No one told this teen to not drink a #MilkShake after having her wisdom teeth pulled

What happens when a person eats a milkshake after having her wisdom teeth pulled?
A teen girl in Georgia tried to drink a milk shake but because of the drugs she was on she was unable to swallow. This caused the shake to dribble out of her mouth. “Am I swallowing? It feels like I’m swallowing,” the girl says through slurs. You feel sorry for her?


Man named Crook tries to ‘burn down gas station with lit cigarette after stealing package of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos’ – daily mail news – August 31, 2016

If this is truly his name then his parents shouldn’t be shocked.
Per The Daily Mail: “Joshua Lee Crook, 33, entered a BP gas station in the 3100 block of South Grand Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri, on Sunday afternoon and picked up the bag of Cheetos.
When the manager recognized him as someone who had stolen from him before, he told Crook to put the bag down or pay for it, according to St. Louis-Post Dispatch .
The manager said he put the Cheetos down and left, but a minute later came back in and made a beeline for the spicy, red snack, walking out with it.
When the manager confronted him, he allegedly pushed him and punched him in the face” (2016.)
Then Crook then went for the gas pump – spilling gas then adding a cigarette to the mix. It didn’t go caboom. He’s charged with third-degree assault, theft and trespassing.
In the mugshot released by police, it appears someone with blue Latex gloves had to forcefully hold his head for the camera. He is being held on $20,000 cash bail.
All for some cheetos really dude.

[title man flips out over cheetos – almost burns down a gas station.

this toddler taught us about the alphabet like a champ

A video showing a toddler singing the alphabet is cool.
She sang the alphabet song opra style.
check out the video below

Violet Ogea, a two-year-old from Shreveport, Louisiana, loves to sing her own versions of the songs her mother Christina Ogea serenades her with at bedtime.
One of those tunes is the alphabet song, which the clever little girl has already mastered before the age of three.
Per the Daily Mail: “In a video filmed by her mom, little Violet shows off her pipes with a vibrato-soaked version of the tune sang with plenty of emotion.
The blonde tot sports a pink T-shirt saying she is a mermaid at heart and a pair of jean shorts for her performance, filmed inside a theater.
The little girl belts out the letters one by one, waving her arms for emphasis with her tiny hands clenched into fists.
According to the preschooler’s mom, Violet sings to her mom and two brothers every day, always with the same operatic, dramatic style” (2016.)

this video of a baby hedgehog enjoying his snack is beyond cute

The daily mail makes this sound cute.
His name is Azuki and he was in a ball. His owner puts a spoon with a little bit of an apple next to his face.
“He suddenly leans forward as he realises there’s a treat in store and one of his little pink legs begins to appear from the depths of the soft white fur on his front.
Teasingly the owner waves the utensil around tantalisingly as Azuki grows more and more animated.
He follows the apple around with his nose, his limbs remaining still, until the spoon finally rests next to his mouth.
Azuki eagerly gobbles up the tiny piece – the picture of happiness and contentment. How cute!

A computer Riddle – please give me your answers on Twitter (@tylershepard223)

A riddle I saw on facebook.
ht: Madzi Dziri
“A friend wants to use his friend’s desktop computer.
When he opens it, he finds out that it is password protected. Now, he clicks on the hint and the following appears in front him: 1 just 2 bird 3 bite 4 cars 2 lamp 1 wind.
He is left confused entirely.
He has no clue. Can you help him with the password??
Tweet me your answers

In This Corner! Deer fights off five Tigers.

A deer in India is one tough deer. Either that, or this tiger didn’t want the meal that badly. Na it was not that, the deer is a fighter.
The mother tiger along with the four cubs tried to bring down this deer but it failed.
The mother tiger jumped on the deer and locked its powerful jaws around the deer’s throat. Rather than give up the deer fought off the tiger with a deer kick to the face.
The fight lasted 20 minutes where the deer kept trying to escape. It was not just the mother tiger but also the four cubs that she was hunting for who tried to bring down this deer. It didn’t work.
Well done deer!!!!!!!!!!

this guy stole from a house of god – got his

Don’t steal from a church.
That is the house of God.
I think God gave him what he deserved.
In addition to being jailed for 20 months, 34-year-old Paul Wild has remained in pain three months later.
Paul broke both of his ankles in his attempt to leave – the Winchester Cathedral after kicking out window pains that have not been replaced since the 1800s – and falling 25 feet with only 10 pounds. Besides fracturing his ankles in five places, he also broke several chests that hold bones.
According to the Daily Mail: “The six mortuary chests are believed to contain the remains of Egbert, King of Wessex, the first monarch to unite England, who died in 839 AD.
They are also understood to contain the bones of King Cnut, commonly known as Canute, who was a king of Denmark, England and Norway, and whose legacy was lost soon after his death with the Norman conquest of England in 1066.
Other chests to be damaged are thought to have William Rufus, who was King of England from 1087 until 1100, and Saint Swithun, who was an Anglo-Saxon bishop of Winchester.
“He admitted burglary and criminal damage, estimated at £37,867, to the mortuary chests and stained glass windows through which he battered an escape route” (daily mail, 2016.)
The bones that he may have damaged have themselves have history. These people didn’t rest in peace.
“The mortuary chests are currently stacked on the ground as part of a research project into the bones inside, which have become jumbled up.
However, they are believed to contain members of the Royal families of Wessex and England, from Cynegils who died in 642 AD to William Rufus, who was slain in the New Forest in 1100.
St Swithun, who is patron saint of the cathedral and whose bones are said to be in the chests, is famous for the proverb which states that if it rains on July 15 – St Swithun’s Day – it will rain for the next 40 days.
The first time the bones were mixed together happened when Bishop Henry of Blois exhumed them in 1158 to re-enter them into lead coffers.
Then in 1642, during the English Civil War, Parliamentarian troops stormed the cathedral and toppled the chests in an act of sacrilege.
They were gathered up and replaced, but it’s impossible to know which bones belong together.
Work to identify them at the cathedral, which attracts over 300,000 visitors a year, continues.