Clear knee jeans are you serious? – I meditate on the idea from a blind mans perspective

I saw this headline in the daily mail “Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown cements her status as a style star by rocking THOSE clear-knee jeans while hanging out with pal” and I thought clear knee jeans? These are my thoughts and mine alone.
1. What are clear knee jeans? Do you put a plastic cover over where your knee should go?
2. Why on earth would anyone want to see your knees? If you are wearing jeans it is for two reasons. First, it is not warm enough to have shorts on. Second, The weather sucks and shorts never work well in rain. They are more of a sunshine at-the-beach kind of garb. So I ask you again who wants to see your knees.
3. Is this a sign of being cool? Hey check out Jessica’s knees.” “Wow she looks so cool!”
“Let us hang out with her.”

None of that has ever been said in a school campus.
If someone could explain this concept I would like to learn more.


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