What does the fox want? – a slice of pizza

A fox in Sweden hopped into an open car and stole a slice of pizza because he’s da boss! The owner of the car could do nothing as the fox stole a slice of pizza.
“I worked and then I saw that the fox was heading into my car so I started filming and then it jumped into the car and took my lunch, so I had to go hungry for the rest of the day,” the filmer wrote. I have several questions:
1. why did you leave your car door open?
2. Was the slice gluten free? Perhaps the fox had a gluten alergy.


People on twitter messed with the @FBIAlbuquerque account and it was awesome!

The idea was simple – send out a tweet that talked about a program about internship and ask people to reply with the questions they had.
Well, people replied with the questions they had – most were not about the internship.
Today is the day! Join us for our live chat to answer all your questions about the #FBI Honors Internship: 2-4pm EDT 11-1 PDT #FBIHonors pic.twitter.com/WBi9J3mZKR

– FBI Albuquerque (@FBIAlbuquerque) September 27, 2017
Check out a sampling of the wildest queries below:

Would you recommend that I settle in Albuquerque? Wanna set a shop for a blue product that I make. I am chemist teacher. Final cancer stage. Hows your relations with DEA over there ?

– Steven Jones (@jonesteven) September 27, 2017 Badger and Skinny Pete are still on the loose.

– Dan Zimmerman (@STL_t_rav) September 27, 2017 how much of Breaking Bad was real

– Caroline McCarthy (@caro) September 27, 2017 TELL US THE TRUTH BEHIND ROSWELL I KNOW WHAT YOU DID

– Atticus Goldfinch (@AtticusGF) September 27, 2017 Where can one obtain $9,980 in non-sequential twenties? Asking for a friend.

– Cranky Gordon (@CrankyGordon) September 27, 2017 Where in the hell is D. B. Cooper???

– jimi (@cebumadman) September 27, 2017 aliens? Don’t fave this if they exist.

– Amna (@AGlasgowGirl) September 27, 2017 can you confirm that avril lavigne died in 2003 and was replaced with a lookalike

– [insert wave emoji] (@WilldeFries) September 27, 2017 Does Alexa report to the FBI?

– Lou Meigs (@loumeigs1) September 27, 2017 Which particular Communist organizations would be a problem for a recruit?

– Fred N. (@LesserFrederick) September 27, 2017 Are the rumors true that you guys know where Elvis is hiding?

– Charles Bukowski (@jdawson70) September 27, 2017 Who does number 2 work for

– Chris (@Cra8456) September 27, 2017 Why did you guys screw over the Baltimore PD at the end of Season 2 of The Wire?

– Sopan Deb (@SopanDeb) September 27, 2017 Have you gotten to go to a crime scene yet and say “who’s in charge here? Not anymore, this is FBI jurisdiction now! to the local cops?

– JT (@ElPolloLoco60) September 27, 2017

what have we learned? be clear. teacher says bring a 3 by 5 card for class – this person did

This professor learned that clarity is important.
A student did follow the instructions it was 3 by 5 only feet rather than inches.

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Can we talk about this Squirrel who scored a touch down in muteness points?

Lol! Too cute!
According to the UPI: A speedy squirrel sprinted drew cheers from the crowd as it sprinted into the end zone during a college football game Saturday.
The squirrel brought happyness into the hearts of the Kent State faithful because it could distract them from the 21-0 thumping they were getting from Louisville at the time.

this guy made a fake Equifax webssite – the real Equifax linked to it thrice

It is 9:43 pm as I write this and this is so scary to me.
Someone made a fake page during an event that has damaged the credit of millions. That is scary in of itself, what else is scary is the company linked to the fake page 3 times.
Nick Sweeting, a software engineer, created an imitation of equifaxsecurity2017.com, Equifax’s page about the security breach that may have exposed 143 million Americans’ personal information, and according to the New York Times Equifax linked to it.

Mr. Sweeting made the fake page to proove a point. Per the NYT:
“Fortunately for the people who clicked, Mr. Sweeting’s website was upfront about what it was. The layout was the same as the real version, complete with an identical prompt at the top: “To enroll in complimentary identity theft protection and credit file monitoring, click here. But a headline in large text differed: “Cybersecurity Incident & Important Consumer Information Which is Totally Fake, Why Did Equifax Use A Domain That’s So Easily Impersonated By Phishing Sites? .

It would be just as easy for phishers to create their own versions of the Equifax page, and that would be bad news for anyone entering the information required to enroll in identity theft protection: their surname and the last six digits of their Social Security number. (In Mr. Sweeting’s version, the form was disabled so that no information was saved.)

At the time of this writing his fake page is gone because the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers had blacklisted Mr. Sweeting’s site, and he took it down because his point was made. It only took him 20 minutes to make his fake page.
So, what did Equifax do?
They wrote this:
“We apologize for the confusion,” the statement said. “Consumers should be aware of fake websites purporting to be operated by Equifax. Our dedicated website for consumers to learn more about the incident and sign up for free credit monitoring is https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com, and our company homepage is equifax.com. Please be cautious of visiting other websites claiming to be operated by Equifax that do not originate from these two pages.
Apparently the NYT tried to ask a valid question: why did you not just make a page on the Equifax website?
When they made the new website they made it even easier for scammers to scam people. Mr. Sweeting prooved how easy it could be for a scofflaw to get a social security number. So, how did Mr. Sweeting make the fake page in 20 minutes?
Per the NYT: “Mr. Sweeting explained in his email that a Linux command, “wget,” allows anyone to download the contents of a website, “including all images, HTML, CSS, etc.
“It was super easy to just suck their whole site down with wget and throw it on a $5 server,” he wrote. “It currently has the same type of SSL certificate as the real version, so from a trust perspective, there’s no way for users to authenticate the real one vs. my server.

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this poll is for atlanta but anyone can answer.

I thaught this question from, The Daily Mail, could be a wonderful poll question.

Falkons have a mostly-useless Chick-fil-A in there new $1.6billion stadium

A $1.6billion stadium, an NFL team which plays on Sundays, and a company that doesn’t work on Sundays. Yes Atlanta has a Chick-fil-A in their new stadium.
While this sounds fantastic and glorious no one will be able to enjoy it while they watch a majority of NFL football games. Yes the Chick-fil-A will follow all the other Chick-fil-A stores and will be closed on Sundays. Sundays – the day the atlanta football team plays.
Only one of the Atlanta Falcon’s eight home games is not on a Sunday – a Thursday night square-off against the Seattle Seahawks.
Don’t feel to bad atlanta fans – you can eat a chicken sandwich while you watch Atlanta United games.
Five of the eight remaining Atlanta United games will be played there, along with two college football games over Labor Day Weekend and a Garth Brooks concert in October. So, why is the store always closed on Sundays?
Chick-fil-A has been closed on Sundays since the chain opened in 1946.

Founder Truett Cathy made the decision after having worked seven days a week in restaurants that were open 24 hours.

The website reads: ‘Truett saw the importance of closing on Sundays so that he and his employees could set aside one day to rest and worship if they choose – a practice we uphold today.