please share if this is you. I am feeling suicidal but I don’t want to talk to anyone what can I do?

Q: What do I do if I feel depressed, suicidal, or just need someone to talk to, but I don’t want to call the crisis hotline?
a. Some people don’t want to talk to a real person they would rather use more moddern methods. Thankfully crisis counselors understand this. According to a friend on Facebook
Did you know that if you text 741741 when you are feeling depressed, suicidal, or just needing someone to talk to, a crisis counselor will text with you? Many people would rather text than talk. Spread the word. It’s a free service.
Could one friend please copy and repost? Demonstrate that someone is always listening. ????????????????
You are important.


5 tips to make sure you don’t lose your stuff

Their is nothing more annoying than losing your keys, wallet, phone, and anything else you need to start your day. So, The Daily Mail has some advice.
Explanation: if you put your stuff in the spot it should be your brain will form a map to it. Note: put it in that spot every time. 2. THE 18-INCH RULE.
Explanation: Apparently most of the time your stuff only travels 18 inches from where you last had it. Check the entire area. 3. RETRACE YOUR STEPS.
Explanation: Think of a smell, taste, or feeling you had when you lost your object. 4. KEEP COOL.
Explanation: you will find your stuff but it doesn’t help matters if you freak out. 5. HELPFUL GADGETS.
Explanation: if you cannot find your stuff ask tech.

these 8 tips might get you ready for the gym in the morning

Let us face it, getting up for the gym sucks. It is hard to get up and leave your bed when it is easier to stay in it. These tips might help.
1. Get up early even when you don’t need to go to the gym.
2. tell yourself that you only need to manage a small gym task. Say you need to do a 300 seconds plank rather than say you need to do a 5 minute plank. 3. make an epic playlist.
4. have a major goal and sign a contract. If you sign up for a marathon you better get working out. 5. sign up for early classes. An early class may inspire you to get up.
6. Have friends who will keep you honest. An honest friend will make you earn it because you don’t want to hear it from them over text.
7. think about how great you will feel after the run. There is nothing more inspiring than perspiring early because you get a good feeling.
8. Don’t think of it as something hellish rather think of it as something fun to do. hope these help.

baby shampoo will help you fix your clothes

We have all had this happen to us. You put an article of clotheing into the wash then you pull it out and see that it has shrunk. What do you do?
Below is a recipe


  • Servings: 1″
  • Difficulty: ”easy”
  • Print
doesn’t work on wool garments.


  1. soapy water
  2. 1/3 cup baby shampoo
  3. a bucket


  1. fill a bucket with soapy water.
  2. put the garment in the bucket for half an hour.
  3. after removing the garment, put it on a dry towel.
  4. stretch out the garment to what you want it to be.

these are 5 tips from a sleep specialist on how to get better rest on a work night

It is a work night and you have a lot to do before you go to bed. In order to get everything done you must sacrifice your sleep. Does that sound like you?
you’re not alone. More than a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep, according to a study released by the CDC ‘s Division of Population Health in February.
The survey found that almost 35% of adults get less than seven hours of sleep per night, the recommended minimum amount to reduce the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and cardiovascular disease.
We cannot have this. So, I must thank Dr. Ana Krieger, medical director of the Weill Cornell Center for Sleep Medicine, for providing these tips.
1. Create a routine to help yourself wind down Having a pre-bedtime routine is key to getting a good night’s sleep. “Insert a 10-minute period before going to sleep where you do quiet activities, decrease the light in the apartment, and maybe play some soothing music,” Krieger says.
2. Banish electronics before bed Particularly on weeknights, when you have emails to catch up on and texts and missed calls to return, it seems impossible to be further than arm’s length from your smartphone and laptop. The light effects our brain into thinking that it is daytime.
3. Write down your thoughts If you have a hard time clearing your mind of the day’s thoughts, Krieger advises keeping a blank piece of paper on your nightstand and making what she calls a “worry list.
4. Don’t think about sleep as you’re trying to fall asleep “One of the most basic rules is that you can’t think about sleep, because the more you worry about sleep, the worse your sleep becomes,” Krieger says. You get stressed and that stops you from sleeping.
5. Maintain a regular sleep schedule throughout the week and weekend Extreme changes in your schedule can have a negative impact on the quality of your rest and your ability to fall asleep.
“The body’s circadian rhythm knows and recognizes the time we usually go to sleep, so it’s very important for us to try to maintain that rhythm within a 24-hour stretch,” Krieger explains. On Saturday don’t sleep in, get up within an hour of your normal time.