Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ learns to never keep #Twitter on an unlocked phone

Another day, another wtf moment from this White House. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the deputy press secretary, learned a very important thing today. Never leave your phone unlocked and never let your three-year-old access it because they could stumble on to your twitter account.
Per the Daily Mail: “At 5.58am, one of Sanders’ verified Twitter accounts, @SHSanders45 she has two tweeted out an emoji-laden message that was a hodgepodge of trains, maps, traffic lights, castles, boats and a Moai, among other emojis. Also buried within the tweet was the mysterious jumble of letters: ‘lolaklkk.” Some users found this to be funny. So, they posted their own randum posts.
One person posted a tweet that mocked Sarah’s boss by stating’*a small group know* what Sarah’s tweet means. Twitter users were wondering what on earth was going on until she wrote this.
‘This is what happens when your 3 year old steals your phone. Thanks Huck! she tweeted out at 7.31am, referring to her older son.

In the same tweet, she added the hashtag, ‘#neverleaveyourphoneunlocked.
While this is all fun and entertaining it disterbs me that she would keep her official Twitter account on a phone that is not locked. What if her phone was stolen? Thankfully I am not the only one who sees the issues in this.
‘Are you kidding me? As the White House deputy press secretary your phone was just CASUALLY UNLOCKED? wrote twitter user @tanyaghahremani.

‘ “My kid did it” is not an acceptable excuse for a WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY. Maybe you should ask said kid how to set a passcode,’ wrote @VampWriterGRRL.

‘Did you just admit a 3 yr old could break into a phone and tweet from a verified account of someone who reps pres? asked @erikdbwestlund.

She isn’t very bright.


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