[title This guy got a hair in his pizza.

A man in Australia ordered a pizza from a restaurant. However, he picked up a slice but it was connected by a strand of hair. So, he called the company and they laughed him off the phone. This is unbecoming. So, the angry customer went to Reddit and posted this:

“If they wern’t so rude and arrogant on the phone, we wouldn’t be here, but they genuinely believe that this isn’t an issue. posted this to google : “Bad hygiene, no responsibility, no refund.
After waiting a fairly long time for the order to arrive – My wife and I sat down to enjoy the pizza – This piece was the first piece I picked up- it was connected to two other pieces and dragged them up with a 20cm hair.
We were grossed out understandably, However, As someone who has worked in the food preparation industry, I understand slip-ups like this, and called the restaurant immediately and politely informed them of the situation, and asked what they were willing to do about it.
They didn’t actually believe they had slipped up. Refused to get the pizza back, refused a picture, to pick it up or to give a refund. Abundantly rude and arrogant on the phone, and I’m kind of shocked that they’ve managed to survive with that sort of mindset to complaints.
Turns out, I have no idea about food, or food safety, or consumer laws in Australia, because not only was the food such a high quality that I didnt understand it, I was just trying to reject it in order to get it for free, but, then best bit was when he told me I didn’t understand that this food was so good it didn’t matter there was a hair in it!
Either way, after laughing at us down the phone, he refused a refund, and when menulog, seeing this picture called, he also refused a refund to them also. He told me very specifically there was nothing I could do about it, and that I could write all the reviews I wanted, so let’s have at it. Enjoy! his
Buyer beware.”


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