Fox Sport’s Aaron Torres thinks that Chip Kelly Should Return to College Football

“By now you’ve probably heard that things didn’t well for Chip Kelly in Philadelphia”, so begins an article by Fox Sports writer Aaron Torres.
So, I was on Twitter on Tuesday at about 3:00 pst when I saw that Chip Kelly was trending. I honestly thought he had another press confrence or something. But, no this line from the Fox Sports article clears it right up. “Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 48 hours, you know that Kelly was fired on Tuesday, and that even if the timing was a little weird (just days before the Eagles’ final game of the season) the decision itself wasn’t. Clearly Kelly had lost touch with his players, and clearly the city of Philadelphia itself had turned on him. Once those bridges are burned, there is simply no repairing them.”
Mr. Torres says that Kelly should go back to college football, but he should take some time off first.
“That choice is to stay out of football for the entire 2016 season, and return with a vengeance to college during the 2017 season. It gives Kelly both the most options on where he’ll end up, and the best chance to succeed once he gets there. And frankly, I think Chip Kelly would be an idiot to not at least consider it.”
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The Associated Press asked people to sum up 2015 in 2 words – to declare 2016 within two words as well

It was a simple request can you sum up 2015 in two words and can you describe 2016 in two words? people did it and this is what they said


“A mess and a fresh start.

– Korawut Lam, college student


“Hope and change.

– Mona Arthur, journalist


“Smog and corruption.

– Chen Chen, hairdresser


“Economic crisis and Olympic crisis.

– Meire Gomes, jewelry seller


“Lousy economy and more money.

– Ronnie Boyd, seller of knickknacks and scarves on Times Square


“Tough life and better economy.

– Tony Wong, businessman


This girl consumed a thumbtack

Some good news.
A 3-year-old girl who swallowed a thumbtack while at an Ocala day care center is home from the hospital.
According to The Ocala Star-Banner Honesty Eads is resting at home following her release from UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida.
She swallowed the thumbtack Dec. 21 while she was at Precious Children Pre-School at Kingdom Christian Academy. She was taken to a hospital where a doctor could remove the foren object. The Ocala Police Department continues to investigate.
information via The Ocala Star-Banner ( )

hollywood birthdays – December 31, 2015

Today’s Birthdays: TV producer George Schlatter is 86. Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins is 78. Actor Tim Considine (TV: “My Three Sons”) is 75. Actress Sarah Miles is 74. Rock musician Andy Summers is 73. Actor Sir Ben Kingsley is 72. Producer-director Taylor Hackford is 71. Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg is 69. Actor Tim Matheson is 68. Pop singer Burton Cummings is 68. Actor Joe Dallesandro is 67. Rock musician Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith) is 64. Actor James Remar is 62. Actress Bebe Neuwirth is 57. Actor Val Kilmer is 56. Singer Paul Westerberg is 56. Actor Don Diamont is 53. Rock musician Ric Ivanisevich (Oleander) is 53. Rock musician Scott Ian (Anthrax) is 52. Actress Gong Li is 50. Author Nicholas Sparks is 50. Actor Lance Reddick is 46. Pop singer Joe McIntyre is 43. Rock musician Mikko Siren (Apocalyptica) is 40. Rapper PSY (Park Jae-sang) is 38. Rock musician Bob Bryar is 36. Actor/singer Erich Bergen (Film/stage: “Jersey Boys”) is 30. Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas is 20.


quotes in the news – December 31, 2015

Thought for Today: “Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you’re forced to! – William E. Vaughan, American newspaper columnist (1915-1977).

‘As scientists, it’s a little humbling that we’ve kind of been saying this for 20 years now, and it’s not until people notice daffodils coming out in December that they start to say, ‘Maybe they’re right.

MYLES R. ALLEN, a climate scientist at Oxford University, on how emissions of greenhouse gases are related to extreme weather..

A thought for the day: Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one. — Brad Paisley


How do you plan on spending your new years eve

Let’s face it if your in the Northwest in the United States it will be cold, if your in the Northeast it will be warm.
Regardless of the temperature, New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the ending of one year and the introduction of another.
If you would like to share your plans feel free on ) or in the comments section. I will distill these comments and share a community post.