Woman says she was told she commited a sin for posting a pic of A bottle of Extra Vergen Olive Oil

We all should really watch what we post. Some people think that posting a picture of a bottle of Extra Vergen Olive Oil is sinful because it has the word vergen on it and that can lead to the thoughts of some men.
The woman, whose Twitter profile features the flags of Jordan, Palestine and New Zealand , posted the picture on Snapchat and immediately received a reply from one of her followers.
She took a screen shot of the response and posted it to Twitter with the caption, ‘I sent a picture of extra virgin olive oil.. the akhis [brothers muslim word] really wildin’ out’. The man wasn’t done. The man, who was later identified by the woman, said: ‘You shouldn’t send pictures like that because it contains words like ‘virgin’ and that makes a man think of actions that you may have committed.
He later tried to backtrack, stating his message was only a ‘naseehah’, which is an Arabic word for advice.
“Dear sister. I was simply giving you sincere advice privately,” he wrote on Twitter. “There is no need to expose these things.”
Those who saw the post were shocked!


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