8 men own the same as 3.6 billion people

If we had a py chart that showed the wealth inequality of the world with green being the top richest people and red being the poorest people in the world the chart would be half red half green.
Per Reuters: “As decision makers and many of the super-rich gather for this week’s World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, the charity’s report suggests the wealth gap is wider than ever, with new data for China and India indicating that the poorest half of the world owns less than previously estimated.

Oxfam, which described the gap as “obscene”, said if the new data had been available before, it would have shown that in 2016 nine people owned the same as the 3.6 billion who make up the poorest half of humanity, rather than 62 estimated at the time.

In 2010, by comparison, it took the combined assets of the 43 richest people to equal the wealth of the poorest 50 percent, according to the latest calculations” (2017.)
The problem is the way capitalism is structured favors those at the top. Take Bill Gates (the world’s richest man) as an example.
Mr. Gates has seen his fortune rise by 50 percent or $25 billion since announcing plans to leave Microsoft in 2006, despite his efforts to give much of it away.
“If billionaires choose to give their money away then that is a good thing. But inequality matters and you cannot have a system where billionaires are systematically paying lower rates of tax than their secretary or cleaner,” Lawson said.
Per Reuters:”Oxfam bases its calculations on data from Swiss bank Credit Suisse and Forbes” (2017.)
For the record the eight richest men are: Bill Gates, Inditex founder Amancio Ortega, veteran investor Warren Buffett, Mexico’s Carlos Slim, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Oracle’s Larry Ellison and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. What do you think?


College leads to more economic prosperity according to data – however we have a long way to go

What can a college degree get you? That question has been asked for many years now. Apparently one thing it can get you is more money. We have an economic canyon that deeply saddens me.
“Americans with no more than a high school degree have fallen so far behind college graduates in their economic lives that the earnings gap between college grads and everyone else has reached its widest point on record,” (abc news, 2017.)
In 2015 College graduates, on average, earned 56 percent more than high school grads which rose sharply from 1999 in which it was 51%.
Most of the new jobs and most of the gains goes toward college workers. What we are seeing is an us vs them idea. If you don’t go to college then you cannot make the best money and you are less valued. As someone who goes to college it makes me sad to think that those with just a high school degree cannot get better paying jobs.
This is nothing new but it is on the rise toward other social aspects. Education has become a dividing line that affects how Americans vote, the likelihood that they will own a home and their geographic mobility.
The dominance of college graduates in the economy is, if anything, accelerating. The question is where will this end? It cannot end good.
“The split is especially stark among white men. For middle-age white men with only high school degrees – the core of President-elect Donald Trump’s support – inflation-adjusted income fell 9 percent from 1996 through 2014, according to Sentier Research, an analytics firm. By contrast, income for white men in the same age bracket who are college graduates jumped 23 percent.
Long after the recession ended, many young college graduates struggled to find well-paying jobs in a slowly recovering economy, and stories about graduates working as coffee shop baristas abounded. But data collected by the New York Federal Reserve suggests that trend has faded as the economy has improved,” (abc, 2017.)
So, what can we do? If we use the ideas of President Obama’s first education secretary ARNE DUNCAN as a roadmap we might fix this. His ideas are perhaps radical.
In the paper The Threat of Educational Stagnation and Complacency, 2014, Mr. Duncan had a radical idea for high school. Why not link what students learn in high school to what colleges or employers need in a strong workforce mostly in the stem areas of study?
“President Obama promoted the need for high school redesign in the State of the Union in 2012. The President and I both want to see many more high schools develop real partnerships with colleges and employers. We want to expand STEM education that builds the skills employers are looking for. As a nation, our goal should be to see every student graduate with postsecondary credits or an industry-recognized certification. A high school diploma isn’t enough. I am looking forward to collaborating, with the Department of Labor, on the administration’s $100 million Youth CareerConnect competition. That competition seeks to incentivize more high schools to provide students with industry-relevant education and skills they need, (The Threat of Educational Stagnation and Complacency, 2014.) ___

read: The Threat of Educational Stagnation and Complacency BY ARNE DUNCAN From the U.S. Department of Education
Duncan Article.pdf

I hate these people – Manhattan couple haven’t paid rent on their $4,754-per-month apartment in almost SEVEN years

How can these people stay in their place with out paying rent? It is annoyingly simple according to them.
Digital content producers Zachary Bennett and Karen Nourse have lived for free in their $4,754.02-per-month apartment on West 26th Street since 2010. Their lawyer claims: ‘They’re entitled to be there thanks to a law.
Bennett and Nourse don’t think they should have to pay because of Loft Law. Loft Law is designed to protect people living illegally in commercial or factory buildings The law was created to bring these buildings up to fire codes and to give rights and rent protection to the tenants.
New York State expanded Loft Law in 2010 when the couple was living month-to-month in the apartment. The leagle team that represents the landlord said this to the New York Post.
The lawyer representing 513 West 26th Realty LLC, Harry Shapiro, said: ‘They can stay if they pay.

‘The unit is legal… We really don’t want to evict them. We just want them to pay the rent. They’re getting all the services but the landlord got zippo. What do you think?

19 states increase the minimum wage starting in 2017

Do you live in Massachusetts, California, Arizona, Maine, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Florida, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, South Dakota, Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawaii, Michigan, New York or Vermont? If you do then you will receive an increase in your wages if you work at a fast food shop.
“Massachusetts and Washington state will have the highest new minimum wages in the country, at $11 per hour.

California will raise its wage to $10. New York state is taking a regional approach, with the wage rising to $11 in New York City, $10 in its downstate suburbs and $9.70 elsewhere” (ap, 2016.) Some people are happy while others are not.
Per The AP, “Workers and labor advocates argue the increases will help low-wage workers now barely making ends meet and boost the economy by giving some consumers more money to spend. But many business owners opposed the higher wages, saying they would lead to higher prices and greater automation.

Some restaurant owners may consider reducing portion sizes or charging for side dishes that were once included in the price of a meal to absorb the increase, according to Melissa Fleischut, president of the New York State Restaurant Association.

“I’m sure prices will go up where they can, but restaurants want to avoid sticker shock,” she said. “They’re going to have to get creative.

The adjustments in Oregon, New York, California and several other states are part of a series of gradual increases to a $12 or $15 hourly wage” (2016.)

@cadillac had to retract an add that asked for alt right people to apply

According to the company they did not authorize or approve the casting notice, which was posted last week by a casting service called the Cast Station, reports Reuters. They were not happy.
“We unequivocally condemn the notice and are seeking immediate answers from our creative agency, production company and any casting companies involved,” said the Cadillac statement.
The Cast Station, meanwhile, called the posting a mistake and said the employee who drafted it has been fired. “Additionally an outside third party further altered the breakdown without our knowledge and posted it on social media,” said the statement. “Cadillac unequivocally did not authorize this notice or anything like it, and we apologize to Cadillac for the ex-employee’s actions. The call asked for alt right thinkers as well as a taxi cab driver.
And was” not meant to be offensive in any way. Just a representation of all sides.

woman thinks she won $43million but gets $0 because the slots were falty

A woman thought she had won $43 million but she lost it because the machine was falty. It was not to be for Katrina Bookman.
Katrina Bookman documented the moment she thought she became a multi-millionaire, smiling from ear to ear in front of a slot machine screen as her partner took a photo. ‘Printing cash ticket: $42,949,672.76, the screen of her ‘Sphinx’ game read.
When she won the first thing she was thinking of was how this money could help her family.
“Bookman says she was taken out of the area by casino personnel, and she was then told to return the next day for a decision on how much she would walk away with.

When she went back to the casino the next day, and asked what she won, Bookman said an official told her: ‘You didn’t win nothing. The Sphinx Game Bookman was playing was broken, and it should have offered a maximum payout of $6,500, the casino says” (daily mail, 2016.) So, what did they give her instead? They gave her a free stake dinner. Oh boy!
“All machines have a stamp on them that reads: ‘malfunctions void all pays and plays. Despite that, Bookman’s lawyer says the mother-of-four should at least be given the machine’s intended maximum pay-out” (daily mail, 2016.) What do you think?

German carrier Air Berlin bands the note 7

German carrier Air Berlin has banned the Note 7 from it’s flights. Lufthansa has also band the phone.
“The bans come in response to numerous reports of the devices catching fire.

A note on Air Berlin’s customer website said that carrying the mobile phones was not allowed on its flights with immediate effect.

Earlier on Saturday, Singapore Airlines said it had banned the mobile phones and U.S. regulators said on Friday the devices would be banned starting from from Saturday noon EDT (1600 GMT) under an emergency order” (reuters, 2016.)