Alexa has gone to the birds

Someone filmed a parrot telling Amazon’s Alexa to turn on the lights.
Per the Daily Mail: In an amusing clip posted to Jukin Media Wednesday, a parrot named Petra can be heard ordering its owner’s virtual assistant, Alexa, to flip on the living room lights.
Petra first seemingly requests: ‘Alexa, all lights on1’ in an order the assistant immediately complies to afterward.
The parrot is then seen nodding its head as it continues to engage in a little more small talk.
Toward the end of the short clip, the pet bird is heard laughing out loud and whistling as in hangs on its habitat in the lit room. Cool!


Trump administration wants to increase the price of national park entrys

Ahh the National Parks. Chunks of land that is owned by the American people and should in my mind be free. That is just a pipe dream however.
It costs to enter a park but the Trump administration wants to make it cost even more.
This week while the rest of the nation was focusing on the indictments, the terrorist attack, the Civil War revisionism, the climate hating president or one of his aids thought it would be a good idea to tripple the price at some of the nations parks. The new price to go on a hike? – $70.
$70 per person? That would mean if I want to take me, my mother, my girlfriend, and her parents it would cost us about $280 to visit Glacier, Olympic, Mount Rainier, Zion, Yellowstone, along with 12 others across the country.
The Trump administration can’t seem to do math or perhaps they don’t care. The new fees for these parks will give the National Park Service, according to the NYT article, $70 million while Trump and his ilk want to slash the budget for the parks by almost $300 million. So, they will still be behind for upkeep. Meh to math they say.
According to the New York Times article national parks keep our history alive, real, and tangible. AFTER this week that is something we as a nation need in 2017.
“We saw again this week how confused so many people are about basic elements of our history. When a general, the Trump chief of staff John F. Kelly, doesn’t even have a grade-school understanding of the Civil War, you know we need more park-uniformed historians.

Kelly should visit the national battlefield at Antietam, site of the bloodiest single day in our history. Or walk up the slope of the national military park at Fredericksburg, Va. There, the Union Army’s Irish Brigade was slaughtered by the slaveholding forces of Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The park service keeps that vital history alive” (New York Times, 2017.) What do you think?

many with out power in carolinas

Thunderstorms came across the Carolinas and now people must clean up.
Per the ap: “At least 98,000 homes and businesses lost power, forcing some schools to close Tuesday. The National Weather Service reported that many trees and power lines were brought down across western North Carolina. Small planes were flipped over and their hangars crumpled at the Hickory Regional Airport. Drivers navigated flooded streets in Asheville and Boone, and possible tornados left trails of damage.
None were injured. Duke Energy said that by early Tuesday morning, its crews were still working to restore electricity to more than 87,000 customers.”
South Carolina was not spared. Per the ap: In South Carolina, an apparent tornado crunched buildings, flipped tractor trailers, downed trees and wrecked homes in the Spartanburg area. The Highway Patrol reported approximately 20 accidents in Spartanburg County, as well as traffic light malfunctions and trees down in roadways Monday afternoon.

the video of a tidal bore in china will amaze you

The Daily Mail has a video of an amazing tidal bore in China that will nock your socks off.
The Daily Mail describes the Qiantang River tidal bore like this:”Gigantic waves up to 10 metres (33 feet) travel down the trumpet-shaped Hangzhou Estuary at high speeds before crashing into the embankment with great momentum.
It should be noted The tidal waves, caused by the gravitational pulls of the sun and the moon, occur every month.
This year, the impressive tidal phenomenon will appear on October 7 on the Gregorian calendar because the bore is the strongest and most impressive on the 18th day of the eighth month on the lunar calendar – due to the lining up of the moon, sun and the earth.

a 23-foot snake tried to eat a gards arm – the village ate the snake

This snake thought it would be a good idea to eat the arm of a gard. Nope the village killed it and ate it. per the New York Post:
“Robert Nababan, 37, encountered the monster snake as it blocked traffic in the Riau Province on the island of Sumatra, the Telegraph UK reported .
He, unwisely, tried to move the scaly beast and ended up in the hospital after nearly getting his arm bitten off by its razor sharp teeth.
“I tried to catch it. It bit my arm, and we wrestled for a while,” he said from his hospital bed. It’s unclear how, but Nababan eventually bested the snake, according to the report.
Villagers strung up the giant reptile between two poles and later fried up and feasted on its meat, the Daily Mail reported .
The snake was likely a reticulated python, the world’s largest reptile, capable of eating fully grown pigs, and sometimes humans” (2017.) What did it taste like?

90 people have died in Mexico earthquake.

Sadly 90 people have died after the massive earthquake in Mexico.
People are sleeping outside in the city of Juchitan because their are hundreds of aftershocks.
Local officials said they had counted nearly 800 aftershocks of all sizes since late Thursday’s big quake, and the U.S. Geological Survey counted nearly 60 with a magnitude of 4.5 or greater.

Irma smacked them around now Saint-Martin, Saint Barthelemy brace for Jose

The hits just keep coming.
The United States is watching Irma come closer to Florida. Having already met Irma, the people on the Dutch-French Caribbean territories of Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy were bracing on Saturday for Hurricane Jose, a Category 4 storm expected to swipe the region.
According to reuters: Weather office Meteo France said the area would face new gusts of winds of more than 200 kph (125 mph) as well as torrential rains in the coming hours. Now according to the news service police have been increased after looting.
The ministry added 11 people suspected of “malicious actions” had been arrested since Friday.
Television footage showed scenes of chaos in Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy with submerged streets, boats and cars tossed into piles and rooftops ripped off.
A resident of Saint Martin told BFM TV she had heard gunshots and had seen people breaking into houses and shops in search of food.