow all the other Chick-fil-A stores and will be closed on Sundays. Sundays – the day the atlanta football team plays.
Only one of the Atlanta Falcon’s eight home games is not on a Sunday – a Thursday night square-off against the Seattle Seahawks.
Don’t feel to bad atlanta fans – you can eat a chicken sandwich while you watch Atlanta United games.
Five of the eight remaining Atlanta United games will be played there, along with two college football games over Labor Day Weekend and a Garth Brooks concert in October. So, why is the store always closed on Sundays?
Chick-fil-A has been closed on Sundays since the chain opened in 1946.

Founder Truett Cathy made the decision after having worked seven days a week in restaurants that were open 24 hours.

The website reads: ‘Truett saw the importance of closing on Sundays so that he and his employees could set aside one day to rest and worship if they choose – a practice we uphold today.

Trump once asked Reince Priebus to kill a fly

Is this a good use of federal time? You be the judge. According to the Washington Post President Trump was holding a meeting in his west wing office when a fly was buzzing him. So, Reince Priebus was sent in to kill it.
Priebus’ loyalty had been in doubt by Trump ever since he urged the then-candidate to drop out of the presidential race when a 2005 video of Trump bragging about sexual harassment became public.
According to the Post, Priebus had been demeened by his colleagues before he was kicked out of his position on Friday.

apparently when @twitter bans you – you are band for life mr. Shkreli.

Rules are rules! According to the New York Post:”Internet loudmouth Martin Shkreli tried tried? ? -? ? and failed? ? -? ? to rejoin Twitter for the umpteenth time over the weekend? ? and was promptly booted? once again?.” (New York Post, 2017.)
“My new spokesperson, Duncan Jones, set up a Twitter: the 34-year-old wrote on one of the few social media platforms that still tolerates his presence, Facebook – which is sad in several ways.
If you don’t recall why Twitter band Mr. Shkreli four times the Post has a list.
The pharma cad’s original account was suspended earlier this year for harassing female journalists. He was next booted from the platform after operating an account named after his cat Trashy, and officially barred . Shkreli was most recently tossed for tweeting under the handle @BLMBro.
He is hated because he has no soul and proved that the medical companies care only for the dollar. Eg:
“The Most Hated Man in America” is currently standing trial for securities fraud in Brooklyn federal court. He’s accused of running an $11 million Ponzi type scheme through his hedge fund. Yay!

not true: Rapper Lil Wayne claims he has a month left

Some websites are declaring that Rapper Lil Wayne has a month to live. According to the ap:”
THE FACTS: The story from claims Lil’ Wayne held a news conference in Atlanta to announce that he has stage 4 skin cancer brought on by his numerous tattoos. Wayne never held such a news conference and it appears the hoax has been circulating online for more than a year. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation , doctors have never found an increased prevalence of skin cancer in people with tattoos.

9-year-old girl writes letter over rule that bands kids from climbing trees – puts the smackdown on haters

A 9-year-old girl in the United Kingdum chose to write an epic letter to her housing athority complaining that their new rule should be backed up by facts.
a. Abigail Early, 9, and her friends were told by housing estate managers that ‘trees are being destroyed’ because children play on them, according to the Daily Mail. b. So she wrote a letter.
“She wrote: ‘My name is Abigail and I am 9 years old. I play out with my friends nearly every day. You said children were not allowed to climb trees anymore. I would like to point out a few facts.

‘1. I play really nicely and use the trees as a camp. I don’t tear off branches or leaves.

‘2. Sometimes I play hide and seek in the trees.

‘3. My mum said it’s right not to play ball games as we may smash a window so I never play ball games.

‘However, I am part of a lovely and respectful bunch of kids and who love climbing trees because we love our friends and exercise. ‘I would like to continue playing in the trees therefore please could you supply the following information, no excuses or buts.

‘1. Total number of residents who have complained about us.

‘2. Estimated cost of tree damage

‘3. Report from tree expert who says that kids climbing trees causes damage

‘4. Details of new designated play area near my house to play camps and hide and seek already funded by our parents who pay for the trees and grass.

‘Children have rights too and I look forward to your reply.
D. this is the letter the family got.
The letter sent to families by estate management said: ‘We would kindly like to request, should you have children living with you on the Crofton Place Estate, that you do not allow this to climb on any of the trees and large shrubs located around the communal grounds.

‘Several trees are being destroyed because some parents are allowing their children to play on them, this is having a detrimental effect on the communal gardens and the general well-being of the estate grounds.

‘We do not wish to stop children on the estate having fun and playing games, although ball games are not permitted on the grassed areas of the estate grounds, but equally we do not want for the trees and shrubs to be damaged in this manner and for extra expenditure to be sent to replace and replant these.