can we talk about where this nation is going when it comes to celebs and blocking?

How’s this for a headline: “Getting blocked by a celeb on social media is now a badge of honor. Apparently people are proud when they get blocked by celebs. Why would anyone be proud that they got blocked by a celeb?
There’s a degree of narcissism behind the compulsion to be proud of getting blocked, said Fran Walfish, a psychotherapist based in Beverly Hills, Calif., who works with “regular” people and celebrities alike. In other words, it’s a way of tasting fame, albeit fleetingly.

“Regular folks feel a sense of inflated self-importance, grandeur and power when they feel they can get closer in proximity to a name celebrity,” Walfish said. “Just the fact that they have provoked the celebrity to give a response – even a rejection – makes them feel a distorted sense of self-importance.
How odd! apparently troling is becoming more of an issue.
This trend is akin, in many ways, to more traditional forms of trolling, said Andrea Weckerle, founder of CiviliNation , a nonprofit charity organization working to combat online harassment. Trolling is when people post purposefully offensive or provocative content to upset someone else, and historically it has been done anonymously. That, however, has changed in the wake of the election. “We see people emboldened to come out and troll with their names on it,” Weckerle said.
We need to remember that the celebs are people too. They have thoughts and feelings and emotions, they aren’t robots they are just more visible people just like you and me.


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