fiction: Mother nature takes over a roadway

We enter a house, the year was 2099. A young boy of about 6 is examining an old map of the University of Washington Tacoma Campus and it’s connecting streets. “Father what is highway 705,” the child asked with a confused look on his face.
“It is a lesson to not insult mother nature, and to not take her for granted,” he replied. “let me tell you a story.
It was a nice day. The sun was out for the first time in many days. The people were quite content with the 60s. All windos were open, all roofs were down, and the sun invated every car. No one had any ill will toward his fellow man.
That is until the Stupid was done with his cigarette. You recall learning in school cigarettes are band by the 34th amendment to the United States Constitution? This is the story of why.
The flame arked out of the car and hit the greenery in the face. This was the last insult.
Since the greenery had no idea which of these roling things hit it with the burning cigarette, it just snapped.
Green fingers grabbed on to every car and refused to let go. The cars were fast but the greenery was faster.
Every orifice that a branche could enter it did: Windows, roofs, gass tanks, cracks between doors, key holes, the grooves on tires, hitchs between the cab and the trailer, engines. The distruction was total.
semi trucks were mangaled, cars were fused together with sap, sharp branches gouged off the paint, people who were smoking were unbuckled by branch fingers, signs and gardrails were pulled down, – denting the roadway and impeding first aid.
All across the nation greenery invated roadways. We were all in trouble. Now we must thank greenery every day after we wake up and before we go to bed.


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