how did this seal end up in a lam pen?

A seal in New Zealand had quite the vacation.
AND like any good vacation someone filmed you.

Dee Knapp was walking through his Southland paddock checking for new lambs. That was when he spotted something out of place and captured the moment on a video camera when he saw that it was a baby seal sitting among his cattle and sheep. Apparently the sheep didn’t care nor did the cattle.
“What the hell, that’s a baby seal,” he said as he gets closer to the lost pup.
After finding the little seal and seeing no sign of its mother, Knapp called the Department of Conservation (DOC) who advised him to leave the animal where it was and it would eventually find its way back to the water, according to New Zealand news outlet 1NewsNow.
“Our advice is to never touch or handle a seal they can be very aggressive if threatened and it is also a breach of the Marine Mammals Protection Act,” DOC Science Advisor, Laura Boren, said.
However, Mr. Knapp took it inside and released it into the ocean a few miles away. The baby was only two weeks old.


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