apparently when @twitter bans you – you are band for life mr. Shkreli.

Rules are rules! According to the New York Post:”Internet loudmouth Martin Shkreli tried tried? ? -? ? and failed? ? -? ? to rejoin Twitter for the umpteenth time over the weekend? ? and was promptly booted? once again?.” (New York Post, 2017.)
“My new spokesperson, Duncan Jones, set up a Twitter: the 34-year-old wrote on one of the few social media platforms that still tolerates his presence, Facebook – which is sad in several ways.
If you don’t recall why Twitter band Mr. Shkreli four times the Post has a list.
The pharma cad’s original account was suspended earlier this year for harassing female journalists. He was next booted from the platform after operating an account named after his cat Trashy, and officially barred . Shkreli was most recently tossed for tweeting under the handle @BLMBro.
He is hated because he has no soul and proved that the medical companies care only for the dollar. Eg:
“The Most Hated Man in America” is currently standing trial for securities fraud in Brooklyn federal court. He’s accused of running an $11 million Ponzi type scheme through his hedge fund. Yay!


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