9-year-old girl writes letter over rule that bands kids from climbing trees – puts the smackdown on haters

A 9-year-old girl in the United Kingdum chose to write an epic letter to her housing athority complaining that their new rule should be backed up by facts.
a. Abigail Early, 9, and her friends were told by housing estate managers that ‘trees are being destroyed’ because children play on them, according to the Daily Mail. b. So she wrote a letter.
“She wrote: ‘My name is Abigail and I am 9 years old. I play out with my friends nearly every day. You said children were not allowed to climb trees anymore. I would like to point out a few facts.

‘1. I play really nicely and use the trees as a camp. I don’t tear off branches or leaves.

‘2. Sometimes I play hide and seek in the trees.

‘3. My mum said it’s right not to play ball games as we may smash a window so I never play ball games.

‘However, I am part of a lovely and respectful bunch of kids and who love climbing trees because we love our friends and exercise. ‘I would like to continue playing in the trees therefore please could you supply the following information, no excuses or buts.

‘1. Total number of residents who have complained about us.

‘2. Estimated cost of tree damage

‘3. Report from tree expert who says that kids climbing trees causes damage

‘4. Details of new designated play area near my house to play camps and hide and seek already funded by our parents who pay for the trees and grass.

‘Children have rights too and I look forward to your reply.
D. this is the letter the family got.
The letter sent to families by estate management said: ‘We would kindly like to request, should you have children living with you on the Crofton Place Estate, that you do not allow this to climb on any of the trees and large shrubs located around the communal grounds.

‘Several trees are being destroyed because some parents are allowing their children to play on them, this is having a detrimental effect on the communal gardens and the general well-being of the estate grounds.

‘We do not wish to stop children on the estate having fun and playing games, although ball games are not permitted on the grassed areas of the estate grounds, but equally we do not want for the trees and shrubs to be damaged in this manner and for extra expenditure to be sent to replace and replant these.


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