wtf are Spray-On Rainbow HEADBANDS

Apparently people on social media are in love with Spray-On Rainbow HEADBANDS and I have no idea wtf they are? How can you have a headband that isn’t solid.
You cannot have one that is made just out of paint according to the college dictionary of the english language: “a band of fabric worn around the head as a decoration or to keep the hair or perspiration off the face.
Apparently it isn’t something that you spray around your head and call it a headband. Nope. You take a normal headband and start layering on the colors. Teen Vogue explains:
“Bumble and Bumble stylist Allen Thomas Wood took to Instagram to show off the look, which was sort of created by accident. Wood explained to Vogue that he originally intended to make a monochromatic stenciled headband as an experiment, but he just kept layering on colors until the style took on a rainbow effect.

The result is certainly worthy of a thousand double-taps. With various stripes of neon green, bold blue, and even an ombré of pink and purple, Wood’s rainbow headband is the perfect combination of that throwback middle school stye with 2017’s unicorn vibes” (Teen Vogue, 2017.)
It is wise to avoid products that react negatively to water. Mr. Wood’s color mixture was

choose your font smartly – bag says hitler ment to say glitter

A bag has a bad font. According to some Twitter users the bag –
made by BelleChic and sold by Quotable Life – has a bad font. The font should say “I love glitter” but it says “I love Hitler. Not a smart font choice.
“BelleChic is still selling the tote, made by Quotable Life, on its website. (It’s currently marked down from $14 to $12.99.) However, as of Monday afternoon, the image of the bag looks a little different than the one that multiple Twitter users tweeted about on Sunday. “Glitter” is written in a new font, making the word much easier to read without mistaking it for the name of the world’s most infamous dictator” Teen vogue, 2017.)
Matt Molen, Chief Marketing Officer for BelleChic, responded to the backlash confirming that the original design had been pulled and the new product’s font has been updated.

“While I realize that most of the social media buzz and commentary has been tongue-in cheek, the type of abhorrent sentiment conveyed as part of the misinterpretation absolutely does not align with our company values, nor is it something we would ever want to encourage or support,” Molen told Allure. He also noted that BelleChic has been selling the product for over a year, and the company has never had issues with it before. This is why the apa, and mla say use a font that is easy to read. below are some tweets

Clear knee jeans are you serious? – I meditate on the idea from a blind mans perspective

I saw this headline in the daily mail “Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown cements her status as a style star by rocking THOSE clear-knee jeans while hanging out with pal” and I thought clear knee jeans? These are my thoughts and mine alone.
1. What are clear knee jeans? Do you put a plastic cover over where your knee should go?
2. Why on earth would anyone want to see your knees? If you are wearing jeans it is for two reasons. First, it is not warm enough to have shorts on. Second, The weather sucks and shorts never work well in rain. They are more of a sunshine at-the-beach kind of garb. So I ask you again who wants to see your knees.
3. Is this a sign of being cool? Hey check out Jessica’s knees.” “Wow she looks so cool!”
“Let us hang out with her.”

None of that has ever been said in a school campus.
If someone could explain this concept I would like to learn more.

This Dad wares a Pokémon Tie – internet loves him

I cannot say if this is cool or beyond cool.
However, I can say Gotta catch all the feels.
The dad Robert Olivo has awesome style. His son Dylan Olivo, an 18-year-old from Buda, Texas, just graduated from high school and is proud of his father’s style.
Thankfully Teen Vogue describes the tie: “The tie features a drawing of Pikachu (which, multiple Twitter users pointed out is actually pretty dang impressive for a kid) and a few Poké Balls.”

Yes the internet was happy.

This is the ultimate healthy foods list you’ll ever need – if you have most of these things you are a health nut.

Information via the daily mail.
“The list was put together by healthy lifestyle website ‘ Healthy. Happy. Smart.

It breaks down foods by category, such as beans and pulses, dairy, and protein. By far the biggest category on the list is fruits and vegetables” (2017.)
If you can buy organic do it according to the website. They broke the list down but I am lazy. 1. Artichoke.
2. Avocado.
3. Organic carrots.
4. Blueberries.
5. Sweetcorn.
6. Dried fruit.
7. Fresh herbs.
8. Organic kiwi fruit.
9. Mango.
10. Nectarines.
11. Organic onions.
12. Papaya.
13. Organic peppers.
14. Organic strawberries.
15. Organic sweet potatoes.
16. Organic apples.
17. Organic broccoli.
18. Blackberries.
19. Organic celery.
20. Organic dates.
21. Aubergine.
22. Grapefruit.
23. Organic greens (curly kale.
24. Melon.
25. Organic mushrooms.
26. Peas.
27. Organic pears.
28. Squash (eg butternut squash.)
29. Organic tomatoes.
30. Asparagus.
31. Organic bananas.
32. Organic cauliflower.
33. Cherries.
34. Organic cucumber.
35. Organic grapes.
36. Organic garlic.
37. Organic lemons or limes.
38. Organic green beans.
39. Organic oranges.
40. Peaches.
41. Organic potatoes.
42. Organic raspberries.
43. Pineapple
44. Almond oil.
45. Flaxseed oil.
46. Sesame oil.
47. Walnut oil.
48. Organic peanut butter.
49. Almonds.
50. Chia seeds.
51. Macadamia nuts.
52. Pumpkin seeds.
53. Sunflower seeds.
54. Water chestnuts.
55. Avocado oil.
56. Olives.
57. Safflower oil.
58. Almond butter.
59. Sunflower seed butter.
60. Brazil nuts.
61. Linseed.
62. Unsalted peanuts.
63. Pine nuts.
64. Sesame seeds.
65. Coconut oil.
66. Olive oil.
67. Sunflower oil.
68. Cashew butter.
69. Tahini.
70. Cashews.
71. Hazelnuts.
72. Pecans.
73. Pistachios.
74. Walnuts.
75. Agave nectar.
76. maple syrup.
77. honey.
78. No added sugar ketchup.
79. Lime (for lime juice.
80. Coffee.
81. No added sugar mustard.
82. Vinegars Balsamic.
83. Tamari.
84. Coconut sugar.
85. Lemon (for lemon juice.
86. Green tea.
87. Organic whole milk.
88. Block of parmesan cheese.
89. Greek style yoghurt.
90. Cottage cheese.
91. Unsweetened soy milk.
92. Unsweetened almond milk.
93. Unsweetened rice milk.
94. Unsweetened coconut milk.
95. Organic whole chicken.
96. Free range eggs.
97. Wild caught salmon fillets.
98. Organic beef (organic rump steak.
99. Pork (pork loin steaks.
100. Venison (venison steaks.
101. Organic tofu.
102. Black beans.
103. Pinto beans.
104. Brown rice.
105. Basmati rice.
106. Barley.
107. Edamame beans.
108. Millet.
109. Oats.
110. Cannellini beans.
111. Adzuki beans.
112. Wild rice.
113. Jasmine rice.
114. Black eyed beans.
115. Lentils (red split lentils.
116. Whole wheat cous cous.
117. Red kidney beans.
118. Butter beans.
119. Red rice.
120. Quinoa.
121. Chickpeas.
122. Split peas.
123. Tempeh.
124. Multigrain and rye bloomer.
125. Quinoa pasta.
126. Wholemeal flour.
127. Buckwheat flour.
128. Multigrain tortillas.
129. Brown rice pasta.
130. Coconut flour.
131. Gram flour.
132. Corn tortilla.
133. Whole wheat pasta.
134. Almond flour.
135. Oat flour.

(fox) – 11-year-old traumatized after shampoo leaves her hair ‘fused’. – March 15, 2017

[title 11-year-old girl has her hair fused together – thanks to shampoo

An Eleven-year-old girl from the United Kingdum is not having a good day.
Elisha Dixon, 11, was prescribed Dermal’s Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo by doctors at Low Moor Medical Practice in Bradford, West Yorks, in England, last month, Fox reports. As soon as she put it on her hair, the shampoo caused her scalp to burn and her hair to get fused. The parents could not do anything for her. So, they asked the doctor who said Google it.
After being rushed to the doctor she was told that nothing could be done until the matted hair was gone.
“The youngster was then forced to find a hairdresser who could help rectify the masses of matted hair.

After several refused to help, an experienced hairdresser came to her aid – saying it was in the worst condition she had seen throughout her career.

The hairdresser spent seven hours trying to salvage the do – but was eventually forced to chop off Elisha’s 21-inch locks to just three inches” Fox reports.

how to say Zendaya’s name like how @Zendaya would

We can all agree that the name Zendaya is unique. Much like she is. So, the star undertook something that is truely scary, she googled herself. (That is scary for a star I assume.) She did it because she’s the queen! After Googling herself she found out the most important question asked by fans is how to say her name. So, she grabbed a camra and told us how to say her name.
It is broken down the way the Associated Press would do it. Zen-day-a. That is her name. Zen-day-a that is it. enough said. Their you go.
Do you need anything else in your life? Na!