Falkons have a mostly-useless Chick-fil-A in there new $1.6billion stadium

A $1.6billion stadium, an NFL team which plays on Sundays, and a company that doesn’t work on Sundays. Yes Atlanta has a Chick-fil-A in their new stadium.
While this sounds fantastic and glorious no one will be able to enjoy it while they watch a majority of NFL football games. Yes the Chick-fil-A will follow all the other Chick-fil-A stores and will be closed on Sundays. Sundays – the day the atlanta football team plays.
Only one of the Atlanta Falcon’s eight home games is not on a Sunday – a Thursday night square-off against the Seattle Seahawks.
Don’t feel to bad atlanta fans – you can eat a chicken sandwich while you watch Atlanta United games.
Five of the eight remaining Atlanta United games will be played there, along with two college football games over Labor Day Weekend and a Garth Brooks concert in October. So, why is the store always closed on Sundays?
Chick-fil-A has been closed on Sundays since the chain opened in 1946.

Founder Truett Cathy made the decision after having worked seven days a week in restaurants that were open 24 hours.

The website reads: ‘Truett saw the importance of closing on Sundays so that he and his employees could set aside one day to rest and worship if they choose – a practice we uphold today.

What a debut! – it took Alexandre Lacazette 15 minutes to score

15 minutes into his Arsenal career Alexandre Lacazette scores his first goal.
He started the match on the bench but was brought on in the 68th minute, when Arsenal was 1-0 over Sydney FC on Thursday.
Just 15 minutes later, the Gunners doubled their lead with Lacazette scoring a fine goal from close range – his first ever shot in a Gunners shirt. You can google the goal.

people throw fake dollar bills during soccer match

One goal keeper has learned the feelings of his supporters.
Fans of AC Milan took out their discontent with Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma by throwing fake dollar bills at him. The event took place during the under 21 match between Italy and Denmark.
As well as fake dollar bills being thrown at Donnarumma during Italy’s 2-0 victory over Denmark in the Polish city of Krakow on Sunday, a banner emblazoned with “Dollarumma” was displayed.
The 18-year-old Donnarumma has made more than 70 first-team appearances for Milan since his debut in 2015. But the club said on Thursday that Donnarumma does not want to sign a new deal. He has a year left on his Milan contract.

Woods arrested for DUI

Golf superstar Tiger Woods was arrested Monday in Florida on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according to records from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, reports AFP.
According to the media outlet mr. Woods was booked into the Palm Beach County jail on Monday at 7:18 am. He was released a few hours later.
According to the AP mr. Woods was arrested on Military Trail, south of Indian Creek Parkway.
It was the first time Woods has run into trouble off the golf course since he plowed his SUV into a tree and a fire hydrant outside his Windermere, Florida, home in the early morning after Thanksgiving in 2009, which led to revelations that he had multiple extramarital affairs.

This guy chugged a beer every mile of a half marathon – still came under 2 hours

This guy is awesome!
The Daily Mail describes him as a runner with an iron stummic. I cannot name many people who can run 3.1 miles while shotgunning beers.
Notre Dame senior Emmet Farnan ran the April 1 Holy Half Marathon in South Bend, Indiana in an hour and 43 minutes after chugging a Coors Light every mile. He insists it’s no April Fools joke and has the video to prove it reports the paper.
‘I wish this was an April Fool’s joke, but I’m going to run the Holy Half right now and I’m going to do it a little special,’ he said at the beginning of the video. ‘Every mile I’m going to shotgun a beer at the beginning of it. ‘I don’t know how it’s going to go, probably I’m going to want to die at seven or eight,’ Farnan said before starting the 13.1-mile race Apparently this is a thing.
You can follow the records of the subculture documented on the website BeerMile.com .
According to the site, a man in a Belgian half-marathon posted a beer-mile time of an hour and 34 minutes in December, even faster than Farhan’s hour and 43-minute time, reports the daily mail.
Farnan would likely be disqualified for a record under the site’s ‘official’ rules though, which require beers that are at least five per cent alcohol by volume. Farnan’s beer of choice, Coors Light, is 4.2 percent ABV.
Still love this guy.

sports | Sergio Garcia won The 2017 Masters – what a story

Congratulations go out to Sergio Garcia who won The 2017 Masters tournament on Sunday.
If The New York Times story is any indication then today was an even better day for Sergio Garcia. Not only did he win the colored jacket but he won it on the birthday of his idal. The Times wrote:
“In Europe, the man who popularized golf was the Spaniard Seve Ballesteros, who was Arnold Palmer with an accent. Like Palmer, Ballesteros was very, very good when he hit his drives straight and even better if they went crooked.

In 1980, three months after Sergio García was born, Ballesteros won the first of his two Masters titles. García grew up idolizing the swashbuckling Ballesteros, whose influence on García’s golf and his life was immense.

Nearly six years after Ballesteros died of brain cancer, on what would have been his 60th birthday, García conquered the field, Augusta National and his demons not necessarily in that order to win the Masters.

García weathered the challenge of his playing partner Justin Rose and potential calamity on the back nine to claim his long-awaited first major title”. | New York Times. Wow love this story.