Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ learns to never keep #Twitter on an unlocked phone

Another day, another wtf moment from this White House. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the deputy press secretary, learned a very important thing today. Never leave your phone unlocked and never let your three-year-old access it because they could stumble on to your twitter account.
Per the Daily Mail: “At 5.58am, one of Sanders’ verified Twitter accounts, @SHSanders45 she has two tweeted out an emoji-laden message that was a hodgepodge of trains, maps, traffic lights, castles, boats and a Moai, among other emojis. Also buried within the tweet was the mysterious jumble of letters: ‘lolaklkk.” Some users found this to be funny. So, they posted their own randum posts.
One person posted a tweet that mocked Sarah’s boss by stating’*a small group know* what Sarah’s tweet means. Twitter users were wondering what on earth was going on until she wrote this.
‘This is what happens when your 3 year old steals your phone. Thanks Huck! she tweeted out at 7.31am, referring to her older son.

In the same tweet, she added the hashtag, ‘#neverleaveyourphoneunlocked.
While this is all fun and entertaining it disterbs me that she would keep her official Twitter account on a phone that is not locked. What if her phone was stolen? Thankfully I am not the only one who sees the issues in this.
‘Are you kidding me? As the White House deputy press secretary your phone was just CASUALLY UNLOCKED? wrote twitter user @tanyaghahremani.

‘ “My kid did it” is not an acceptable excuse for a WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY. Maybe you should ask said kid how to set a passcode,’ wrote @VampWriterGRRL.

‘Did you just admit a 3 yr old could break into a phone and tweet from a verified account of someone who reps pres? asked @erikdbwestlund.

She isn’t very bright.

This woman is so unhappy with her gop congress rep. – she be mad

A 35-year-old woman is unhappy with her congress rep.
Wendi Wright, from Union City, Tennessee, has been charged with felony reckless endangerment over an alleged incident that took place on Monday afternoon.
The 35-year-old is accused of following Republican Congressman David Kustoff in her car as he left a tour of the University of Tennessee at Martin’s teaching farm.
The Weakley County Sheriff’s Office said in a report that Wright continued behind the congressman, who was with an aide, until they were forced to pull off the road into a driveway.
The 35-year-old is accused of then getting out of her car, walking up to the congressman’s and pounding on the windows.
According to the report she was also accused of reaching into the car while screaming. She would have gotten away with it if she didn’t post about it on Facebook. You know they check Facebook right?
She was then taken into custody, before being released on a $1,000 bond.
Wright is scheduled to appear before the Weakley County General Sessions Court on May 15.
It should be noted: Kustoff is a vocal supporter of rolling back the Dodd-Frank Act – which was introduced after the Global Financial Crisis in an attempt to create further regulation and oversight for banks to ensure persistent issues affecting the financial industry were kept under control.
Supporters of the act say it protects the country against a similar crisis in future, while those against it – including Kustoff – say it over-regulates the industry.

boy says I love titties – ment to say kitties – oops

A little boy flipped one letter and changed the conversation. This is how the video is described.
“An adorable little boy was caught on video trying to say ‘I love kitties’ – but he ended up proclaiming ‘I love titties’ instead

Two adults, who filmed the short clip, can be heard laughing at the child’s adorable mistake.

They are the one who encourage him to try to pronounce the sentence at the beginning of the video, asking: ‘Say kitties’, then ‘Say, “I love kitties.”

The clip seems to have been filmed around Christmas time, as evidenced by the decorations below the television set.

It looks like the adults interrupted the little boy in the middle of a television-viewing session to make him demonstrate his pronunciation – much to their delight.

The toddler seems blissfully unaware of his mistake as he grins widely before calmly resuming his activities” (daily mail, 2017. )

man busted when he sends Facebook post about weed to the cops

Police in New Zealand were messaged by mistake. A Facebook user sent them a private message saying: ‘Oi bro when are we gonna get blazed with all your weed? They replied
‘Whoops wrong person’.
Then they thought why not take this as a good lesson for the holiday that is coming up.
A screenshot of the interaction was posted to the New Zealand Police Facebook page on Good Friday urging people to be safe over the Easter weekend.
The post included the hashtag, ‘when you accidentally message NZ Police’, and reminded everyone to watch their speed over the long weekend but not to watch their social media while driving, reports the daily mail.
Good advice. Whether the post was sent as a joke is yet to be uncovered but social media users found the post entertaining with more than 1,500 likes since it went live.

Can we talk about unc troling wis?

It is 10:12 pm and Florida won on a buzzer beater perhaps 15 minutes ago? UNC-Chapel Hill doesn’t take long to troll the loser.

While they didn’t reply to the tweet, they were classy to uf.

@realDonaldTrump tweeted about @SnoopDogg in 2017 while he was president

Does anyone love Twitter? If you say hey what’s the point Twitter is stupid, I would disagree. Twitter is perfect for someone to see into the mind of someone else in real time.
That is how our president uses Twitter. How else would you explain this story. Earlier today he had this to say about snoop dogg. Yes that Snoop Dogg;The rapper.

Where did this come from mr. President? Apparently Mr. Trump is unhappy that Snoop Dogg shared a music video of him shooting at an image of President Trump.
He apparently pondered about this for a while because this tweet came down two hours later.
Some users were not having it.

Chicken Noodle soup is good for the bank account. Man wins money after making a choice to buy soup

A man in New York has an odd story to tell that involves a lucky can of soup, a scrach ticket and a burger.
Neal Damato won the New York Lottery’s Set for Life instant game, worth at least $5 million when he made a split second choice to spend $20 at a scratch ticket vending machine.
I was not working that day and told my wife that I wanted to go out for a burger for lunch, Damato said. After that, we did a couple of errands and my wife told me she wanted to go to Kohl’s. I sat in the car like I always do, feeling really stuffed from the burger. I decided to head over to the Stop and Shop for a can of soup for dinner because that’s all I had room for.
I scratched the first ticket outside the store and stood there in disbelief thinking, ‘Something’s not right here1’ he told Newsday. I double- and triple-checked, and then went looking for my wife. He opted to receive a lump sum of $2,624,617 after required holding and hopes to add Tahiti to the itinerary for his 50th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii with his wife Carol. His wife said she would rather prioritize the prize money by spending it on their children. We both want to help our kids with their college bills and mortgages and pay off other bills the best we can, she said. Damato never ate the soup.
One thing is certain, he said. No one will ever open that can. I want them to bury me with that lucky can of chicken noodle.