hollywood birthdays – June 30, 2017

Today’s Birthdays: Actress Lea Massari is 84. Actress Nancy Dussault (doo-SOH’) is 81. Songwriter Tony Hatch is 78. Singer Glenn Shorrock is 73. Actor Leonard Whiting is 67. Jazz musician Stanley Clarke is 66. Actor David Garrison is 65. Rock musician Hal Lindes (Dire Straits) is 64. Actor-comedian David Alan Grier is 61. Actor Vincent D’Onofrio is 58. Actress Deirdre Lovejoy is 55. Actor Rupert Graves is 54. Boxer Mike Tyson is 51. Actor Peter Outerbridge is 51. Rock musician Tom Drummond (Better Than Ezra) is 48. Actor Brian Bloom is 47. Actor Brian Vincent is 47. Actress Monica Potter is 46. Actress Molly Parker is 45. Actor Rick Gonzalez is 38. Actor Tom Burke is 36. Actress Lizzy Caplan is 35. Rock musician James Adam Shelley (American Authors) is 34. Country singer Cole Swindell is 34. Rhythm-and-blues singer Fantasia is 33. Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps is 32.


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