These are the top 10 best jobs in the us if tech isn’t your thing

Do you hate technology. These are the top 10 jobs per

1. Physician: $187,876
2. Pharmacy Manager: $149,064
3. Patent Attorney: $139,272
4. Medical Science Liaison: $132,842
5. Pharmacist: $125,847
6. Enterprise Architect: $112,560
7. Physician Assistant: $112,529
8. Applications Development Manager: $112,045
9. Research & Development Manager: $111,905
10. Corporate Controller: $110,855


someone invented a $35 pokimon device that will katch pokemon

The company Niantic will finally release the Pokémon Go Plus on September 16, – a $35 accessory, promised since the game’s launch in July, that will make it much easier to catch Pokémon even when your phone is in your pocket. So, how does this work.
(Per A Blog Post) As you pass by a PokéStop, Pokémon GO Plus will vibrate and light up and alert you to the location. You’ll even be able to collect new items just by clicking the Pokémon GO Plus. If there’s nearby Pokémon hiding in your area you’ll be alerted with lights and vibrations; catch the Pokémon with a button on Pokémon GO Plus and then continue on your way (later, you can check your Journal to see which Pokémon you’ve just caught). Perhaps this will be much safer than you walking out in the middle of traffic.

A list of the stores open during #blackfriday

After the turkey and the stuff many people want to go shopping. Below is the list of stores that will be open. ___
– Discount Stores


Thanksgiving: Opens 6 p.m. and stays open all night into Black Friday.


Thanksgiving: Opens 7 p.m. and stays open all night into Black Friday.


Thanksgiving: Deals start at 6 p.m.

– Department Stores


Thanksgiving: Opens 3 p.m. and stays open all night into Black Friday.


Thanksgiving: Opens 6 p.m. and stays open all night into Black Friday.


Thanksgiving: Opens 6 p.m. and stays open all night into Black Friday.


Thanksgiving: Opens 6 p.m. and closes 2 a.m. Friday

Black Friday: Opens 5 a.m.

– Electronic Stores


Thanksgiving: Opens 5 p.m. and closes 1 a.m. Friday

Black Friday: Opens 8 a.m.


Thanksgiving: Closed

Black Friday: Opens 5:00 a.m.


Thanksgiving: Opens 4 p.m. and closes 12 a.m. Friday

Black Friday: Opens 7 a.m.


Thanksgiving: Opens 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Black Friday: Opens 8 a.m.

– Toy Stores


Thanksgiving: Opens 5 p.m. and stays open all night into Black Friday.

– Warehouse Stores


Thanksgiving: Closed

Black Friday: Opens 9 a.m.


Thanksgiving: Closed

Black Friday: Opens 7 a.m.

– Sporting Goods Stores


Thanksgiving: Opens 6 p.m. and closes 2 a.m. Friday

Black Friday: Opens 5 a.m.


Thanksgiving: Opens 6 p.m. and closes 12 a.m. Friday

Black Friday: Opens 6 a.m.

– Craft Stores


Thanksgiving: Closed

Black Friday: Opens 6 a.m.


Thanksgiving: Opens 4 p.m. and closes 2 a.m. Friday

Black Friday: Opens 7 a.m.

the donald speaks

Yes Donald Trump for President 2016 is a thing.
On Tuesday the billion-air kicked off his campaign with this quote:
“So ladies and gentlemen, I am officially running for president of the United States and we are going to make our country great again. It can happen. … I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. He had more to say and Newser compiled 10 of them.
“Even our nuclear arsenal doesn’t work. I thought it was horrible when [that fact] was broadcast on television because, boy, does that send signals to Putin … that America is a nation that truly has no clue. On ObamaCare: “You have to get hit by a tractor, literally a tractor to use it because the deductibles are so high. On what he says was $5 billion spent making the ObamaCare website: “I have so many websites. I have them all over the place. I hire people, it costs me $3. “We don’t have victories anymore … I beat China all the time. “Politicians are all talk, no action. Politicians will not bring us to the promised land. On China: “They’re building a military island in the middle of the South China Sea. Now our country would never do that because we’d have to get environmental clearance. You have a problem with ISIS, you have a bigger problem with China. “Saudi Arabia. They make $1 billion a day. I love the Saudis. Many are in this building. Whenever they have problems we send over the ships. What are we doing? They have nothing but money. … Saudi Arabia without us is gone. “Somebody said to me the other day, a reporter, ‘But Mr. Trump, you’re not a nice person. How can you get people to vote for you? I said, ‘I don’t know. I said, ‘Number one, I am a nice person. I think I’m actually a very nice person. But I said this is going to be an election that’s based on competence.’ “Some people say, ‘Well, Donald will never run and one of the main reasons is he’s private and he’s probably not as successful as everyone thinks.’ … So a large accounting firm has been working for months … and they’ve put together a financial statement. … I have assets, big accounting firm, $9,240,000,000. And I have liabilities of about $500 [million] .. so I have a total net worth of $8,737,540,000. I’m not doing that to brag. I’m doing that to say that’s the kind of thinking our country needs.

white for green? turning your snow in to cash

Tired of all of the Snow covering the northeast?
Kyle Waring, is and he is making a nice profit out of the stuff in his yard. For $89.00 one can order six lbs of the stuff from his website and he will ship it to you.
If you live in warmer areas and you want to see snow he will ship 6 lbs to you which can make about 10-15 snowballs.
If that isn’t enough snow for you he has also started offering 10 lb packages for $119.00. He says he’ll keep selling until people stop ordering.


recalls that happened this week

These are the things that have been recalled this week.
___Battery packs that recharge phones, tablits, laptops are being recalled because they can heat up and cause a fire.
“Goal Zero’s Sherpa brand 50 and 120 rechargeable battery packs that are used to charge cellphones, tablets, laptops and other devices. The battery packs can be plugged into an A/C wall outlet, a 12 volt car charger or an attachable solar panel for recharging. The lithium ion iron phosphate battery packs are silver and black. Goal Zero and Sherpa 50 or 120 are printed on one side of the battery pack. The serial number is printed on the other side. Serial numbers that start with S/ation 11002 or S/ation 11102 are included in the recall. They were sold at REI and other sporting goods stores nationwide and online at and from March 2010 through November 2013” (Seattle pi, 2014) They can overheat and cause the pack to melt and cause property damage. HOW MANY: About 10,000 in the U.S. and 110 in Canada.

FOR MORE: Call Goal Zero at 877-897-3193 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. MT Monday through Friday or visit and click on “Product Notifications” for more information. ___ utility doors.
These doors can unlach while the car is moving, which can cause people to fall out.
“DETAILS: Pro Armor doors sold as accessories for model year 2010 through 2014 Polaris RZR 800 and RZR 900 models. The doors have a black powder coated finish and have four major components: a large square sheet metal panel, a smaller triangular sheet metal panel, a tubular metal frame and a latch. The panels are interchangeable and come in two styles. One style has cutout vents along the top and the other style has none. The smaller panel has a white Pro Armor logo below the cutouts. The door frame has the logo and “Pro Armor” on the top tube. The latch is silver with a black locking mechanism that attaches to the vehicle frame and a handle that attaches to the door. They were sold at Powersports dealers and online nationwide from June 2014 through October 2014.”
FOR MORE: Call Pro Armor at 888-312-7667 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or visit and click on “2014 Latch Recall” halfway down the left side of the page for more information. (Seattle PI, 2014) ___ online
Seattle Post Intelligencer (

if you had the world’s largest video game collection, how much would it cell for?

That very question has been answered by GameGavel.
Michael Thomasson was declared by Guinness World Records to have the largest video game collection in the world.
Thomasson was visited by Guinness on December 3, 2012, where it was determined that he had the largest collection in the world.
Now, he has sold his collection, which includes more than 2,600 of the games with their original shrink wrapping, and more than 8,300 include the box and manual, for just over $750,000. Amongst these 11000 games are games that represent over 100 consoles, can you say ebay trip? How on earth does one amass such a collection?
“I operated seven independent gaming stores during the nineties and have worked for another chain for the last decade,” Thomasson explained to CNET. “I also operated Good Deal Games online since 1998, having thousands of games cross my path. Whenever I purchased a game that did not directly come from the distributor I was able to look through all our inventory and pick out the nicest copy of a game, including grabbing the nicest box and manual.”
One last question mr. Thomasson, why would you part with all this gaming history?
“”I simply have an immediate family and extended family that have needs that need to be addressed. While I do not wish to part with these games, I have responsibilities that I have made to others and this action is how I will help meet them,” he said. “No worries, I’ve sold my collection many times in the past and still managed to capture Guinness’ attention, and it is entirely possible that I may again.”