after receiving a wonderful note from a teacher

I received a wonderful note from a teacher yesterday.
It is below.
“Siyo Tyler,

I write to share with you how powerful your work has been throughout the quarter. I have not constructive criticism other than – keep doing what you are doing! It has been a gift to cross your path during your academic endeavors but most importantly, to learn as well as grow from your human spirit. Both your essays and exam #1 are a models of what all students should aspire to do – invoke words by owning your agency.

Wado for such a wonderful journey with you! Wishing you and your family many blessings!

Perfect scores!!!

Michelle R. Montgomery, Ph.D.
Haliwa Saponi/Eastern Band Cherokee”.
I share this letter because I always love receiving wonderful notes from people with whom I respect. So, in honor of this day I will be sharing those essays right here. They will be controversial to some, thoughtful to others, and wtf to still more.
I only ask you read them and think about them. Two are reflective essays and one is a review of a tv show. I will post them throughout the day.
I am very proud of this work and love to show it off.


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