24 thoughts I had while eating some ice cream

So yummy in my tummy.

1. wow the container is light.
2. not much in it.
3. I need to wait for it to thaw a bit.
4. it is rock hard.
5. Glad I don’t have any plastic spoons.
6. How long should I hold off.
7. So much chocolate!
8. This is gluten free and yet it is the best I have ever had. 9. Does it need any chocolate sauce?
10. Yes it does!
11. Because it is Friday.
12. Not enough for me and mom.
13. So it is just me.
14. Good I didn’t want to share.
15. Omg the chocolate taste.
16. It is cold!
17. Oh man it is gone.
18. So yummy in my tummy.
19. Nothing more to do except put the bowl in the sink.
20. Do we have anymore for tomorrow?
21. Nope.
22. at least tomorrow mom will make a cake.
23. So I have that.
24. Life is great!


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