hollywood fact – June 28, 2017

Those born on this date are under the sign of Cancer. They include English King Henry VIII in 1491. Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens in 1577. English clergyman John Wesley, founder of Methodism, in 1703. French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1712. French physician Paul Broca in 1824. Italian author Luigi Pirandello in 1867. composer Richard Rodgers in 1902. spy novelist Eric Ambler in 1909. filmmaker/comedian Mel Brooks in 1926 (age 91). actor Pat Morita in 1932. former CIA Director/Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in 1938 (age 79). comedian Gilda Radner in 1946. actor Kathy Bates in 1948 (age 69) . actor Alice Krige in 1954 (age 63). football Hall of Fame member John Elway in 1960 (age 57). actor John Cusack in 1966 (age 51). actor Mary Stuart Masterson in 1966 (age 51). singer/actor Danielle Brisebois in 1969 (age 48). actor Felicia Day in 1979 (age 38).


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