hollywood birthdays – May 25, 2017

Those born on this date are under the sign of Gemini. They include poet/philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1803. YMCA leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate John Mott in 1865. dancer Bill Bojangles Robinson in 1878. aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky in 1889. Yugoslavian leader Josip Broz Tito in 1892. heavyweight boxing champion Gene Tunney in 1897. humorist and publisher Bennett Cerf in 1898. songwriter Hal David in 1921. actor Claude Akins in 1926. spy novelist Robert Ludlum in 1927. opera singer Beverly Sills (born Belle Miriam Silverman) in 1929. basketball Hall of Fame member K.C. Jones in 1932 (age 85). Canadian writer W.P. Kinsella in 1935 (age 82). actor Dixie Carter in 1939. actor Ian McKellen in 1939 (age 78). singer/actor Leslie Uggams in 1943 (age 74). singer Jessi Colter in 1943 (age 74). Frank Oz (born Richard Frank Oznowicz), director/actor/puppeteer, in 1944 (age 73). actor Karen Valentine in 1947 (age 70). actor Connie Sellecca in 1955 (age 62). comedian/actor Mike Myers in 1963 (age 54). actor Anne Heche in 1969 (age 48). actor Cillian Murphy in 1976 (age 41). former professional football player Brian Urlacher in 1978 (age 39). gymnast Aly Raisman in 1994 (age 23).


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