Would you ever eat chicken breaded with crumbled shortbread cookies?

I can say if I would eat Chicken breaded with crumbled shortbread cookies. My answer is hell no!
However, this quote was found.
“I’m not saying this is the best chicken I’ve ever had, but it’s probably in the top five,” one 10-year-old tells Delish, reports Newser. So, where can you buy these chicken strips?
You can get them at Popeyes.
The chain debuted its “Sweet & Crunchy Tenders” this month, and Delish’s taste-testers found them reminiscent of chicken and waffles without the maple syrup. And FoodBeast reports the cookie-covered chicken is “far from gimmicky” and actually has a “nice subtle sweetness. My friends at Twitter were not happy.
This is how they plugged it.

Twitter was not happy.

Popeyes really out here dipping chicken strips in cookie dough doing the devil’s bidding

– C.Rush (@pheauxtogenic) June 5, 2017

wait what https://t.co/2jNFrgdHtG

– Extravagant Patricio (@Patizzzle) June 3, 2017


The world is getting dangerous..

– ng, The Adult (@theonlyChristus) June 5, 2017

fyi: Fried chicken and cookie lovers will be able to try this tasty food trend now through June 25.


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