the video of a tidal bore in china will amaze you

The Daily Mail has a video of an amazing tidal bore in China that will nock your socks off.
The Daily Mail describes the Qiantang River tidal bore like this:”Gigantic waves up to 10 metres (33 feet) travel down the trumpet-shaped Hangzhou Estuary at high speeds before crashing into the embankment with great momentum.
It should be noted The tidal waves, caused by the gravitational pulls of the sun and the moon, occur every month.
This year, the impressive tidal phenomenon will appear on October 7 on the Gregorian calendar because the bore is the strongest and most impressive on the 18th day of the eighth month on the lunar calendar – due to the lining up of the moon, sun and the earth.


a 23-foot snake tried to eat a gards arm – the village ate the snake

This snake thought it would be a good idea to eat the arm of a gard. Nope the village killed it and ate it. per the New York Post:
“Robert Nababan, 37, encountered the monster snake as it blocked traffic in the Riau Province on the island of Sumatra, the Telegraph UK reported .
He, unwisely, tried to move the scaly beast and ended up in the hospital after nearly getting his arm bitten off by its razor sharp teeth.
“I tried to catch it. It bit my arm, and we wrestled for a while,” he said from his hospital bed. It’s unclear how, but Nababan eventually bested the snake, according to the report.
Villagers strung up the giant reptile between two poles and later fried up and feasted on its meat, the Daily Mail reported .
The snake was likely a reticulated python, the world’s largest reptile, capable of eating fully grown pigs, and sometimes humans” (2017.) What did it taste like?

90 people have died in Mexico earthquake.

Sadly 90 people have died after the massive earthquake in Mexico.
People are sleeping outside in the city of Juchitan because their are hundreds of aftershocks.
Local officials said they had counted nearly 800 aftershocks of all sizes since late Thursday’s big quake, and the U.S. Geological Survey counted nearly 60 with a magnitude of 4.5 or greater.

Irma smacked them around now Saint-Martin, Saint Barthelemy brace for Jose

The hits just keep coming.
The United States is watching Irma come closer to Florida. Having already met Irma, the people on the Dutch-French Caribbean territories of Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy were bracing on Saturday for Hurricane Jose, a Category 4 storm expected to swipe the region.
According to reuters: Weather office Meteo France said the area would face new gusts of winds of more than 200 kph (125 mph) as well as torrential rains in the coming hours. Now according to the news service police have been increased after looting.
The ministry added 11 people suspected of “malicious actions” had been arrested since Friday.
Television footage showed scenes of chaos in Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy with submerged streets, boats and cars tossed into piles and rooftops ripped off.
A resident of Saint Martin told BFM TV she had heard gunshots and had seen people breaking into houses and shops in search of food.

thissssss issss my sssnake – Two diamond pythons go to war over a female snake

A video from australia shows two male diamond pythons dueling on the porch of a New South Wales home. Because that is the only spot on earth where you could see such a thing.
The video shows the two snakes duling it out and twining together so they could date a girl. Per the Daily Mail:
Colin Shoemark, who runs the Lake Macquarie Snake Catcher Facebook page said the pair were fighting for the right to mate with a potential female.

‘These two males will entwine each other and push the opposing males head down till the dominate male drives the other male away allowing him the opportunity to mate with a female in the area.

‘A not so common sight for most,’ he added.

One woman, who presumably lives in the home where the snakes appeared commented on the video saying she didn’t realise they were fighting.

‘I thought they were mating until Colin set me straight. Milly (the dog) wasn’t impressed but I was. Awesome,’ she wrote.
The video has gone viral. In just two days the video has been viewed more than 127,000 times and has been re-shared to 1,370 pages.

Kenya bans plastic bags – makes you pay out the nose – in bid to fight pollution

I live in a city that has band plastic bags. Although our law in Tacoma isn’t as strict as the one in Kenya. So, what happens if you have a plastic bag or if you receive one in Kenya?
You could face a fine of up to $38,000 (32,000 euros) and four-year prison sentences. So, why so strict?
According to the AFP: The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) estimates that Kenyan supermarkets hand out as many as 100 million plastic bags every year.
UNEP head Erik Solheim greeted the ban as “a huge, important step” to ending plastic pollution.

This guy had a lucky escape – swordfish stabbed him a millimetre from his jugular vein

A man has quite the story to tell – and it could have killed him.
Retired postman Alan Pope was in a boat preparing for a snorkelling trip in Indonesia when the swordfish leapt from the ocean and stabbed him in the neck.
The impact threw the 57-year-old to the floor of the boat and snapped the tip of the fish’s long bill leaving six inches in his neck and blood gushing from the wound.
They call it a swordfish because the bill is about the same size, shape and sharpness of a kitchen knife. Thankfully the blade missed his jugular vane by a millimeter.
His wife Sharon said: ‘I thought he’d been shot. I heard this thud and saw him on the floor of the boat with a hole in his neck, like a bullet circle. Then he started coughing and spitting up blood.

It was so close to his jugular and carotid arteries that it took 36 hours, and three hospitals, before doctors dared remove it because of the risks of the surgery.
The Popes, from Northampton, UK, were off the island of Lembongan when the incident occurred. ‘We hired a little wooden private charter boat to take us out; it was just me, my wife and the man in charge of the boat,’ said Mr Pope.

‘The water was quite choppy, but we got about half an hour out to sea when I felt this whack on the side of my head. It knocked me off my feet. I wasn’t sure what had happened, and then I felt this tickling in the back of my throat.

He had to endure a 30-minute boat ride to shore trying to stem the blood. He said: ‘The beak missed my jugular by a millimetre. The doctors said that if the surgery had gone wrong I could have bled out in three minutes. ___
He has quite the story and if that happened to me i’de go to church after the hospital.
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