tonight on tv for me

8 pm is Shadowhunters, Shadowhunters and Downworlders pick up the pieces after Valentine’s attack; Jace carries a heavy burden; a greater demon is loose in Manhattan; Izzy encounters a mysterious stranger; Simon tries to understand his new Daylighter status. duration One hour 1 minutes.
9 pm is Stitchers, Kirsten Clark’s life hangs in the balance as the Stitchers team works to bounce her back into the real world; the laboratory is on lockdown; NSA Director Mitchell Blair demands an emergency stitch that yields shocking new information.
at 10 pm is Forensic Files, Police blame a botched robbery when an eccentric elderly millionaire is found dead, but the motive could be wrong. duration 30 minutes.
at 10:30 pm is Forensic Files, Woman disappears from grocery store parking lot in Boulder, Colo.; investigators find extraordinary clues in a pair of bloody gloves, unique tire tracks, and ordinary grass and pine needles. duration 30 minutes.


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