history fact – December 17, 2017

Today’s Highlight in History: On Dec. 17, 1967, Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt, 59, disappeared while swimming in the ocean off Cheviot Beach in Victoria state; despite an extensive search, his body was never found (Holt was succeeded as premier by John McEwen).


tonight on tv

8 pm is The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Amy try to use math to eliminate wedding planning stress; Koothrappali “breaks up” with Wolowitz after realizing he is hurting his confidence. duration 31 minutes.
8:31 pm is Young Sheldon, Meemaw causes a feud when she refuses to give George Sr. her brisket recipe; the kids try to resolve the feud. duration 30 minutes.
9 pm is NCIS, Gibbs and his team are called to investigate when a fellow NCIS agent is found murdered. Guest star: Tim Kelleher. duration One hour.
10 pm is S.W.A.T., Hond

hollywood birthdays – December 7, 2017

Those born on this date are under the sign of Sagittarius. They include Italian sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1598; Theodor Schwann, German physiologist and co-originator of cell theory, in 1810; novelist Willa Cather in 1873; department store chain founder Richard Sears in 1863; linguist Noam Chomsky in 1928 (age 89); actor Ellen Burstyn in 1932 (age 85); rock/folksinger Harry Chapin in 1942; baseball Hall of Fame member Johnny Bench in 1947 (age 70);
singer/songwriter Tom Waits in 1949 (age 68); basket

tonight on tv for me

6:30 pm is tiny christmas, When a clumsy elf accidentally shrinks two kids on Christmas Eve, they get scooped up into Santa’s sack. When they are dropped off across the street, the tiny kids have to navigate holiday hazards to make it home safely. duration One hour 30 minutes. 8 pm is law and order, When Lt. Van Buren’s college friend’s daughter is found dead, she leads a no-holds-barred mission to catch the serial assailant who attacked her in the past. duration One hour. 9 pm is law and order Religious tempers flare when a man is killed after desecrating a treasured edition of the Hebrew Torah. duration One hour.
10 pm is law and order An officer exacts revenge upon his friend’s alleged killer and tries to avoid prosecution by threatening to expose tainted evidence from previous cases. duration One hour.

hollywood birthdays – December 6, 2017

those born on this date are under the sign of sagittarius. They include England’s King Henry VI in 1421; lyricist Ira Gershwin in 1896; bank robber Lester Baby Face Nelson in 1908; jazz pianist Dave Brubeck in 1920; football Hall of Fame member Otto Graham in 1921; actor James Naughton in 1945 (age 71); actor JoBeth Williams in 1948 (age 69); actor Tom Hulce in 1953 (age 64); comedian Steven Wright in 1955 (age 62); actor Janine Turner in 1962 (age 55); actor Janine Turner in 1962 (age 55