This guy chugged a beer every mile of a half marathon – still came under 2 hours

This guy is awesome!
The Daily Mail describes him as a runner with an iron stummic. I cannot name many people who can run 3.1 miles while shotgunning beers.
Notre Dame senior Emmet Farnan ran the April 1 Holy Half Marathon in South Bend, Indiana in an hour and 43 minutes after chugging a Coors Light every mile. He insists it’s no April Fools joke and has the video to prove it reports the paper.
‘I wish this was an April Fool’s joke, but I’m going to run the Holy Half right now and I’m going to do it a little special,’ he said at the beginning of the video. ‘Every mile I’m going to shotgun a beer at the beginning of it. ‘I don’t know how it’s going to go, probably I’m going to want to die at seven or eight,’ Farnan said before starting the 13.1-mile race Apparently this is a thing.
You can follow the records of the subculture documented on the website .
According to the site, a man in a Belgian half-marathon posted a beer-mile time of an hour and 34 minutes in December, even faster than Farhan’s hour and 43-minute time, reports the daily mail.
Farnan would likely be disqualified for a record under the site’s ‘official’ rules though, which require beers that are at least five per cent alcohol by volume. Farnan’s beer of choice, Coors Light, is 4.2 percent ABV.
Still love this guy.

sports | Sergio Garcia won The 2017 Masters – what a story

Congratulations go out to Sergio Garcia who won The 2017 Masters tournament on Sunday.
If The New York Times story is any indication then today was an even better day for Sergio Garcia. Not only did he win the colored jacket but he won it on the birthday of his idal. The Times wrote:
“In Europe, the man who popularized golf was the Spaniard Seve Ballesteros, who was Arnold Palmer with an accent. Like Palmer, Ballesteros was very, very good when he hit his drives straight and even better if they went crooked.

In 1980, three months after Sergio García was born, Ballesteros won the first of his two Masters titles. García grew up idolizing the swashbuckling Ballesteros, whose influence on García’s golf and his life was immense.

Nearly six years after Ballesteros died of brain cancer, on what would have been his 60th birthday, García conquered the field, Augusta National and his demons not necessarily in that order to win the Masters.

García weathered the challenge of his playing partner Justin Rose and potential calamity on the back nine to claim his long-awaited first major title”. | New York Times. Wow love this story.

This 13-year-old boy is the spirit of sports – bam what!

A 13-year-old boy with no arms and no prosthetic proved that a miner detail couldn’t stop him from scoring the winning basket for his team. Jamarion Styles you are the man! Holy moly!
The 13-year-old lost both his arms to a rare bacteria at just eight months old, but has become an internet sensation after proving that he can play sports just like any other child.
A touching video shows the moment he scores the winning shot for his basketball team from Eagles Landing Middle School in Boca Raton, Florida, and the crowd rushes to him in a massive celebration. Nothing more need be said.

Can we talk about unc troling wis?

It is 10:12 pm and Florida won on a buzzer beater perhaps 15 minutes ago? UNC-Chapel Hill doesn’t take long to troll the loser.

While they didn’t reply to the tweet, they were classy to uf.

engagement is good luck for Cal womens coach Gottlieb

Cal womens coach Lindsay Gottlieb had a wonderful 24 hours. First, her longtime boyfriend Patrick Martin proposed on Sunday. Then, she got a slot in the tournament.
“It definitely was a great stretch,” Gottlieb said in a phone interview late Monday night to the ap. Her new future husband is a math nerd. “He’s a big math and analytics nerd, gotten way into the basketball stuff,” she said. “He built his own analytical model to crunch the numbers of the bubble teams, and he had us in.
After spending hours discussing the possibilities, Gottlieb said she was on the couch when Martin came over and proposed.
“How bout we do stuff this for the rest of our life,” Gottlieb recalled of the proposal . Her response: “Sounds like a plan.
Gottlieb said Martin actually texted Bears star player Kristine Anigwe to see if it was OK to propose.
“Kristine and Patrick have a really special relationship, and it was sweet that he asked her,” Gottlieb said. Congrats!

This weekend will be huge!

This weekend will be huge in terms of pop culture and a personal weekend for me. Let us look at what makes this weekend so freakishly huge!! ___ Friday:
On Friday March 10, 2017 my last major essay will be done. I have until 5:00 pm to complete it. Once this essay is done, then my well deserved break can officially start.
I am thankful that the deadline is 5:00 pm and that I do not need to study for any finals. Otherwise I would miss this major event on Disney.
at 8:00 pm is Tangled Before Ever After, Rapunzel must learn to embrace her long golden hair after mystical rocks cause her locks to magically grow back. Animated. duration One hour 5 minutes. All the stars return.
___ Saturday:
The highlight for Saturday starts at 7:30 pm is Henry Danger, Captain Man and Kid Danger learn that an astronaut has been taken hostage aboard the Space Station, and set off on a space rescue. duration 30 minutes. Part 1 of 2. Then at 8:00 pm is Nickelodeon’s 2017 Kids’ Choice Awards, Children choose favorites from across the worlds of film, television, music, pop culture, animation and more. duration One hour 30 minutes. ___ Sunday:
Sunday is a big day if you like the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) tournament for Basketball.
At 6:00 pm et on ESPN is Bracketology, where the 64 teams find out where they stand in the brackets for the upcoming tournament duration 2 hours.

Tennis umpire recovering after the orbital bone under his left eye was fractured

I have never had my orbital bone fractured or even hit with a tennis ball.
Per reuters: “Chair umpire Arnaud Gabas has undergone successful surgery in France to repair a fracture of the orbital bone under his left eye,” the ITF said in a statement.

“The fracture was detected when doctors performed X-rays upon Mr Gabas’s return from Ottawa, where he was unintentionally hit by a ball during the Davis Cup… tie between Canada and Britain on 5 February.
The moment happened when Shapovalov, 17, of Canada unintendedly sent the ball right into the face of Mr. Gabas. He later apologized but was fined $7000.
The tie was awarded to Britain.
Feel better soon mr. Gabas.