Today may be #flagday but it is also an @uwtacoma graduation day

The tassel tickles my right cheek; and activates that weird part of my brain which says “hey I like movement.”
Yes friends, a tassel, a weird looking hat, a gown, and a cord equals graduation day. Today June 14, 2017 was my graduation day at the University of Washington Tacoma.
I felt a bit worried at the start for some odd reason of which I cannot explain. However, I had a wonderful team to help me throughout this journey. How could today be any different? So, thank you team. Thank you Heather from DRS, we spoke much about life and social issues. We will always be friends. Thank you writing teacher Abby Murry, you taught me so much about writing. Sadly in this reflection post I have chosen to disregard these rules. Don’t hold that against me. Thank you James Liner for teaching me about literature and for being a wonderful mentor. You were a great friend.
Thank you Michele Montgomery for teaching me about my character. Both of the classes you taught me will forever change my life. Critical Race Theory has shaped my views of racism and the code that keeps the system in place.
Tribal philosophy has taught me how to look at the world as though we are among our fellow creatures not above them. I love you all and I love the uw.
Have a great week.
I can only hope that Portland State is the same.


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