This woman is so unhappy with her gop congress rep. – she be mad

A 35-year-old woman is unhappy with her congress rep.
Wendi Wright, from Union City, Tennessee, has been charged with felony reckless endangerment over an alleged incident that took place on Monday afternoon.
The 35-year-old is accused of following Republican Congressman David Kustoff in her car as he left a tour of the University of Tennessee at Martin’s teaching farm.
The Weakley County Sheriff’s Office said in a report that Wright continued behind the congressman, who was with an aide, until they were forced to pull off the road into a driveway.
The 35-year-old is accused of then getting out of her car, walking up to the congressman’s and pounding on the windows.
According to the report she was also accused of reaching into the car while screaming. She would have gotten away with it if she didn’t post about it on Facebook. You know they check Facebook right?
She was then taken into custody, before being released on a $1,000 bond.
Wright is scheduled to appear before the Weakley County General Sessions Court on May 15.
It should be noted: Kustoff is a vocal supporter of rolling back the Dodd-Frank Act – which was introduced after the Global Financial Crisis in an attempt to create further regulation and oversight for banks to ensure persistent issues affecting the financial industry were kept under control.
Supporters of the act say it protects the country against a similar crisis in future, while those against it – including Kustoff – say it over-regulates the industry.


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