tonight on tv for me

6:30 pm is tiny christmas, When a clumsy elf accidentally shrinks two kids on Christmas Eve, they get scooped up into Santa’s sack. When they are dropped off across the street, the tiny kids have to navigate holiday hazards to make it home safely. duration One hour 30 minutes. 8 pm is law and order, When Lt. Van Buren’s college friend’s daughter is found dead, she leads a no-holds-barred mission to catch the serial assailant who attacked her in the past. duration One hour. 9 pm is law and order Religious tempers flare when a man is killed after desecrating a treasured edition of the Hebrew Torah. duration One hour.
10 pm is law and order An officer exacts revenge upon his friend’s alleged killer and tries to avoid prosecution by threatening to expose tainted evidence from previous cases. duration One hour.


I plan on bringing back @nickelodeon & @disneychannel posts because I like them

Starting tomorrow, November 19, 2017, I plan on bringing back nickelodeon and disney channel posts because I like them.
Besides my own posts I plan on sharing Youtube videos from both channels because both have great content. I hope this is a new fun feature.

tonight on tv

A quick look at what I will be watching tonight.
5 pm is The Thundermans, Tired of hearing tales of Hiddenville’s legendary mayor, the kids use a time machine to travel back 60 years to disprove the myths; but when they inadvertently alter the past, the effect spells disaster for their hometown. duration 30 minutes.
5:30 pm is School of Rock, After comic books get banned at school, Tomika decides to create her own comic, but accidentally upsets her friends by not drawing them in the best light. duration 30 minutes.
6 pm is College Football, The 7-3 Tigers are on the road to take on the 4-6 Volunteers from Neyland Stadium. Tennessee leads the all-time series 20-9-3 over LSU. However, the Tigers have won the last four meetings, including a 21-14 win in the 2007 SEC Championship game.
7 pm is College Football Scoreboard, Presenting up-to-the-minute scores and highlights during the college football season. duration 30 minutes.
7:30 pm is College Football, The 5-5 Utes aim for their second win in three tries against the 8-2 Huskies. Despite Utah’s victory over Washington in 2015, the Huskies are 9-1 all-time against the Utes. Washington looks to bounce back from a tough 30-22 road loss to Stanford. duration 3 hours.

Making the connection between a costume on @nickelodeon’s #henrydanger and todays historical fact

I am trueely shocked and quite thankful that I made this connection.
It is perfect for tonight. On Henry Danger – a show about a boy who becomes a super hero – his little sister dresses up as Jonathan Swift because her father messed up the order. She was ment to be Taylor Swift. One of the other characters remarks that mr. Swift is a famous author. Now I know what he wrote. The quiz I have for you is this:

What did Jonathan Swift publish on October 28?
a book of poems]
a treetus on the rights of his fellow man.
a satire
On Oct. 28, 1726, the original edition of “Gulliver’s Travels,” a satirical novel by Jonathan Swift, was first published in London.

Who knew!

I cannot wait to watch Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

The plot to this book turned in to a movie looks awesome per Wikipedia:
“12-year-old Kyle Keeley is obsessed with the board games of Mr. Lemoncello, the world’s most renowned game maker. Big news comes to his town when it is revealed that Mr. Lemoncello is building a state-of-the-art public library, and he is holding an essay contest to let winners spend one night in a lock-in before the library’s opening. But Kyle’s knowledge of games and his friends’ knowledge of books and libraries are put to the test when they have to play the biggest game yet; having to escape from the library using only their wits and the clues scattered around. The movie is described thusly:
A boy and his friends find adventure when they enter a state-of-the-art library that opens doors to fantastical worlds. When excitement turns to jeopardy, things start to spiral out of control as literary characters run amok and cause chaos. duration One hour 30 minutes. This program is rated, TVG.

tonight on tv

5 pm is Henry Danger, After discovering contestants on Swellview’s Got Talent are losing consciousness, Captain Man and Kid Danger enlist the help of Charlotte and Schwoz in order to find out what is causing the mischief. duration 30 minutes.
5:30 pm is Game Shakers, In order to finish their new dance game on time, the Game Shakers have to wear a motion capture suit and dance their way through the next 48 hours. duration 30 minutes.
6 pm is Austin & Ally, A power outage traps the four friends in a Sonic Boom on Halloween; they pass the time by trading spooky stories. duration 30 minutes.
6:30 pm is Liv and Maddie, Maddie and Willow join in on the Senior Scare, in which high school seniors scare middle school students; Liv and Joey head to New York. duration 30 minutes.
7 pm is Girl Meets World, Maya and Riley meet the Ghost of the Bay Window; she’s a flapper girl that makes people dance and sing. duration 30 minutes.
7:45 pm is College Football, Pac-12 play continues as No. 6 Washington puts its undefeated record on the line against California at Husky Stadium. The Huskies are 5-0 following their 42-7 win over Oregon State. Washington has held opponents to an average of 11 points against. duration 3 hours.

@teennick after school lineup and party – October 6, 2017

Grab your popcorn and plop yourself down in front of the tv. You urned it. It’s Friday after all.
All times eastern. 3 pm is Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, Dawn grows tired of her brothers’ antics and moves into her own room. duration 30 minutes.
3:30 pm is Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, The quadruplets’ trip to their favorite water park is canceled when their parents discover that someone forgot to flush the toilet. duration 30 minutes.
4 pm is I Am Frankie, Dayton frantically tries to warn Frankie that WARPA is closing in on her; Sigourney decides that a move is the only way to keep her family safe. duration 30 minutes.
4:30 pm is Game Shakers, The Game Shakers take the subway to a boxing game pitch, but forget the gloves and send Trip and Hudson back for them. duration 30 minutes.
5 pm is iCarly, Spencer gets Freddie involved in a fencing match; Carly must plan a dinner for some relatives. duration 30 minutes.
5:30 pm is iCarly, When Carly bans T-Bo from the loft, she gets banned from the Groovy Smoothie; Freddie and Gibby discover the perks and drawbacks of being in a band. duration 30 minutes.
6 pm is Sam & Cat, Sam eats all of the meatballs that Cat has prepared for a special Moon Dinner; Cat becomes obsessed with finding the match to a shoe. duration 30 minutes.
6:30 pm is Sam & Cat, Cat invents a holiday so she can buy gifts for everyone; Cat snoops to find out what other people’s gifts are. duration 30 minutes.
7 pm is Victorious, Tori attempts to master a monologue for Sikowitz’s class; Andr? and Robbie join a ballet class to meet girls. duration 30 minutes.